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Friday, September 24, 2010

playing for pride

Dodgers Lineup


Clayton Kershaw 12-10 2.98  vs. Barry Enright 6-5 3.87

The Dodgers begin the first game of the final roadtrip this season. a 6 game trip that begins with a three game set in AZ.
The Dbacks have won four in a row at home, and the Dodgers are coming off of a nice little win against SD. The Dodgers have won 10 of 12 from AZ this year.

first off lets get to this ugly lineup. yikes and I do mean yikes. this looks like a little league lineup here.
Oeltjen leads off and plays center field. Russ Mitchell gets the start at third base and bats in the 6 spot. and Chin-lung Hu gets the start at Short. Furcal who went 2 for 4 yesterday scoring two runs, gets rewarded by being benched in favor of a player who is completly and utterly useless in every way. but whatever, these games are meaningless anyways. although like I said there is nothing to know about Hu, he sucks and is not much different than castro.

on a stupid note, Russel Martin, or possibly Ausmus will manage one of the last few games. which of coarse means Torre will just take off during the last weekend, to hang out with his hollywood buddies. if thats the case, then why not let Mattingly manage the last few games? it makes no sense not too, since he is manager next season. although it does setup a hilarious scene, in which Brad Ausmus is catching and managing the last game of the season. I wonder if he would hit for himself ina crucial situation? I only hope he would realize by then that he sucks balls.

kershaw takes the mound tonight, all so he lines up against COL later in the week. Kershaw will counter Barry Enright, who has never faced the dodgers in his career. Go Blue!

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