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Friday, September 17, 2010

Torre steps down Donnie Baseball takes over as manager

You will notice from the title, that this isnt going to be in the normal pre-game format. Im not posting the Lineups today. dont worry now ha ha the post game will be in the regular format.
The news today was too big to be posting about a meaningless game tonight. Baseball sources confirm, and its already posted on the Dodgers web site, so it looks official. Joe Torre will be stepping down, and Don Mattingly takes over as team manager. I have mixed feelings about this.

Your Probably expecting me to be mean or sarcastic making fun of Torre and Mattingly, but Im not. and this pre game post is going to be short. Ive already said before that I dont think Mattingly is the right guy for the job, largly based on his lack of any managerial experience of any kind. other reasons are more worst case reasons, like Mattingly will be another torre clone, making stupid lineup decisions, and blowing up the bullpen. However maybe that wont happen? well have to wait and see.

Im still angry though. Im angry that the coaching staff will be getting a reprieve for all the teams failures, and that our hitting coach, is getting a promotion, without looking at the teams offensive failures this season.

Im angry that Tim Wallach isnt getting a chance, and maybe never will. if he becomes the next Mike Scioscia Im going to be pissed.

however I am glad that Torre is gone. not only because of his terrible Managing ive already said all about him before, but because him and the dodgers are moving on, and its obviously time. I will look back at the torre era as an exciting time, but also a time of great frustration, controversy, and dissapointment.
Torre couldnt win us a world series, and thats what he was brought here to do. However he did Lead the Dodgers to back to back division titiles and NLCS appearances.

Its up to Donnie Baseball to do that now. We still have to support him. Im hoping he will suprise us. Maybe he will want to do things his own way? maybe bring in his own coaches. whatever he decides to do, He has to find a way to bridge the gap between the players and the coaches. Instead of the coaches publicly critisizing the players, benching them, or airing dirty laundry, they must unite under everyones goal, to get the Dodgers back to the world series. I hope that DB can learn to motivate and believe in his players. Instead of trying to followin the footsteps of Torre, maybe he should try to follow in the footsteps of Tommy Lasorda.

I read something on another blog site about Torre, and how just because someone is a good manager of people doesnt mean that person is good at managing baseball. ive never heard anything more true about torre than that statement. some people will ask if Torre is worthy of going to the hall of fame? I dont know and I dont care. All I care about is the Dodgers and rebuilding this team to get back to the world series where we belong. We have to keep hope, were all in this together.

Tonight the Dodgers take on COL in the first of the final three game series between these two teams at Dodger stadium. Ubaldo Jimenez going for his 19th win goes up against Hiroki Kuroda. I will be doing what I do every night, watching and rooting the dodgers to victory.

Our Love and Passion for the Dodgers will never diminish, no matter who manages, or how many times the gaurd changes. I hope that Donnie Baseball creates his own unique style, and leads the team to success. I hope the Dodgers get to the world series next year. I hope the Dodgers win.......i hope:Go Blue!

PS-I spoke earlier about the worst case scenerio, that would actually have been Torre coming back for another year. Im breathing a sigh of relief on that!

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