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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rookie Eovaldi picks up first win as Dodgers win game two

Dodgers 5 12 0
Dbacks  3  7  0

young Rookie Nathan Eovaldi won his major league debut tonight for the Dodgers as they beat Arizona 5-3 in the second game of this three game series. Eovaldi impressed today on the mound and at the plate, pitching five innings allowing two runs off 4 hits and striking out 7. Eovaldi made 77 pitches. he also got his first major league hit and scored a run.
Big Rod was the main contributor tonight on offense going 3 for 4 with 3 singles and 3 RBIs. Ethier also was 2 for 5 with an RBI, and the Dodgers used a plethora of young fireballers from the bullpen to keep the Arizona bats at bay all throughout the desert night.

Eovaldi strikes out 7 picking up his first major league win in his debut for the Dodgers

lets get to the the first inning the Dodgers go down 123 off of Saunders.
Eovaldi has a 123 inning in his first inning, getting Bloomquist to ground out, and striking out Johnson and Upton. very good start for the rook!

the Dodgers score first in the top of the second, Kemp singles, but is thrown out stealing. this would prove costly for the Dodgers, as Rivera predictably doubles down the first base line. Miles flies out, but Big Rod singles over the outstretched glove of Willie Bloomquist, Rivera hustles around third to score, its 1-0 Dodgers! Tony Gwynn strikes out to end the frame.

Big Rod collects one of his three hits tonight

the bottom of the second inning is not so friendly for the rook. Young flies out, Montero strikes out, but Roberts walks, and Goldschmidt a bloop single to left. Parra walks to load the bases for the pitcher Saunders. he annoyingly singles through the hole into right field. two runs score on the base hit, the Dbacks take the lead. 2-1.the kid gets bloomquist to fly out to end the inning.

the Dodgers come right back in the top of the third to tie it. the scoring rally is started by the kid himself. Eovaldi strokes a base hit to right. his first hit. they toss the ball into the dugout. Gordon hits a borken bat little dribbler up along third. no one can get to it, and Gordon is aboard with an infield single. Blake sacrifices the runners to second and third. Eovaldi scores on Ethier's ground out. tie game at 2-2. after Kemp walks, Rivera strikes out.
a scary moment in the bottom of the third. johnson singles, but is then picked off and caught in a rundown between first and second. while running back to first, Gordon noticed no one covering the bag, and races to catch Johnson. he makes a diving tag from behind, as he lands on his shoulder hurting himself. he has to come out of the game, and Carroll goes into his place. (gordon would be ok, x-rays were negative, and he was seen in the dugout laughing and eating nachos. so im guessing hes ok. the Dodgers list him as day to day). Upton strikes out, and Young flies out ending the inning.

Gordon tags out Johnson

Gordon would be ok but he had to leave the game.

Saunders pitches around a Big Rod single in the fourth inning, and Eovaldi has another 123 inning in the bottom half picking up another strikeout.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the 5th inning, and Saunders gets another single in the bottom half, but Eovaldo strikes out Parra and Goldschmidt.

the Dodgers would take the lead for good in the top of the 6th. Ethier singles, and Kemp flies out. Rivera is safe at first on a groundball that Johnson bobbles and throws late to second. both runners are safe, and its ruled a fielder's choice. Miles singles, scoring Ethier, and sending Rivera to third. 3-2 Dodgers. this knocks Saunders out of the game.
(kirk Gibons had to leave the game early because he was sick, so Allan Trammel managed the rest of the game for Arizona.)
Arizona brings in the submarine pitcher Ziegler. Big Rod flares a single into center, scoring Rivera and sending Miles to second. 4-2 Dodgers. Gwynn grounds into a fielder's choice, Big Rod out at second, and Miles goes to third. Oeltjen hits for Eovaldi and walks, but Carroll strikes out.

Hawskworth pitches a 123 6th inning. the Dodgers pick up another run in the 7th. Blake walks, Ethier singles Blake to second. Kemps fly ball moves Blake over to third. Rivera's groundball fielder's choice scores Blake. 5-2 Dodgers! Shaw comes in to replace Ziegler and Miles singles, but Big Rod pops out to end things in the top of the 7th.

Hawksworth strikes out two and pitches a scoreless bottom of the 7th.
hernandez gets gwynn to fly out in the top of the 8th. then strikes out Loney and Blake.

Guerrier comes in for the 8th, and immediatle things get sketchy. no suprise there. Borroughs batting for Hernandez singles. Bloomqust hits into a fielder's choice grounder. Borroughs is out at second. johnson flies out and there is two outs. but we all know scorage happens when Guerrier is pitching, and Upton doubles into deep center, scoring Bloomquist. 5-3 Dodgers. Young then hits a deep fly ball to lef field, that makes all our hearts sink for a second, but the ball dies at the wall, dropping into tony Gwynn's glove. perhaps blown back by a heavenly spirit.

Patterson retires the side in order in the top of the 9th, and Elbert comes in to close up in the bottom of the 9th. we all hold our collective breaths. after Montero lines out, Roberts doubles. dammit. here we go. then theres a wild pitch, and Roberts goes to third. the throw from Navvaro who had entered into the game earlier, was close. Mattingly argues, but to no avail. however Goldschmidt grounds out, and Parra grounds out ending the game. awwww shucks, sorry Dbacks not tonight. the Dbacks miss a golden oppurtunity to move into first place as the Giants lost again to the Filthies tonight.

Elbert picks up a save

the Dodgers now have won two in a row and will look for the sweep tomorrow. they have the right man on the mound, Clayton Kershaw will battle Ian Kennedy, in a duel between 13 game winners.
game time tomorrow is 110PM on Prime Ticket. the Dodgers now are 9 games back of first and tied for third place in the NL west. join us tomorrow Dodger fans as Kershaw and the Dodgers look for a sweep in the desert...............

                                                                         GO BLUE!

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