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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dodgers win 7-6, sweep final road series

Dodgers 7 6  0
Rockies 6 12 2

Dodger relief pitchers have served up plenty of these during this season....yum

the Dodgers beat the Rockies again today 7-6. in their final road game and sweeping the series. Despite terrible relief ptiching again, and another bad Monasterios start, the Dodgers overcame, thanks to a grand slam homerun by Kemp, uncharacteristic timly hitting, and some great defensive plays..

first off Carlos Monasterios was once again terrible, although he wasnt bad early on, and did make it to the 5th inning. but again he couldnt make it out of the 5th, being yanked with 2 outs and the bases loaded. The monasterios effect held up again, and the Dodgers again had to turn to their collection of fat losers in the bullpen. (kuo and jansen excluded)
I know how I on a daily basis talk about how bad the dodgers bullpen is, and how bad Joe Torre is at managing it, but its all true, the bullpen is horrendous, and we got lucky today.

the Rockies jumped out first in the 2nd inning. Mullet man hit a line drive over Kemp's head in center. which he misplayed, and Tulo was given a triple. he wopuld score on a Helton fly ball.

the Dodgers would put a high 5 on the scoreboard in the 3rd, thanks to some bumbling defense by the Rockies.
with runners at first and second, after hu doubled and oeljten walked, Theriot hit a grounder to third, which was butchered by Ian Stewart. Stewart who has been battling injuries, was only a few feet away from touching the bag at third to get a force out. However Stewart bobbled and dropped the ball, which loaded the bases. Loney came up next and walked forcing in a run. Kemp then crushed a grand slammer over the scoreboard in right field. 5-1 Dodgers.

in the bottom of the second Miguel Olivo hit his 14th homer of the year, cutting the lead to 5-2.

next inning the Dodgers would add another run, thanks to a broken bat reed Johnson double, and a Hu scoring fly ball.

the Dodgers scored another run when Oeljten was hit by a pitch, took second on an errant throw by Olivo, and scored on a loney RBI single.

The Rockies would come back and score again in the bottom half of the 4th, loading the bases , but Loney made a fanstastic play on Stewart's liner making a diving stop saving several runs.

Ellis reached base on an infield single, and scored on a Hu double, extending the Dodgers lead.

with the Dodgers leading 7-3 in the bottom of the 5th, batting practice ensued off of Monasterios, after he loaded the bases with 1 out.
Loney saved the Dodgers bacon again with another fantastic play scooping Helton's liner and saving more runs from scoring. with 2 outs Torre yanked Monster. he lasted just 4 2/3 innings charged with 5 runs.

so in came Meatball specialist Ramon Troncoso who promptly gave up a single to spillbourghs, which plated two and the lead was 7-5.
amazingly enough Troncoso was able to stop the bleeding and get out of the jam. Troncoso would pitch 1.1 innings and get credited with the win.

in the 7th inning  and the score still 7-5, Torre would bring in Sherrill, who has a PHD in Meatballology.
Sherrill lived up to his reputation by allowing a hit and a walk, and had to be pulled. he did get two outs though with help from a great play at third base from Russ Mitchell.
Jeff Weaver had to be brought in to bail out Dr. Meatball. Weaver who never pitches since he hasnt proven to Torre that he can serve up the meatballs with the best, induced a Melvin Mora flyout to escape the jam.
Now here comes one of the most stupid idiotic managerial decisions I have ever seen any manager make. Torre instead of saving Kuo for the 9th, brought him in the 8th and Bellisario in the 9th, and it almost cost the Dodgers the game.

Kuo pitched a scoreless 8th inning but had made to many pitches, forcing Torre to bring in Bellisario, causing millions of Dodger fans stomachs to churn.

after getting Cargo out, Mullet man singles, (Tulo was 4 for 4 today), notorious Dodger killer Todd Helton walked. The Rockies would wind up scoring another run to cut the lead to 7-6. however Bellisario got lucky, inducing a line drive out to shortstop Hu to end the game. The Rockies left the tying and winning runs on base, and Bellisario picked up his 2nd save of the season, despite almost blowing another one.

The Rockies were eliminated yesterday, thanks to the Dodgers, and will fly to St.Louis for their final series.
The Dodgers are off on thrusday and then fly home to play AZ for the final three.
it was orignally reported that the Dodgers were going to not start kershaw, then they said they would start him on friday instead. Now they are reporting that they will not start Kershaw and instead start Ely on friday night. but with Brad Ausmus managing that game , who knows. we might end up seeing Kershaw start after all, but we will see.

with the season coming to a close, the site will be taking on a new direction since the dodgers will not be in the playoffs this year. normally we focus on in depth game recaps and analysis. however starting next week things will change up a bit. I know Stacie will be doing some player profiling, and I will be covering some hot stove league stuff. so stay tuned for more info.....thats all see you on saturday night! Go Blue!

Dodgers release bad news bears lineup as they crash Rockies season like a john Denver Flight

Dodgers Lineup

Carlos Monasterios 3-5 4.09 vs. Jhoulys Chacin 9-10 3.26

Kuroda looks on in disgust as he accidentally gets a glimpse of the Dodgers bullpen and the Meatball men who relieve him

oh im leaving on a jet plane, dont know when Ill be back again! Im not talking about the Dodgers leaving on getaway day, im talking about the Rockies Season!  Zing!!!! Im in rare form today!. I know what your saying, you cant talk about John Denver like that! I can and did, ok ok sorry, but hey anyone that has had to watch the Dodger bullpen the entire season is allowed to vent every once in a while right?

speaking of the collection of meatball hurlers that make up the Dodger bullpen (Kuo and Jansen excluded) thats what we will be seeing today, rest assured.
Joe Torre is a poor exuse for a manager, but he did make one wise decision, shelfing Clayton Kershaw for the rest of the year. after the Dodgers beat the Rockies last night 9-7, coupled with the Giants and Braves both winning, resulted in the Rockies being eliminated from the postseason. and they have the Dodgers to thank. after all it was last sunday's come from behind victory at Dodger stadium that started the Rockies free fall from the mountain tops. losing there next 4 in a row and 5 out of 6.
so with the game being meaningless for both teams, there is no reason to risk our best pitcher getting hurt, so Monasterios gets one last start, to further prove that he sucks as a starter.

I have already said before how much Monasterios sucks as a starter, and how he is much better as a relief pitcher, and the numbers back that up, but ok well see once again.

Torre decides to go with the bad news bears lineup again. several regulars are benched for no reason after having great games last night.
Furcal who had like 5 triples and a zillion base hits last night, sits so Hu can make another start at short.
blake hits 2 homeruns and is benched for Russ Mitchell at third base. no ethier also, he sits as Reed johnson again plays in right field, and Trent Oeljten gets the start in left. and of coarse Ryan Theriot just has to start every goddamm game doesnt he?

on the birght side this will be one of Torre's final games as manager, as Ausmus will manage on friday, Russell Martin manages saturday's game, with Torre managing the finale on sunday. although I cant understand why Mattingly cant manage those last few games, but I do know why Torre wont be there, hell take off the whole weekend to go hang out with his hollywood buddies and spend most of the day at the race track. fucking retard, goodbye Joe, dont let the door hit you on the way out!

and so we will see another Monasterios start. dont expect him to get out of the 2nd inning today. and prepare yourself to see the entire Dodger bumpen. oh yes we will see everyone today. Meatballer after meatballer, after meatballer! Cargo and Mullet Man will be feasting off of those meatballs!
On top of old smokey....all covered in cheese, poor jonathon lost his meatball when Cargo hit it in the bleachers! he looked in his locker and under his gut, then Mullet man hit it right up his but!
sigh its a long season.....Go Blue!

Update-Kershaw will start friday night, and it looks like Kuroda will not make another start this year. Torre is a moron. enough said.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Dodgers Knock the Rockies Out of the Postseason with 4 Homeruns

Dodgers 9 14 0
Rockies  7 10 1
WP-Belisario (3-1)
L-Dotel (3-4)
S-Jansen (3)
HR-Kemp (24), Blake 2 (17), Loney (10)
HR-Helton (8), Fowler (13)

It was the battle of the bullpen meltdowns tonight in Colorado. Ding ding ding In this corner we have Ronald Belisario, and in the the other corner we have the reigning champion and still the king....Octavio Dotel! Does Colorado now understand why we shipped him off for free?

The first inning gave us a preview of the game that was to unfold. Ethier and Kemp both had 2 out singles. The Rockies then came back with a double from Nelson, and then Cargo proceeds to single in a run. Kuroda used his ninja like reflexes to strike out the side in order in the bottom of the 2nd. The third inning crescendoed into a slugfest. Kuroda lead off the inning with a single, his 3rd hit of the season. Speedy Furcal tripled him in. Then in a nice fakeout, Furcal acted like he was going to break for home on a ground ball by Theriot which caused Mora to get startled. He then threw the ball away while Furcal scored on the error. Matt Kemp and Casey Blake then blast back-to-back homeruns giving the Dodgers a 5-1 lead. In the bottom of the inning Fowler tripled, Cargo got a bloop single which scored a run making it 5-2 in favor of the Dodgers. Props to Reed Johnson in the the bottom of the 6th inning. He made a great catch to get Tulo out in foul territory. Loney added a run in the 7th with a solo hr making it 6-2. Kuroda began to tire in the bottom of the 7th when he allowed a leadoff single to Mora and a 2 run homerun to Helton making it 6-4. After he walked Iannetta, Torre begun the downward spiral of bullpen shoddiness.

Kuroda pitched 6.1 innings, allowing 5 runs off 6 hits, walking 1 and striking out 6. Francis only lasted 3 innings, allowing 5 runs off 6 hits striking out 1. Both pitchers were not involved with the decision.

Then it got sketchy. Belisario came in and made a wild pitch on his first pitch. Then he gave up the 2nd 2- run homerun of the inning to Fowler which made it a tied ballgame 6-6. The top of the 8th was hilarious. Octavio Dotel was brought in by Jim Tracy. It is so nice being on the other side to watch this walking disaster. Ellis lead off with a double and Hu is brought in to pinch run for him. Smart move. I think this is the only instance where Hu is actually worthwhile. Hu steals third, and shakes up Mora on the slide. Furcal then tripled again breaking the tie and giving the Dodgers the lead 7-6. Theriot then reaches first safely on Dotel's bumbling error. Ethier then scored a run with a fly ball getting his 80th RBI. 8-6 Dodgers. The bottom of the 8th was where the Dodger's bullpen almost blew it. Sherill comes in and strikes out Cargo respectively. Then Torre decides to bring in the unpitchable meatball thrower himself, Broxton. Why oh why? Mora and Helton proceed to predictably single. Torre gets the hook, and brings in Jansen just before Brox totally blows the game wide open. Jansen then has trouble finding the strike zone and walks Smith and then Iannetta which brings in a run making it a 1 run game 8-7. Spillborghs strikes out to end the inning. Huston Street comes in and Casey Blake crushes his 2nd homerun of the night giving the Dodgers more breathing room with a 9-7 lead. Jansen comes in to pitch the bottom of the 9th, and gives up a leadoff single to Fowler. He gets Nelson and Cargo both to pop up. To end the game on a perfect note, Jansen strikes out Tulo. Let me say, I am very impressed with Jansen's determination in this game. After walking back-to-back batters, he could have lost confidence and fell into the usual bullpen mindset of blowing the game. Instead he battled back, and saved the game giving the Dodgers their 2nd win in a row against the Rockies at Coors Field.

Getting a few hits doesn't hurt either. Furcal, Kemp, Blake, Ellis, and Theriot all had 2 hits tonight. Furcal had 2 triples, and Blake had 2 homeruns.

Torre announced the Brad Ausmus will get to manage Friday night's game, Russell Martin Saturday, and Torre will take the helm back for the finale game. The final pitching rotation was also announced. Tomorrow Kershaw will take the mound, Bills on Friday, Lilly on Sat, and Kuroda will pitch the finale. See you Friday! Go Blue:)

Hiroki 黒田 博樹, the Ninja, Takes the Mound in Game 2

LA Dodgers @ CO Rockies
5:40 PM PT
Game 2

Hiroki Kuroda

Jeff Francis

Furcal 6
Theriot 4
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Blake 5
Loney 3
Johnson 7
Ellis 2
Kuroda 1 

Hiroki Kuroda may be pitching his last game as a Dodger tonight. Torre may choose to start him in the finale game on Sunday, but he hasn't announced his rotation as of yet. Kuroda is waiting until the season commences before making his decision about whether to return to Japan or not. Kuroda has had a great season, staying healthy throughout, and remaining optimistic  even though he's received the lowest average of runs scored behind him in the National League since July 1. Kuroda looks to replicate the outcome of his last outing. He took the win against the Padres pitching 8 innings and only allowing 1 run. The Rockies seem to challenge him though. He's 0-4 with a 6.25 ERA lifetime against the Rockies. DodgertownUSA tweeted "Tonight's starter, Hiroki Kuroda, has a 3.65 career ERA in 3 seasons, the lowest of any Japan-born starter in MLB history." Pretty impressive. Please offer him a 1-2 year deal! I will be posting a more in depth player profile in the offseason spotlighting Kuroda if he returns to the team. 

Colorado will counter with lefty Jeff Francis. He's only had two starts since returning from the disabled list with left shoulder tightness. In those two starts he pitched a combined 6 2/3 innings and allowed five earned runs and lost both games.

Colorado is in a do or die situation with every game now. They sit 5 games back of the Giants in the division. Their elimination number is at 2. The Phillies clinched the NL East yesterday, and the Reds look to soon clinch the central division. 

No big changes with the lineup. Reed Johnson is in left field, so look for some bumbling defensive plays. 

Go Blue:)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lilly Out Pitches Jimenez, Puts Rockies Between A Rock and a Hard Place

Dodgers 3 6 0
Rockies  1 4 1
WP- Lilly (9-12)
LP-Jimenez (19-8)
S-Kuo (11)
HR-Gonzalez (34)

Ted Lilly pitched a magnificent game, giving the Dodgers a 3-1 win in Colorado over Ubaldo Jimenez who was unable to obtain his 20th win. The Dodgers started off the 1st by giving Lilly a lead to run with. Furcal dunked a single to lead off. Jimenez walked both Theriot and then Kemp to load the bases. Casey Blake, who had a great game, singled off Jimenez's leg, then it bounced over Tulo's head, and ended up in center field allowing 2 runs to score and giving the Dodgers the early 2-0 lead. Lilly came into the game, and retired the Rockies 1-2-3 in three straight innings. Lilly only gave up 1 run which came in the bottom of the 4th, and as earlier predicted in my pregame post, Cargo hits a solo homerun making it 2-1 Dodgers. He is now 4 for 6 against Lilly with 3 homeruns. How about not pitching to him next time, maybe? Please? Lilly comes back to strike out 2 including Tulowitzki for the second time in the game. In the bottom of the 6th Lilly allowed a single and stolen base to Fowler, but comes back to strike out Cargo and Iannetta to end the inning. In the 7th Loney made an impressive unassisted double play tagging Helton who had broke for 2nd. In the 8th the Rockies managed to strike out Ethier (who struck out 3 times), Loney, and Kemp using Morales and Dotel in relief of Jimenez who had made over 120 pitches in the game. The Dodgers would pick up one more run in the 9th when Blake doubled for the second time in the game (he had 2 doubles and a single!), Oeltjen bunted him over, and A.J. Ellis singled in Blake to make it 3-1 in favor of the Dodgers. Hong-Chi Kuo came in and retired Cargo, Tulo, and struck out Iannetta to end the game and pick up his 11th save of the season.

Lilly pitched 8 innings, allowing 1 run off 4 hits, walking 2 and striking out 8. Jimenez went 7 innings, allowing 2 runs off 3 hits, walking 4 and striking out 6.

Jay Gibbons has a strained right calf muscle, and was unable to play. Oeltjen who played in left field struck out 3 times. Kemp also added 2 whiffs to his credit, now giving him 164. Vin Scully mentioned an amusing stat tonight. Kemp has faced Octavio Dotel 6 times, and he has struck out all 6 times.

The Dodgers have now won 9 of 16 games from the Rockies this season. The Rockies slide to 5 games back of San Francisco in the standings, and their playoff wishes have all been but dashed. Tomorrow they will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound which could perhaps be his final game in a Dodger uniform. Let's hope it's not.

Final Road Series Land Dodgers in Rocky Territory

LA Dodgers @ CO Rockies 
5:40 PM PT
Game 1

Ted Lilly

Ubaldo Jimenez

Furcal 6
Theriot 4
Ethier 9
Loney 3
Kemp 8
Blake 5
Oeltjen 7
Ellis 2
Lilly 1

Bullpen meltdowns have become the Dodgers trademark of the 2010 season, yet even when foreseen, I still get frustrated and angry every time. Although George Sherrill had a bit of a streak where he was amazingly playing like ya know a major league level pitcher, it looks like he is back to his stomach churning ways. If I see him in a Dodger uniform next season, I will be supremely pissed. The other meatball hurler, Jonathan Broxton, looks like a deer caught in the headlights when batters are hitting 2 run homers off his first pitch to them in relief. I was totally on the Brox bandwagon earlier in the season, giving him the benefit of the doubt when he was having some tough times. I chalked it up to Torre overworking him. I look back now, and I can't help but remember his calamities of yesteryear in the postseason. I think they should trade him for a power hitter and go with Kuo/Jansen as closers next year. 

Ted Lilly and the Dodgers look to stick a fork into Colorado's hope for a spot in the postseason. After a late season surge, the Rockies have now fallen to 4 1/2 games behind the Giants who are nauseatingly in first place in the NL West. They have lost 5 of their last 6 games. Ubaldo Jimenez will be going for his 20th win. Look for Ted Lilly, who has a horrendous 10.03 ERA at Coors Field, to give up some predictable homeruns, perhaps to  Troy Tulowitzki or Cargo who has hit safely in 12 of his last 13 games with a .404 batting average during that time. Lilly has lost 4 in a row, and never has regained the form he had in his first 5 games with the Dodgers. Lilly did pitch well against the Rockies on August 19th, when he threw a 2 hit shutout against them at Dodger Stadium. 

Luckily for the Dodgers they're escaping the heat wave we are experiencing in LA, and get to play in cooler Colorado. Downtown Los Angeles reached an all-time record of 113 degrees today!

Torre returns to the normal lineup today, except for Oeltjen in right field. I'm pleased I won't have to watch Reed Johnson's loathsome defense today. 

Go Blue:)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dodger bullpen: a tapestry of failure

Dodgers 4 11 0
Dbacks  5   8 1

You know normally now I dont get upset anymore when the Dodgers lose. Sure its frustrating, but I just expect it now. Im used to the losing now. but no matter how much you accept, games like this one are still aggravating. and this game really aggravated me.

Chad Billingsley had pitched an amzing game as usual. Bills had pitched 7 innings allowing only 1 run off 4 hits, with 1 walk and an amazing 13 strikeouts. the Dodgers were up 4-1 in the 8th, and of coarse as predicted, the bullpen blew another game robbing Bills of a win he so rightfully deserved. The bullpen disaster again could have been avoided, and was orchestrated by our inept manager Joe Torre.

through the first 8 innings Bills battled Joe Saunders, and was pitching great. he almost had his lead blown in the 7th inning thanks to some horrible defense by Reed Johnson, getting the start in RF because there was a lefty on the mound. I was all set to do a little review comparing Johnson's defense to Ethier's. Pointing out that johnson sucks at catching the ball, and Ethier is a terrific outfielder and has only made 1 error this season. but now I will instead analyze another bullpen meltdown which was once again masterminded by torre.

the Dodgers broke a scoreless tie in the 5th inning, when Theriot bunted for a hit, and after Kemp singled, Loney took a 2-2 pitch for a ball that just missed. on the next pitch loney doubled, scoring theriot and kemp, and the dodgers led 2-0.

AZ would score and threaten again in the 7th, thanks to catcher Miguel Montero and Two terrible plays by reed Johnson.
bottom of the 5th, Montero hit a line drive down the right field line, the ball was butchered by Johnson, as he did an "ole" letting the ball bounce by him rolling all the way to the wall. Montero ended up at third base.(the play was ruled a triple, but should have been an error). Montero would score on a fly ball by Gillespie.

with the score 2-1, with 1 out in the 7th, Montero hit another line drive to deep right, this time johnson who had gone to the wall, slipped and fell down, Montero ended up at third with another triple.
The next play is one Ive seen teams make countless times, and I will never understand it. Gillespie hit a sharp grounder to short, and Montero broke for home. the logic is you break for home on contact, and hope that by doing this you rush the infielder into making a bad throw, or a high throw. however by doing that you take away an RBI oppurtunity from the next hitter. unless a pitcher is at-bat next its a risky play. It didnt work for the Dbacks, as Furcal made an amazing twirling throw home to Big Rod who tagged montero for the out. Bills then struck out Allen for his 13th strikeout.

in the top of the 8th after Mitchell singled Big Rod slammed his 17th homerun of the year off of the eventual winning pitcher Demel, giving the Dodgers a 4-1 lead.
Ok at this point I had no doubt that Bills would not pitch the 8th and that the bullpen would blow it. I knew it, however it didnt have to happen this way. Bellisario was allowed to pitch to the first batter in the bottom of the 8th and retired him. with 1 out Torre decided to yank bellisario and bring in Sherrill. there was absolutly no reason for this move. once again we saw inferior relief pitcher after inferior relief pitcher give up runs and blow the game.
Sherrill allowed a walk, and two run home run to Tony Abreu. tony fucking abreu. who has hit a grand total of 1 homerun this year.  score 4-3. in trots the next loser, and its none other than former closer and resident fatso Jonathon broxton. broxton allows single then homerun to Chris Young. score 5-4.
and that would be the game. you wanna know how bad the Dodgers bullpen has been this year? ok let me present you with some basic stats. you might want to look away this isnt going to be pretty. here are the following pitchers who have been in the Dodgers bullpen this year and there stats.

Russ ortiz-0-1 10.29 ERA-10 hits in 7 IP
Ramon Ortiz-1-2 6.30 ERA-33 hits in 30 IP-9.9 htis per 9IP-4.8 BB per 9IP
George Sherrill-2-2 -7.08 ERA- 4 blown saves-22 walks in 34 IP-rightys-BAA-.425
Broxton-5-6-3.92 ERA-7 blown saves-6.85 ERA after all-star break
Ramon Troncoso-1-3 4.62 ERA-BAA after all-star break-.273-7HR allowed
Jeff Weaver-5-1 6.14 ERA-48 hits in 44 IP 20 walks
Justin Miller-4.44 ERA-22 hits in 24 IP-4HR
Octavio Dotel-for existing

and there you have it folks, thats the Dodegr bullpen for 2010. Im sorry if I have made you sick before dinner time, but clearly these guys need to go. THEY ARE UNPITCHABLE. there was no reason to bring in Sherrill or Broxton. Joe Torre should have been fired for his Bullpen management this year. He does not belong in the hall of fame, and should not be praised for being a mediocre manager before riding those imensly talented yankee all-star teams to easy championships.
Billingsley you have pitched great and I applaud you. please dont let our inept manager and collection of fat losers in the bullpen get you down. an another team you probably win 16-18 games. congratz on a solid season.

on another annoying note, Casey Blake is finished as a player. hes done. .243BA/.317OBP-after all-star break-.223BA/.288OBP.

the Dodgers travel to COL to take on the rockies for three. tomorrow Lilly vs Jimenez, as the Rockies try desperatly to keep their playoff hopes alive. I wont be back until wed. so until then......Go Blue!

final game in the desert

Dodgers lineup


Chad Billingsley 11-11 3.70 vs. Joe Saunders 3-6 4.46

The Dodgers look to win their 7th of 9 games in the Arizona desert this year, in the final game of the three game series. The Dodgers are 75-80.

Im still sad over the news that john Lindsey fractured his hand in yesterday's game. at least he made it to the big club once. I hope he recovers and returns next season.

I am not impressed with the way Ely has pitched since being called back up. I did hear that he was having problems getting AAA hitters out, so I guess this is no suprise. the really suprising thing is his 6 walks yesterday, although one was intentional, still its far different than the control pitcher he was earlier in the year going 89 straight batters without a walk. He might not be ready for the bigs just yet. Still I have more confidence in him than with Monasterios, or lord help me Charlie Haeger. Im not making exuses for Ely's Poor performances, but these types of players are always made to languish with the Dodgers, and they have to figure things out on their own. the Dodgers staff might have to oh I dont know coach Ely to regain his command. you know develop the young player! just sayin......

Joe Torre's lineup decisions make no sense. but then again they never did. at least these games are meaningless, hes already screwed up a ton of games this year.
after the little league lineup hes posted the last couple of games predictably failed, we see more of the regulars back in today's lineup. However ethier sits for no reason, and reed johnson plays in RF. Mitchell gets a start in LF, Big Rod behind the plate, and Furcal returns (thank god) batiing leadoff playing short.

Billingsley looks for his 12th win of the season. He will counter Joe Saunders. after the game the Dodgers will fly to COL, for the last three road games, then the Dodgers come back home, for the last three against AZ.
Go Blue!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ely's Lack of Control & Lack of Offense Lead to 80th Loss

Dodgers 2 3 0
Diamondbacks 5 11 0
WP-Hudson (8-2)
LP- Ely (4-9)
S-Gutierrez (13)
HR-Gillespie (2)

Yes, they lost. Before we go into the grim details of the night, let's first talk about the sad news that John Lindsey's season is over. In the 7th inning, Lindsey was hit by Hudson's pitch on his hand. His grimace from the pain could be felt all the way into my living room. He smiled, like he always does, and took first base. The next inning Loney took over at 1st base for him. After the game it was revealed he had in fact fractured his hand, and he will not return this season. So Sad! After 16 years of playing in the minors, he is injured in only his 2nd career start. In 10 games he has had 12 AB with 1 hit, 3 strikeouts, and a .083 batting average. We hope he has a speedy recovery, and he is back in a Dodger uniform next season!

Alright, if that wasn't depressing enough, let's look at how the Dodgers managed to lose to the Diamondbacks for their 80th loss of the season. John Ely clearly is not the same pitcher he was when he was first called up this season going 89 batters without a walk. Tonight was just the opposite. He had trouble with his control from the start. In the first inning he walked 2 batters. In the 2nd inning he got out of a jam after Hester doubled and Allen singled. He then struck out Hudson and Abreu. In the third inning, Johnson singled, and Ellis threw him out while the batter struck out doubling them up. Nice job, Ellis! In the 4th inning the Dodgers would get on the board when Oeltjen doubled, Theriot bunted him over, and Ethier brings in the run on his ground out. In the bottom of the inning Ely walks another 2 batters, but lucky for him Mitchell makes an outstanding play at 3rd to get the inning ending double play. Ely's control issues finally catch up to him in the 5th inning. Stephen Drew tripled, Johnson's line out brings in the run to tie the game at 1-1. Ely also gets 2 strikeouts this inning. He pitched very inconsistently, striking out and walking batters in the same inning throughout the game. The 6th inning got ugly. After a double by LaRoche, we all agree Torre should have pulled out Ely at this point, but instead he foolishly lets him continue and lo and behold Gillepsie hits a 3 run homerun after they intentionally walk Allen. Johnson attempts to catch the ball against the wall to no avail. Hudson promptly doubles right after the homerun. Torre finally brings in Troncoso who gets out of the inning, but in the 7th Troncoso gives up back to back singles and a run scoring fly ball to La Roche giving AZ a 5-1 lead. In the 8th we see Link give up 2 singles, but luckily no runs. Hudson starts the 9th with a one hitter, but the Dodgers knock him out of the game when he tires and gives up a single to Theriot, a walk to Ethier, and a single to Loney which brings in a run. The Dodgers added a run, but Mitchell strikes out ending the game on a sour note.

Ely ends up going 5.1 innings, allowing 4 runs off 7 hits, walking 6 and striking out 7. He has 11 walks in his last 2 starts. Hudson went 8.2 innings, allowing 2 runs off 2 hits, and walking 2 and striking out 5.

In order to finish at an even .500 the Dodgers must win all 7 of their remaining games. That is pretty much impossible at this point. Tomorrow they look to win the series vs. AZ in game 3. Chad Billingsley will try for his 12th win vs. Joe Saunders. Go Blue:)

John Ely Looks to Turn His Losing Streak Around

LA Dodgers @ AZ Diamondbacks
5:10 PM PT
Game 2

John Ely

Daniel Hudson

Oeltjen 8
Theriot 4
Ethier 9
Lindsey 5
Mitchell 3
Johnson 7
Ellis 2
Hu 6
Ely 1

Ely looks to capitalize on the good luck he has had so far pitching against Arizona. He picked up his first career win against the Dbacks on May 11th, and in June he won 1-0 against them pitching 7 shutout innings and only allowing 2 hits which was his best performance to date. Ely has lost 6 of his last 7 starts in the majors, and I would love to see him go out and pitch like he did at the beginning of the season before he was sent back to AAA. He will face Daniel Hudson, another righty, who had a good outing his last time out vs. Pittsburgh.

John Lindsey will finally get his second opportunity to start today and will be playing at 1B instead of James Loney. Let's hope Torre doesn't pinch hit for him in the 7th inning only to bring in Kemp or Loney who will no doubt whiff at the plate predictably. Yet this most likely will in fact happen, since Kemp has the longest games played streak in the majors at 195 games. Looks like we will not go without a Kemp strikeout this evening. Oeltjen, who had a great game yesterday including a rbi triple, gets the start in center again instead of Kemp. Horrible Hu will be at shortstop today, which is ridiculously absurd since he is just plain bad. Looks like Torre doesn't plan on scoring any runs at the bottom of the lineup today. Reed Johnson who homered yesterday gets the nod in left field as well.

It looks like the Dodgers want to bring back Jay Gibbons next season. We'll talk more about decisions on next season's roster in future posts, but I like this idea. If we were to bring back just one of the players going into free agency for next season, I really do hope they sign Kuroda. If he were to choose to retire or go back to Japan then I could accept that. He has only played for the Dodgers, so if he were to sign with another team, then I would be pretty disappointed. I would definately pick Kuroda over Lilly in my opinion.

Let's continue the winning! Go Blue:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kershaw, and triples lead dodgers to win 3-1

Dodgers  3 6 1
Dbacks   1 4 0

I was all ready to write about a nice quick shutout, but Arizona just had to screw that up. Oh well no complaints here. The Dodgers beat the Dbacks, for the 11th time in 13 games 3-1.

Kershaw pitched another excellent game, but Barry Enright also pitched well. Kershaw had a 2 hit shutout into the 9th inning, where he tired and had to be relieved after allowing a run off two hits,

while using an ugly lineup, the Dodgers offense scored just enough to win, taking advantage of two triples, and a home run.
in the third inning, Ellis walked, and scored on Trent Oeljten's triple down the line in right. Oeltjen was 2 for 3 with an RBI.
in the top of the fourth, Andre Ethier tripled, and scored on a Gibbons fly ball. 2-0 Dodgers.

Enright went 8 innings, allowing 2 runs off 5 hits, with 1 walk and 3 strikeouts.

in the top of the 9th Reed Johnson hit a monster home run to left, off of Arizona reliever Norberto. 3-0 Dodgers.

Kershaw took the mound in the 9th and after allowing a single, and then a run scoring double from Abreau, came out after 8+ innings, 1 run off 4 hits, 0 walks and 9 strikeouts. Kenley Jansen came in to close and while he was a bit shaky, he did the job. sitrking out two of the final hitters, to pick up his second save of the year.
Kershaw is good. damm good. this game reminded me of the game he pitched in SF, but this game he had 9 Ks. Kershaw is now 13-10, with an ERA of 2.91. He has 213 strikeouts, and over 200 innings pitched. he leads the team in just about every pitching category. yeah hes good, just sayin.....

it seems as though the Rockies have faded away. after losing that heartbreaker to the Dodgers on sunday, COL has lost 4 in a row, coming into tonight, and they lost again tonight 2-1 to the Giants. they are now 4.5 games back of SF, and 3.5 out in the WC. the Braves lost again, speaking of fading away, if the Padres lose, they will remain tied with the Braves for the WC. Yikes, please dont make me watch the Giants in the playoffs......

Game 2 tomorrow night at 5,  Ely vs. Daniel Hudson. Go Blue!

playing for pride

Dodgers Lineup


Clayton Kershaw 12-10 2.98  vs. Barry Enright 6-5 3.87

The Dodgers begin the first game of the final roadtrip this season. a 6 game trip that begins with a three game set in AZ.
The Dbacks have won four in a row at home, and the Dodgers are coming off of a nice little win against SD. The Dodgers have won 10 of 12 from AZ this year.

first off lets get to this ugly lineup. yikes and I do mean yikes. this looks like a little league lineup here.
Oeltjen leads off and plays center field. Russ Mitchell gets the start at third base and bats in the 6 spot. and Chin-lung Hu gets the start at Short. Furcal who went 2 for 4 yesterday scoring two runs, gets rewarded by being benched in favor of a player who is completly and utterly useless in every way. but whatever, these games are meaningless anyways. although like I said there is nothing to know about Hu, he sucks and is not much different than castro.

on a stupid note, Russel Martin, or possibly Ausmus will manage one of the last few games. which of coarse means Torre will just take off during the last weekend, to hang out with his hollywood buddies. if thats the case, then why not let Mattingly manage the last few games? it makes no sense not too, since he is manager next season. although it does setup a hilarious scene, in which Brad Ausmus is catching and managing the last game of the season. I wonder if he would hit for himself ina crucial situation? I only hope he would realize by then that he sucks balls.

kershaw takes the mound tonight, all so he lines up against COL later in the week. Kershaw will counter Barry Enright, who has never faced the dodgers in his career. Go Blue!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kuroda and Dodgers Bump Padres Out of First Place

Dodgers 3 6 0
Padres    1 5 1
WP-Kuroda (11-13)
LP-Latos (14-8)
S-Kuo (10)

The Dodgers finally got enough runs for Kuroda to pick up his 11th win of the season, avoid a three game sweep, and to bump San Diego out of first place in the NL West. The Giants won earlier 13-0 against the Chicago Cubs, but the Padres were shut down by Asian dynamos Hiroki Kuroda and Hong-Chi Kuo who earned his 10th save of the season.

Kuroda allowed only 1 run off 5 hits in his 8 innings while striking out 4 and walking 1. The Padres only run came in the 1st inning and was brought in by Tejada's ground out after Kuroda gave up singles to Venable and Eckstein and intentionally walked Adrian Gonzalez. Hiroki was able to get Ludwick to hit into an inning ending double play. The Dodgers came back to tie it at 1-1 in the bottom of the first inning when Andre Ethier doubled in Furcal. The Furcal/Ethier two hit punch worked again in the 3rd inning when Furcal stole 2nd base, and then Ethier singled him home on 2 outs. In the 6th inning the Dodgers loaded the bases with reliever Frieri coming in to replace Latos, and Rod Barajas was able to draw the walk and RBI making it 3-1 in favor of the Dodgers. Latos only lasted 5 innings, allowing 3 runs off 6 hits striking out 4 and walking 1.

Kuo came in to pitch the 9th inning and fanned the side, giving the Dodgers their first victory since the exciting walk off win against the Rockies.

This may have been the second to last start for Kuroda in a Dodger uniform. Kuroda faces a tough decision at season end when he becomes a free agent. He could choose to remain with the Dodgers if they offer him ample salary, opt to go to another MLB team, return to Japan to play baseball, or retire. Let's hope the Dodgers make him a reasonable offer allowing him to play next year with the club. He has been great this year, pitching well and healthy.

Birthday boy Matt Kemp had 2 strikeouts.

The Dodgers now will travel to Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks Friday night. They will send Clayton Kershaw to the mound. Go Blue:)

Dodgers Try to Avoid Sweep in Last Game vs San Diego

San Diego Padres @ LA Dodgers
7:10PM PT
Game 3

Hiroki Kuroda

Mat Latos

Furcal 6
Theriot 4
Ethier 9
Gibbons 7
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Blake 5
Barajas 2
Kuroda 1

The Dodgers will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound in order to try to redeem themselves and avoid a sweep to the first place San Diego Padres. Kuroda has a record of 4-4 against San Diego with a 5.21 ERA. Mat Latos has a 1-2 record against the Dodgers and a 2.57 ERA. In his last start against the Cardinals Latos allowed 8 runs in only 1 1/3 innings. Let's hope the Dodgers can muster some runs against him since he has allowed 13 earned runs in his last 2 starts.

The Dodgers have been anemic in the offense category, and watching them quickly go down 1-2-3 each inning is becoming depressing. The Dodgers website reported that, "Torre made no excuses. He said his team was simply not good enough this year." Well, Joe, I'd like to add that our manager and coaching staff was also simply not good enough this year. David Wells had some trash talkin' to do when he was speaking with about his ex-manager, Torre. "I don't like him at all. As a manager, I think he's terrible. He wasn't a fair manager. He didn't treat people the same. He definitely didn't treat me the same. … If he tells you anything else, he's a liar." Wells was still bitter about an incident back in 1997 when Torre told pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre they were going to sit him out during the first round of playoffs. Very amusing.

There is also talk of transitioning Casey Blake from full-time 3rd baseman to allowing him more rest time. Casey is 37 and in the final year of his contract for next season. Let's take a closer look at Blaker's numbers this year. In 483 ABs, he has 15 homeruns, 60 RBIs, with a .246 batting average and 15 fielding errors at 3B. His career high for HRs was 28 back in 2004 with Cleveland. I think what is most concerning is his plummeting batting average from last season's .280. I must admit he has made some strong plays at third when we really had no one else to play there since Belliard was horrendous and Carroll was needed at shortstop when Furcal was on the DL. 

Today is also Matt Kemp's birthday, our Dodgers record holder for most strikeouts in a season. He has already surpassed his 2008 record and collecting more whiffs than ever. Remember: K is for Kemp!

Go Blue:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

gloveless wonders fall to Padres 3-1

Padres   3 9 0
Dodgers 1 3 2

All Aboard the Ohfer train! the Dodgers hopped on board while losing to the Padres 3-1, in the second game of the three game series.

Lilly was mediocre and the defesne attrocious during tonights loss at home.

The Dodgers jumped to an early lead in the second. Kemp Doubled, advanced to third on a flyball by Gibbons, and after a walk to blake, Ellis drove in the run on a force out at second. The Padres unable to turn the double play, thanks to a good slie by Blake.

in the top of third the dodgers defense failed them again. little is talked about how bad the Dodger defense is, but after ranking first in the NL last year, this year they are at the bottom of the league in 10th place. The Dodgers play lazy uninspired defense, and it was horrendous again tonight. Headly singled and was sacrificed to second. then eckstein hit a grounder in the hole at short. Furcal made a nice stop planted back, and threw wildly. The ball bounced in and out of Loney's glove and rolled a few feet away. heres the fun part....Loney maybe thinking he was in some kind of old western movie, or one of those Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon films, tried to be a hero making an off balance throw to home, to try and throw out Headly trying to score from second base on the play. The throw of coarse wasnt anywhere near sailing all the way to the backstop. tie game.

then of coarse as if on cue with Eckstien at second, tejada slugged his 300th home run of his career to give the Padres a 3-1 lead.

The Dodgers only mustered up 3 hits off of Tim Stauffer, in another spot start. Stauffer went 6 innings allowing the 1 run off 3 hits, walking two and striking out 5.
Lilly went 7 allowing three runs off 8 hits walking 1 and striking out 8. as he took the loss.

Heath Bell pitched a scoreless 9th picking up his 43rd save of the season.

The Padres knew full well the Giants had lost today to the Cubs, and COL had lost to arizona. so with this win the Padres leapfrog back into first place. They are half a game ahead of the Giants and three games ahead of the Rockies.

A.J. Ellis went 0 for 3 today, driving in a run with an RBI on a force out.

It seems like this season just wont end, but I assure you that it will soon. only 10 games left. final game of the series against these two. Latos vs. Kuroda tomorrow. lets hope we can get a win. ill be back on friday. Go Blue!

the beat goes on.......

Dodgers lineup


Tim Stauffer 4-4 1.99 vs. Ted Lilly 5-3 4.12

So the dodgers were officially eliminated in typical 2010 fashion, they were shutout for the millionth time. Of coarse they were eliminated on my birthday of all nights.
This season just wont end it seems, but it is almost over with only 10 games left after tonight.

A.J. Ellis is red hot, going 9 for his last 11, and is BA is up to .287 and OBP a respectable .357
Quite impressive for someone who we thought was worse than Asumus a month ago. This makes me wonder if he can keep up his hot streak, and possibly even create a question for 2011.  If Russell Martin continues to suck next year, as he surly will, Should Ellis get more playing time in 2011? Im going to be focusing on Ellis tonight. Sure his defense still sucks, but if he has figured something out, and he keeps hitting like this for the rest of the year, hes a definate shoe in over Big Rod for backup, and possibly more next season. Keep starting him!

Tim Staffer who was a spot starter continues to pitch well, he is 4-4, the Dodgers will counter with Ted Lilly, who is 5-3 and looking to right the ship in game 2 of the final meeting against the Padres this year.

Go Blue!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Clayton Richard and Padres Deal Dodgers Their 17th Shutout

Dodgers 0 8 0
Padres    6 7 0
WP-Richard (13-8)
LP-Billingsley (11-11)

Chad Billingsley gets roughed up and only lasts 5 innings giving up 5 runs off 6 hits while striking out 6 and walking 3. Chad was in trouble starting in the 1st inning when he gave up a 2 out single to Tejada, then walked Gonzalez. He was able to strike out Ludwick to get out of the inning. In the 3rd inning he wasn't as lucky when he started by walking the pesky Eckstein. Adrian Gonzalez then doubled, and Ludwick getting his revenge singled in 2 runs. The 5th inning would allow San Diego to take a bigger lead when Bills gave up a leadoff single to Veneble, then Eckstein is hit by the pitch, they intentionally walk Gonzalez, and then Bills hits Ludwick with the pitch with the bases loaded to bring in another run. Torrealba then hits a run scoring fly ball, and Headley singles in a run making it 5-0 San Diego.

Bills was then hooked for Carlos Monasterios who pitched a solid 2 innings. Monster only gave up 1 hit and struck out 3. Once again proving he is much more effective as a reliever than a starter. Ramon Troncoso pitched a shaky two innings in the 8th and 9th innings. He made 1 wild pitch in the 8th and 2 in the 9th innings taking over the wild pitch duties of the dearly departed Octavio Dotel. He allowed 1 earned run in the 9th inning making it 6-0.

Clayton Richard picked up his first career complete game shutout allowing 8 hits with 2 walks and 6 strikeouts. The Dodgers offense was unable to get more than two runners to 3rd base during the game. Carroll had two singles, and the hot A.J. Ellis went 2 for 3 with two singles and now is 9-11 in his last three games.

The Dodgers were officially eliminated during the 6th inning after the Giants beat the Cubs. Shutout number 17 is the most in a season since 1989. San Diego remains 1/2 game behind San Francisco while Colorado dropped to 2 1/2 games back. Tomorrow Ted Lilly will take the hill vs. Tim Stauffer in game 2. Go Blue:)

With 12 Games Left, Billingsley Goes for 12th Win

San Diego @ LA Dodgers
7:10 PM PT
Game 1

Chad Billingsley

Clayton Richard

Furcal 9
Carroll 4
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Blake 5
Loney 3
Johnson 7
Ellis 2
Billingsley 1

After a feel-good come from behind win on Sunday against the Rockies, the Dodgers look to put a thorn in the foot of San Diego in their last meet up of the year. The Dodgers will soon be eliminated from the postseason (I'm actually quite surprised this hasn't happened already), but not before they have a chance to add opposition to San Diego's fight to stay in the race for first place. San Diego is now 1/2 game behind the Giants with Colorado a mere 1 1/2 games behind as well.

Chad Billingsley, who has really improved his confidence and command this season, will go for his 12th win. He has started 4 games against San Diego going 2-2 with a 2.55 ERA. His last outing he went 7 strong innings, only giving up 1 run but got the loss because of the Dodgers lack of offense. Bills will go up against lefty Clayton Richard who has 12 wins under his belt already.

It looks like the man of the hour, A.J. Ellis, is back in the lineup tonight! He's definately making a case for him to be on the team next year with his hot hitting streak of late. Keep it up A.J.!

Let's get a win for Scott's birthday today! Go Blue:)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ellis, Offense lead the way Dodgers comeback win 7-6

Rockies  6  7 1
Dodgers 7 14 1
HR-Ethier-23 Kemp-23

The Dodgers did something on sunday they rarly do this year, come from behind to beat the Rockies 7-6 in 11 innings, and avoid being swept in the three game series. The Rockies looking very tense and uptight, knowing full well that the Giants had won earlier and the Padres had lost. The Dodgers however were loose Jovial and in good spirits. Its amazing how relaxed a team can be without having to worry about those pesky Pennant races bothering them down the stretch.

Kershaw was shaky giving up 6 runs in the first two innings, coming off his best game, his shutout win of the Giants last week.

In the first inning, Kershaw walked Fowler and Herrera, and after walking mullet man, Giambi hit a fly deep to left that Gibbons was unable to catch bouncing off his glove at the scoreboard, clearing the bases, giving COL a 3-0 lead.

The Dodgers scored in the bottom of the first on an Ethier solo home run his 23 of the season.

in the second inning, Kershaw ran into trouble again. The Rockiers scored three more, off an error by Gibbons in left field and the Dodgers inability to turn a double play.

Kershaw's outing was one of this shortest. 4 innings, 4 earned runs, 4 hits, 4 walks, and two strikeouts.

Hammel also lasted 4 while giving up 4 earned. and the Dodgers climbed back into the game in the fourth, thanks to a wild pitch on a strikeout from gibbons. the Dodgers then got four straight hits, three singles and a double. Singles from theriot, carroll and Big Rod to score two runs, and then a double from furcal to move to 6-4.

both teams used about 1000 pitchers. In the seventh inning Kemp hit a monster homerun, and that made it 6-5.

The Dodger bullpen was pretty good today, as the Rockies completly shut down offensivly after the second inning. of coarse with the exception of broxton.
Broxton entered in the 7th, and continued his walkapalooza 2010 tour, by allowing a single, and then walking two to load the bases. with 2 outs, Sherrill came in to pitch to Cargo and struck him out. Many people had to be revived from shock.

In a hilarious scene, former dodger reliever and bum Dotel, who had been traded to COl earlier yesterday came into pitch against the Dodgers. he struck out Casey Blake the only man he faced.

the Dodgers would tie the game in the 9th, as COL closer Houston Street did his best Broxton impersonation and couldnt close shop.
with 1 out Hit Machine doubled, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and scored on Kemp's double.

in the 11th inning, with Manny Delcarmen on in relief for COL,  Johnson singled past Mullet man's glove, and then Furcal bounced into what looked like a double play, but furcal was ruled safe at first. Kemp singled Furcal to third. and after Ethier was walked intentionally, Ellis the offensive hero for the dodgers during this homestand, hit a single over the leaping tulowitzki's head to score the game winning run.

A.J. Ellis has 8 hits on the homestand now. I have no idea what has gotten into Ellis, but he is red hot right now. However lets not let this hot streak fool us into thinking that hes actually ya know good. although he is looking alot better. good job Ellis, Keep it up!

monday is an off day, and then SD comes into town. there are still half a game behind the Giants with COL 1.5 back. I dont know if the Dodgers were elminated today but if not, should be any day now.

see everyone on wed!

theres still a little quack quack left in Joe Torre

Dodgers lineup


Jason Hammel-10-8 4.45 vs. Clayton Kershaw-12-10 2.85

The Dodgers look to avoid a sweep at the hands of the red hot Rockies. The only way they might do that is if Kershaw who is on the mound tonight continues his dominance. the Rockies will counter with Jason Hammel.
Kemp is bumped back up to second, hey remember when he used to hit second like every game?
Gibbons bats cleanup and plays left field again. and Barajas takes over as catcher, while the red hot Ellis sits. Ellis has something like 6 hits in his last two games, and is actually making us beleive that we might have a catcher who can oh I dont know.....hit. Good job Ellis, keep it up!

while Joe Torre quack quacks his way through the last couple of weeks of the season. I cant help but celebrate the news that Stacie had written about yesterday.

Octavio Dotel, has been traded to COL for a player to be named later. That Player to be named later could be a uncooked dodger dog, and we would still get the better of it. I still cant believe that we gave away Jmac and Lambo for that bum. Dotel has been one of the worst relief pitchers to ever wear dodger blue, in just a short time 18 games. he ranks up there with the likes of Ramon Ortiz, and Todd Worrell. This is a pitcher who had 3 wild pitches, and 3 walks in one inning!
He clearly has no buisness pitching in the majors in any way whatsoever. the Rockies must be desperate for relief pitching to trade for this reject. good riddance Dotel, dont come back now ya hear?

anyways I hope the dodgers can muster up a couple of runs, and not have the embarrassment again of having 12 hits and scoring only two runs. I wouldnt be suprised if they had like 20 hits and got shutout.
lets go blue!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rockies Crush the Dodgers in 12-2 Win

Dodgers 2 12 1
Rockies 12 14 1
W-Chacin (9-9)
L-Ely (4-8)
HR-Mitchell (2)
HR-Tulowitzki 2 (26), Mora (5)

Let's begin with the good news. In a surprising yet refreshing announcement, the Dodgers sent Octavio Dotel packing today an hour before game time to the Colorado Rockies. He merely had to gather his belongings and walk across to the opposing team's clubhouse to join his new teammates. He was traded for a player to be named later, and he will not be eligible to play in the postseason for the Rockies. Basically the Dodgers said, "please take him." In one of the worst trades that we have witnessed, James McDonald and Andrew Lambo were traded to the Pirates for Dotel on July 31st. He only appeared in 18 games with the Dodgers with a 1-1 record and 3.38 ERA. Don't let those numbers fool you, he was much worse than they reflect. Buh Bye.

Well if there was ever a game to not televise live, today was the one. It turned out that I'm glad I watched the gameday updates on my iPhone rather than see this embarrassment of a game play out live on tv. Troy Tulowitzki is clearly on a steroid binge of a run as he homered twice off of John Ely. The manic mullet tied Barry Bonds and Albert Belle as the only Major Leaguers with 14 homers in a 15-game span. His four RBIs on Saturday gave him 33 this month, which leads the Majors. He also doubled and scored three runs. Ely only lasted 4 1/3 innings allowing 6 runs, 5 hits, 5 walks, and striking out 3. In his last 11 games, he has only won once. The Rockies scored 6 runs in the 8th inning after Mora's grand slam off of reliever Jeff Weaver. Jeff Weaver has not been pitching well of late, and he gave up 6 runs off 5 hits, and 1 walk in just 1 inning. It looked to be a sure thing shutout until Russ Mitchell blasted his second career homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Dodgers their obligatory 2 runs. Chacin went a strong 8 shutout innings, giving up 9 runs and striking out 2. 

A.J. Ellis had another 3 hit game. His second one in a row. He has raised his average from .174 to a respectable .265. 

The Dodgers now could be officially eliminated from the postseason tomorrow. Most likely. Clayton Kershaw will go up against Jason Hammel in the final game of the series. San Diego and San Francisco are now in a tie for first with Colorado only 1 game behind in second. As the race heats up in these final games, I am very disappointed that we are not up there vying for a spot. I just hope we can squeeze out a couple more wins at the end. See you next week! Go Blue:)

Another Day, Another Potential Loss

Colorado @ LA Dodgers
1:10 PM PT
Game 2

John Ely

Jhoulys Chacin

Carroll 6
Theriot 4
Ethier 9
Loney 3
Gibbons 7
Kemp 8
Mitchell 5
Ellis 2
Ely 1

Scott summed up the announcement and our reaction to the managerial shift from Torre to Mattingly perfectly. Although we are relieved to have Torre retiring after this disappointment of a season, we are also weary of Mattingly taking over the reins. I had a feeling Mattingly would get the job once Torre stepped aside. I really think that the Dodgers had this planned from the moment they signed Torre three seasons ago. The only thing we can do is hope that Mattingly surprises us next season, and we don't have to endure another mediocre showing.

Oh wait, we still have some games to play? John Ely takes the mound for the second time since he was called up from AAA. In his past outing on Sept. 11, Ely allowed six hits and three earned runs in six innings, with four strikeouts and a walk. Torre said he will remain in the fifth starter role for the remainder of the season to replace the injured Vicente Padilla. He will go up against Jhoulys Chacin, who had a rough outing last time when he only lasted 4 innings. Chacin is 2-2 with a 3.65 ERA against the Dodgers in four games this season. The Rockies are making a surge in order to go for first place in the NL West. San Diego and San Francisco will have to fend off the hot Colorado team with Tulowitzki who has had 12 homers in his last 14 games.

In other news, Russell Martin was evaluated Friday, and he should not need to be on crutches any longer after suffering a season-ending injury to his hip. 

It looks like I'll be watching the game on taped replay at 4PM, because for some ridiculous reason they aren't airing it live. The post game wrap up will be up later tonight. Go Blue:)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rockies feeling mile high after beating dodgers 7-5

Rockies  7 11 1
Dodgers 5 11 1

Nothing more to see here folks, just a sad pathetic team playing out the string, move along now.
The Rockies are feeling pretty damm good, after beating the Dodgers friday night 7-5. on the same night we learned that Torre will not be back next year and that Donnie Baseball will be managing next season.
This wasnt quite the pitching matchup we envisioned before the game. Both starting pitchers struggled early.

Kuroda was shaky, after Furcal botched a Young Grounder for an error, two outs later Tulowitzki, Mullet man himself slugged a two run homerun to left field giving the Rockies the early lead.
The Dodgers would come back to tie off of Jimenez pitching for his 19th win. Gibbons singled, and then scored on a Kemp triple to right over Cargo's head. Kemp would score on an Ellis single.

After striking out the side in the third, Kuroda ran into trouble in the fourth giving up three runs on four singles by Cargo, Mora, DOdger killer Todd Helton, and Olivo, making it 5-2 COl.

The Dodgers would come back once again, picking up a run in the fourth and fifth innings. the Offense was suprisingly good tonight but the pitching was bad. Kemp singled and stole second, advanced to third on a wild pitch, and then scored on an Ellis double.
the dodgers added another run closing the lead to 5-4. but of coarse the bullpen came in and only made it worse.
Kuroda went 6 innings allowing 5 runs only three earned 7 hits 1 walk 7 strikeouts.

Broxton came onto relieve Kuroda in the 7th. Brox who is now just a shell of his former self, was again horrible. walking three in the inning, one being intentional, and then allowing singles to Helton and Mora, and the score was 7-4 Rockies.

Jimenez was relieved in the 7th with 1 out. Jimenez pitched 61/3 allowing 4 runs 6 hits walking 3 and King 6.

Both teams used 4 relief pitchers. the Dodgers loaded the bases with 1 out in the 7th but Blake struck out and Kemp grounded out.

The Dodgers put together a little rally in the 9th but fell short against COl closer Houston Street as he eventually picked up his 20th save.
with 1 out ethier , Loney and Gibbons all singled to load the bases, and then Blake singled in a run. with 2 outs however Kemp struck out to end the game.
Jimenez picks up his 19th win, and of coarse since the dodgers were never able to tie the game again, kuroda picks up the loss.
The Rockies knew full well the giants and padres had lost, as they gain ground in the NL west and are now only 1.5 back.

AJ Ellis had a breakout game tonight going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBIs, Gibbons also had a good game going 3 for 5 driving in a run.

Fortunatly there are only 14 games left in this lost season. and we will be here with you all the way. tomorrow game 2 Chacin vs. Ely. Stac returns tomorrow, so see ya on sunday!

Torre steps down Donnie Baseball takes over as manager

You will notice from the title, that this isnt going to be in the normal pre-game format. Im not posting the Lineups today. dont worry now ha ha the post game will be in the regular format.
The news today was too big to be posting about a meaningless game tonight. Baseball sources confirm, and its already posted on the Dodgers web site, so it looks official. Joe Torre will be stepping down, and Don Mattingly takes over as team manager. I have mixed feelings about this.

Your Probably expecting me to be mean or sarcastic making fun of Torre and Mattingly, but Im not. and this pre game post is going to be short. Ive already said before that I dont think Mattingly is the right guy for the job, largly based on his lack of any managerial experience of any kind. other reasons are more worst case reasons, like Mattingly will be another torre clone, making stupid lineup decisions, and blowing up the bullpen. However maybe that wont happen? well have to wait and see.

Im still angry though. Im angry that the coaching staff will be getting a reprieve for all the teams failures, and that our hitting coach, is getting a promotion, without looking at the teams offensive failures this season.

Im angry that Tim Wallach isnt getting a chance, and maybe never will. if he becomes the next Mike Scioscia Im going to be pissed.

however I am glad that Torre is gone. not only because of his terrible Managing ive already said all about him before, but because him and the dodgers are moving on, and its obviously time. I will look back at the torre era as an exciting time, but also a time of great frustration, controversy, and dissapointment.
Torre couldnt win us a world series, and thats what he was brought here to do. However he did Lead the Dodgers to back to back division titiles and NLCS appearances.

Its up to Donnie Baseball to do that now. We still have to support him. Im hoping he will suprise us. Maybe he will want to do things his own way? maybe bring in his own coaches. whatever he decides to do, He has to find a way to bridge the gap between the players and the coaches. Instead of the coaches publicly critisizing the players, benching them, or airing dirty laundry, they must unite under everyones goal, to get the Dodgers back to the world series. I hope that DB can learn to motivate and believe in his players. Instead of trying to followin the footsteps of Torre, maybe he should try to follow in the footsteps of Tommy Lasorda.

I read something on another blog site about Torre, and how just because someone is a good manager of people doesnt mean that person is good at managing baseball. ive never heard anything more true about torre than that statement. some people will ask if Torre is worthy of going to the hall of fame? I dont know and I dont care. All I care about is the Dodgers and rebuilding this team to get back to the world series where we belong. We have to keep hope, were all in this together.

Tonight the Dodgers take on COL in the first of the final three game series between these two teams at Dodger stadium. Ubaldo Jimenez going for his 19th win goes up against Hiroki Kuroda. I will be doing what I do every night, watching and rooting the dodgers to victory.

Our Love and Passion for the Dodgers will never diminish, no matter who manages, or how many times the gaurd changes. I hope that Donnie Baseball creates his own unique style, and leads the team to success. I hope the Dodgers get to the world series next year. I hope the Dodgers win.......i hope:Go Blue!

PS-I spoke earlier about the worst case scenerio, that would actually have been Torre coming back for another year. Im breathing a sigh of relief on that!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dodgers in a Fog as The Giants Take First Place

Dodgers 2 4 0
Giants   10 15 1
W-Sanchez (11-8)
L-Lilly (8-11)
HR-Mitchell (1)
HR-Huff (25), Posey (14), Guillen (18)

The Dodgers used 7 pitchers in yet another pathetic loss dropping them to 3 games under .500. The Giants pounded out 15 hits and 10 runs as they took the season series win the first time since 2005. Ted Lilly only went 3.1 innings, giving up 6 runs off 7 hits, striking out 3. Two of those hits were back-to-back homeruns by Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey in the 3rd inning. Jonathan Sanchez pitched 7 innings, allowing only 2 runs off 4 hits, and striking out a career high 12 batters. It seems to be easy to get career high strikeouts when you're pitching against the Dodgers this season. Furcal, Blake, and Johnson all struck out three times each, and Kemp struck out twice.

Furcal leadoff the game with a double. When Theriot went to bunt him over, Uribe playing 3rd base tonight, threw it away drawing the error allowing Furcal to score. In the bottom of the 1st, batting practice off Lilly ensued as Huff tripled, and Posey doubled him home to tie the game at 1-1. The third inning got nasty after Renteria reached safely on a bunt single, Sanchez doubled, then Huff hit a 3-run homerun. Posey then hit a solo shot to give the Giants a 5-1 lead. The fourth inning continued the rout when Guillen singled and Sanchez was hit in the hand by the pitch. The bullpen parade of champions began at this point with Troncoso who promptly gives up a single to Renteria loading the bases and then predictably walks in another run to make it 6-1 Giants.

The fifth inning began with Russ Mitchell's first career homerun which bounced off the foul pole making it 6-2 Giants. Jeff Weaver comes in to pitch the bottom of the 5th, and Burrell singles and Guillen continues the homerun derby for the night with a 2 run homerun making it 8-2 Giants. Then we get to see Sherrill for one batter, and Belisario as well who surprisingly strikes out Posey. Dotel gives up a single to Guillen again in the 7th, but manages to somehow not give up any runs. Jon Link comes in next in the 8th and looks horrendous as he allows back to back singles to Fontenont and Renteria, then a Sanchez double scores another 2 giving the Giants a hefty 10-2 lead and the win they needed to move into first place in the NL 1/2 game ahead of San Diego.

Reed Johnson was atrocious tonight. Striking out three times, and playing horribly in left field which created a black hole where once there was once a great outfielder named Andre. There's not much to do but wait until next season at this point. The fog rolled in, and the Dodgers were left in a daze. Tomorrow we'll be home to take on Colorado with Kuroda on the mound. Go Blue:)

Is It April 1, 2011 Yet?

LA Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants
7:05 PM PT
Game 3

Ted Lilly

Jonathan Sanchez

Furcal 6
Theriot 4
Blake 5
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Mitchell 7
Johnson 9
Barajas 2
Lilly 1

Let me first address this sickening trade rumor regarding Ethier wanting to go to Boston. Ethier, as you may well know, is my favorite current player. If Ned Colletti actually trades Ethier away, I will a) lose a lot of hope in the future of this team b)scream. Ethier's family is in Arizona, and he has a house in LA, so I highly doubt he would want to play in Boston. Ethier commented on the rumors and said,"It's obviously hearsay," he said. "Especially at this point, it doesn't even make sense to comment on something like this."
He also will not be a free agent until 2012. Let's drop this stomach churning thought and assume he will be back in blue next season.

More Ethier rumors were addressed in a LA Times article in which Don Mattingly "wondered" if Ethier had been bothered by leg problems in particular a sore knee. Once again, more secretive injuries like Padilla's bulging neck disc and Furcal's "he's not going on the DL" back injury which then put him on the DL. Another reason why we need a clean sweep of this coaching staff along with Torre.

Although Ethier scored the Dodgers lone run last night off of a 2 out 9th inning homer, he is out of the lineup with Reed Johnson replacing him in right field. Russell Mitchell gets the start in left field.

It will be another battle of the southpaws today as Ted Lilly faces off with Jonathan Sanchez. Sanchez defeated the Dodgers Sept. 5th pitching seven shutout innings. Last time out against the Giants on Sept. 4th, Lilly gave up 2 runs in 7 innings in a no-decision. The Giants are up 9-8 in the season series with the Dodgers before tonight's final showdown between these two rivals. Go Blue:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Offense useless again in 2-1 loss to Giants

Dodgers 1 4 1
Gaints    2 7 0

Another day another pathetic showing by the Dodgers Offense, as the Dodgers lost the second of the three game series to the Giants 2-1.
Billingsley was unable to pitch a shutout and as predicted, got zero support from the offense and the bullpen. So of coarse Bills has no heart right? and hes scared of the Giants, because of a lack of V-energy when looking into his eyes you see how scared he is.....oh brother

it was a typical game a scoreless tie between Billingsley and Cain until the 7th inning.

however Bills did pitch out of a couple of jams throughout the game.

in the first inning, with two on and two outs, Furcal made a diving stop of Juan uribe's grounder into teh hole, to prevent a run from scoring and loading the bases. but Bills struck out Sandoval to end the inning.

Bills was helped out by two more good defensive plays, a sliding catch by ethier down the right field line in the 4th, and a nice catch on the warning track by Gibbons in the 6th.

but in the 7th the Giants scored the first run of the game, and really thats all you need to beat the Dodgers.
with 1 out ishikawa Pinch-hitting for Cain, doubled, and then advanced to third on a wild pitch.
then Cubs reject and close friend of Ryan Theriot fisted a broken bat RBI single over the head of his good buddy Theriot.

Bills went 7 innings allowing only 1 run on 6 hists, walking two and striking out 7

Cain went 7 innings also only allowing only 3 hits with no walks and 5 strikeouts.

The Giants added another run in the 8th inning thanks to the horrendous Dodger bullpen.
Torre once again dipping into the Dredges of a terrible bullpen, Brought Sherrill in to pitch the 8th.
Sherrill as usual couldnt retire either of the two batters he faced.
Huff slammed a Sherrill Meatball for a double, and then Posey was walked intentionally. Jansen was brought in and got uribe on a flyout, but then the Shoddy Defense couldnt come up with a big play. I know I know shocking right?
after a wild pitch advanced runners to second and third, Sandoval's grounder to second scored Huff as Theriot's throw was too late to throw him out.

up 2-0 the Giants brought in Closer Brian Wilson to pitch the 9th. with two outs and the bases empty, Ethier hit a home run, but it was too little too late. Gibbons struck out for the final out, as Wilson picked up his 43rd save.

the Offense is pathetic, and changes need to be made in the offseason to ensure that this doesnt happen again next year. The offense could only muster 1 run on 4 hits. with Ethier's home run being the only extra base hit. as the offense drew zero walks.

SO Ned its time to break out the wallet and sign some hitters. but good hitters please and not washed up retreads.
Im not going to comment on the NL west race tonight, because I dont care anymore. the Dodgers are out of it, and we are trying desperatly to make sure the Giants DONT win the division or make the playoffs.

and fine we lost tonight, and the stupid Giants fans continue to wear those stupid hats and cheer on their mediocre franchise. but remember two things Giants fans.....

1.regardless of the outcome of tomorrows game remember we can still screw you buy losing all three games to SD and all six remaining games against COL. what? do you really think were going to beat those teams? Ha!

2. most important. always remember Giants fans, you have never won a world series in San Francisco, and never will. it wont happen EVER. weve won 6 world series, and 5 championships in LA, youve won zero in frisco. ZERO. sure we might suck this year, but you will never ever win a world series and will be playing golf in October right along with us.

Lilly vs. Sanchez tomorrow Night. until next time Dodger fans.........

on a side note there are stupid rumors floating around that Ethier is interested in signing with the Red Sox in order to join his buddy Pedroia once he is a free agent in 2012. Dont worry these are just rumors and not true, Ethier has already said he is not interested in Joining the red Sox. and theres no way the Dodgers would trade him, unless of coarse he starts hitting really really well, then hell be gone, because we cant have any "good hitters" mucking up the works at the ravine. cause with Ned and Joe its all retreads all the time!

screwing the giants part 2

Dodgers lineup


Billingsley 11-9 3.65 vs. Cain 11-10 3.19

The Dodgers look to knock the giants further out of the playoff race, in the second game of the final series against our hated rivals.
The Dodgers coming off of one of the most dominating pitching performences and one of the most pathetic offensive showings in the same game. Kershaw was masterful, and now the Dodgers give the ball to another one of their young rising stars. Chad Billingsley takes the hill against Matt Cain.
Billingsley like the rest of the Dodgers starters since the all-star break has been outstanding, but as we all know in order for their starters to get a win, they must pitch a shutout, since the offense is just terrible, and the bullpen blows all leads.

I should do a post on how pathetic the Dodgers offense is this year, or Stac can. regardless the team has no offense, none, zip, zero hitting. oh sure they have a few good hitters, hit machine is good, and Loney is consistent at times, ethier is their all-star power bat. collectivley they are horrid.
one change in tonights lineup, theriot returns at second base and bats second. otherwise the cards shuffle, but its the same hand. and most likly the same result, either Bills pitches a shutout or they will lose 1-0, or 2-1.

however its possible they could eek out a couple of runs, perhaps Uribe can boot a couple of more grounders? and if Bills can shut down the giants mediocre lineup, well then wouldnt that just piss you off giants fans? this has to be frustrating right Giants fans? watching your hated rivals, who are out of the playoff race, knocking you further and further out of the race at home, shuting out your mediocre lineup in front of a sellout crowd, all wearing those idiotic panda hats, idolizing a below average over wieght infielder? I mean this one has got to be a lock right Giants fans?........ Right?.........GO BLUE!

on a side note, it looks like POD is done for the season and perhaps with the Dodgers. its reported that he has Plantar Facitis, basically its turf toe. The same injury that Charlie Haeger had earlier this season. POD has flown back to LA to consult with his doctors.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clayton Kershaw Pitches First Career Complete Game Shutout

Dodgers  1 1 0
Giants     0 4 1
W-Kershaw (12-10)
L-Zito (8-13)

The Dodgers manage to squeeze out a win in San Francisco off of an almost extinct offense which tallied one base hit by Matt Kemp in the 2nd inning. The lone hit had nothing to do with the run which they scored in the 6th inning off an error by Juan Uribe. The "rally" in the 6th inning began when Reed Johnson was hit in the hand by a pitch from Zito. Clayton Kershaw who was unbelievable tonight (we will get to him in a bit) bunted Johnson to second. Kershaw has 17 sacrifice bunts this season. Zito then pitches around Rafael Furcal, and then walks Ethier to load the bases. Casey Blake hits a ground ball to Uribe who drops it drawing the error and allowing Johnson to score. The Dodgers took a 1-0 lead, and that would turn out to be the only run Kershaw would need to pitch his way to his first career complete game shutout.

It doesn't get sweeter than beating the Giants at home with their fans roaring the annoying "Beat LA" with only 1 hit. Clayton Kershaw was incredible, and pitched 9 innings, allowing 4 hits and striking out 4 and making 111 pitches. His start had been pushed back, and this extra rest seemed to invigorate him a bit. Clayton also now has collected over 200 strikeouts this season, the most by a Dodger lefty since Fernando Valenzuela. He's also within the top three in the league in strikeouts. The Giants' lefty, Barry Zito,went 5.2 innings, allowing 1 run off 1 hit, striking out 5 and walking 3. This was Zito's 9th loss in a row.

While we were watching Clayton's finest game to date, we cannot overlook the fact that the Dodgers' offense was pitiful. Furcal lead off the game with a walk, but Ethier then hit into an inning ending double play. Ethier would also strike out twice in the game. In the second inning Kemp was caught stealing once again after he had the only hit of the night for the Dodgers. Blake lead the way with 3 strikeouts tonight. With this lack of offense, Kershaw's victory seems even more miraculous. The Giants now fall to 1 1/2 games back of San Diego in the NL West after San Diego took the win over Colorado. Chad Billingsley will go up against Matt Cain in game 2 tomorrow. Go Blue:)

Dodgers and Giants Clash for Final Series

LA Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants
7:15 PM PT
Game 1

Clayton Kershaw

Barry Zito

Furcal 6
Ethier 9
Blake 5
Kemp 8
Gibbons 3
Barajas 2
Carroll 4
Johnson 7
Kershaw 1

Clayton Kershaw takes the mound going for his 12th win in the final series between rivals Dodgers and Giants. The Giants are up 8-7 in the seasons series with the Dodgers. Last time these two clubs met at AT&T Park, the Giants swept the three game series. Earlier in the month the Giants also took 2 out of 3 at Dodger Stadium. Kershaw looks to help uproot Barry Zito and the Giants and spoil their chance at the Division Title. The Giants are a fraction out of 1st place behind San Diego with Colorado close behind as well. The Dodgers only have 18 games left in the season which are entirely NL West opponents. Their last series with Houston wrapped up their NL Central games, and they finished 23-19 against them this season.

Reed Johnson is in left field today, playing for Pod who has an injured foot. It's great to see Jay Gibbons in the lineup once again. He will be playing first base tonight instead of Loney. Jamey Carroll, another utility guy, will be at second base tonight instead of Theriot.

After a frustrating season, there has still been a few bright spots. The starting rotation (Kershaw, Billingsley, Kuroda, Padilla, Lilly) have been excellent since the All-Star break. Hong-Chi Kuo has had an incredible season, and was the only member of the bullpen to deserve any praise. Although Kenley Jansen has also pitched very well, and I would like to see more of him next year. I feel that more credit is due to both Jamey Carroll and Jay Gibbons. Carroll has performed incredibly well in the absence of Rafael Furcal this season. Carroll could easily be a starting shortstop, and deserves recognition for always playing hard even with a broken finger! Jay Gibbons has hit 5 homeruns and 15 RBIs in his 43 at-bats since the Dodgers recalled him. It makes me sick to think of how much time Torre wasted on Auto Out aka Garrett Anderson instead of Gibbons. Gibbons is indeed an interesting story. He played with the Baltimore Orioles from 2001-2007. In 2007 he was cited in the infamous Mitchell Report. In 2008, he performed so poorly that the Orioles cut him. They claimed it was a "baseball decision" and not because of the steroid allegations. I read an interesting fact that "on June 12, 2008, Gibbons wrote an emotional letter to all 30 MLB clubs, asking to return to baseball, promising to donate his salary to charity. The only team that gave him a chance was the independent Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League, a team unaffiliated with MLB. He played in 27 games for the Ducks, hitting .280 with 5 home runs in 107 at-bats." The Dodgers gave him a chance, and signed him to a minor league contract prior to the 2010 season. With the Isotopes he hit 19 homeruns, had a .347 batting average in 94 games. LET JAY PLAY:)

There's nothing I'd like to see more than a sweep of the Giants here at the end, one last hurrah for our boys in blue!!