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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dodgers take a Halladay from Winnin'

Phillies   5 11 1
Dodgers 3 13 1
HR-rat face-12

all of the Dodgers momentum from the last few weeks of improved play hasnt meant jack shit in the standings. the Dodgers lost today to Philadelphia despite getting 13 hits. perhaps the fact that all 13 hits were singles might have something to do with losing this game, but the Phillies have the best record in baseball and we can all see why. They horde all the good players, and then somehow fanegeled Houston into trading them Hunter Pence. so now not only do we have to put up with the shady likes of rat face, Big Nose, and bannana face Ilbanez, but now add Pence into the mix. thank god we only play them 6 times a year.

ok lets be honest here. I gave the Dodgers zero chance of winning tonight or at all in this entire series, especially with Halladay on the mound. however they played the Phillies tough tonigth but still lost 5-3.

lets get to the highlights, im still pretty annoyed by this game. its another game they could have won, yet didnt because of their idiot manager.

sorry this postgame wont be as detailed since I missed most of the game while in school, but I didn catch the last couple of innings.

things start out crappy for the Dodgers as they allowed three runs in the first two innings.
with 1 out in the first, stupid rat face doubles, utley's groundout moves him to third. big nose gets an infield single that bounces over Kuroda's glove, and the range challenged dodger infield cant get to. rat face scores. 1-0 assholes.
Pence singles big nose to second, but Ilbanez fouls out to end the inning.

Blake and Ethier single off Halladay in the bottom half. but Kemp grounds into a double play to end any chance of scoring.

Philadelphia score two more in the second inning. Ruiz singles, Martinez is safe on a Loney throwing error, which sends Ruiz to third. Halladay sacrifices Martinez to second. Rollins double into the gap scores two. putting the Phillies up 3-0.

the Dodgers wouldnt score until the bottom of the 5th inning. Carroll singles, Kuroda bunts to sacrifice Carroll over, and somehow reaches safly when the Philadelphia infield is unable to handle a very nicly placed bunt.

god Don Mattingly infuriates me with his obsession with Bunting. no matter which way you look at it, sacrificing is just that. its giving away an out, and Mattingly gives away alot of outs.
Tony Gywnn is asked to give away an out by sacrificing the runnres to second and third, in which he does. Blake's groundout scores Carroll. this makes it a 3-1 game. Ethier strikes out to end the frame.

move to the bottom of the 6th. Kemp leads off with a hit into the gap, but he trips rounding first and has to hold with a long single. Miles singles Kemp to second. but the next three batters all make out in order. Loney lines out to a diving Hunter Pence. Big Rod flies out, and Carroll is out on a called third strike that was like 5 feet off the plate.

in the top of the 7th, with 1 out, rat face Victorino doubles again. @$!#!@!#$! I hate that guy.
Mattingly makes a double switch taking out Kuroda and bringing in Dee Gordon to play short, and Elbert to pitch. utley flies out, but Big Nose doubles in rat face making it 4-1 Philadelphia. they intentionally walk Pence, and get Ilbanez to strike out.

in the bottom of the 7th, Gwynn singles, and Blake walks with 1 out, Bastardo is brought in to relieve Halladay. the count was 3-0 to Ethier, but dumbass Mattingly gives Ethier the green light to swing, even though a walk loads the bases for Bison. after fouling off a pitch, Ethier predictably grounds into a double play. of coarse he does.

Guerrier pitches the 8th, and retires the side in order.

the Dodgers claw back into the game by scoring two runs, but of coarse they fail coming up short.
Stutes comes in to pitch for Philadelphia. Kemp single, and steals second. his 29th steal of the year.
Miles base knock into left field, scores Kemp. 4-2 now.
Miles takes second on an errant pick off throw from Stutes. Loney's fly ball moves Miles to third.
Philadelphia makes another pitching change, Stutes is out, in is Brad Lidge. yes Lidge is back the former closer for the Phillies who has been hurt all year, and has had like almost every single injury imaginable, is asked to hold the lead instead of save it.
Big Rod draws a walk, as Lidge is wild. Velez pich runs for Big Rod, and Rivera pinch hits for Guerrier. the productive Rivera singles, scoring Miles. its a 1 run game now 4-3. Velez goes to second.
Gordon hits a slow grounder to Utley that hits rivera, while he was trying to get out of the way of the ball and Chase Utley. the ball hits Rivera as he runs into Utley. Gordon is safe on what is ruled a fielder's choice, but Rivera is called out on intereference. even worse though is Rivera comes up limping, however he does walk off the field, and seemed ok. well lets hope so.

theres a wild pitch that moves the runners to secon and third. then Tony Gwynn trys to bunt for a hit. he trys one of those slap bunts that only Hit Machine can do properly. although it was close, Gwynn nearly beats it out, but Madson's shovel pass is in time.
Im not sure if Mattingly asked him to bunt, or if this was Gwynn's bright idea, but ive had it with the bunting. how many outs is mattingly going to keep giving up?

in the top of the 9th, Dougie who sucks, gives up a homerun to rat face. this makes it a 5-3 game now.

I hate you rat face, go away

in the bottom of the 9th, Ryan Madson is on the mound to close. Madson is a very good pitcher.
Blake singles, but Dre fouls out, Kemp strikes out, and Miles grounds out to end the game.

Ryan Madson points and laughs at Don Mattingly's failed attempts at Managing

I think a better manager squeezes an extra 5-7 wins out of this team. Don Mattingly's terrible managerial strategies are what is really screwing the Dodgers. the Dodgers need a new manager. we have two coaches on the staff that have managerial experience. (hillman, Wallach) why cant one of them manage? people need to understand, that just because a guy was a great player doesnt mean he would make a good manager. all-star selections dont equate to managerial success.

at this point I am calling for the firing of Don Mattingly. hey we gave him a shot, he failed, and now its time to try someone else. the fact that the Dodgers are worse than they were last year, should be an automatic pink slip for him.

Tomorrow night, Ted Lilly will draw Cliff Lee at 710PM. this will be a for sure loss. I mean if I was a betting man, I would bet money on it. but I could never ever bet against the Dodgers so I would never do it, but trying to stress how badly we'll  lose tomorrow.
Dont stop believin' Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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