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Monday, September 6, 2010

Dodgers head down south as misery loves company

dodgers lineup


Padres righty potential cy young Matt Latos was a late scratch from tonights lineup because of illness, in his place will be young righty Tim Stauffer

Vicente Padilla 6-4 3.96 vs. Tim Stauffer 3-3 1.68

The Dodgers head down south to make their final trip of the season to San Diego.
the dodgers learned today they will be getting a huge break as Matt Latos was a late scratch because of illness and Tim Stauffer will be getting the spot start

this is a huge break for the Dodgers and cant be good for SD. I dont know much about stauffer only that hes right handed and that hes 3-3 with a very good ERA.

Vicente Padilla takes the mound for the Dodgers in his first start from coming off of the DL with a bulging disk in his neck. in Padilla's last start against the Padres, he baffled them all night armed to the teeth with an arsenal of Soap Bubbles and 90 MPH heaters. pitching a 2 hit shutout.

the Dodger lineup looks the same of coarse with a couple of minor changes. Loney is moved up to bat third. Blake Bats cleanup, and etheir and Kemp are bumed down to the fifth and sixth spots respectivly. and of coarse Joe puts the no Hittin, no throwin, over the hill Ausmus in the lineup again ensuring the Dodgers have an extra pitcher's spot in the lineup.

as you well know the Padres are in the middle of their Decent into Hell after losing their 10th in a row tying the record for longest losing streak by a first place team. If they lose tonight they will break the record. the Padres are looking to take advantage of the Dodgers mediocrity, but losing their best starter could hurt them, especially since their bats have gone cold.
with Padilla on the mound and both offenses sucking something awful, this could be a push against shove tonight.

and speaking of cold bats, the Dodgers will be trying to right the ship and play the spolier role, as the Pads entered into today just 1 game ahead of the hated Giants and only 4 1/2 games in front of the surging Rockies, who won today beating up on the Reds.

on a side note, there are already rumored reports circling that Tim Wallach is ready to step into the role as the next Dodgers manager once Torre retires. hey Im already on board! Wallach for 2011!!!

lets see what happens tonight! stay tuned........

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