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Sunday, September 19, 2010

theres still a little quack quack left in Joe Torre

Dodgers lineup


Jason Hammel-10-8 4.45 vs. Clayton Kershaw-12-10 2.85

The Dodgers look to avoid a sweep at the hands of the red hot Rockies. The only way they might do that is if Kershaw who is on the mound tonight continues his dominance. the Rockies will counter with Jason Hammel.
Kemp is bumped back up to second, hey remember when he used to hit second like every game?
Gibbons bats cleanup and plays left field again. and Barajas takes over as catcher, while the red hot Ellis sits. Ellis has something like 6 hits in his last two games, and is actually making us beleive that we might have a catcher who can oh I dont know.....hit. Good job Ellis, keep it up!

while Joe Torre quack quacks his way through the last couple of weeks of the season. I cant help but celebrate the news that Stacie had written about yesterday.

Octavio Dotel, has been traded to COL for a player to be named later. That Player to be named later could be a uncooked dodger dog, and we would still get the better of it. I still cant believe that we gave away Jmac and Lambo for that bum. Dotel has been one of the worst relief pitchers to ever wear dodger blue, in just a short time 18 games. he ranks up there with the likes of Ramon Ortiz, and Todd Worrell. This is a pitcher who had 3 wild pitches, and 3 walks in one inning!
He clearly has no buisness pitching in the majors in any way whatsoever. the Rockies must be desperate for relief pitching to trade for this reject. good riddance Dotel, dont come back now ya hear?

anyways I hope the dodgers can muster up a couple of runs, and not have the embarrassment again of having 12 hits and scoring only two runs. I wouldnt be suprised if they had like 20 hits and got shutout.
lets go blue!

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