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Monday, September 6, 2010

John Lindsey finally breaks into the show

today the dodgers called up several players from AAA, as the isotopes were officially elminated from postseason, and there season ending on monday.

as mentioned in Stac's earlier post, the Dodgers called up, John Lindsey, Russ Mitchell, infielder Hu, pitchers Jon Link, John Ely, and earlier already calling up catcher AJ Ellis.

the best story is Lindsey, the 15 year Minor leaguer finally gets his break, as hes been killing the ball down in AAA, only to have the dodgers refuse to call him up, since Torre and the management team only have faith in the washed up retreads.
what has Lindsey done down there? oh hes only hit .356 with 25 homeruns and 97 RBIs, while winning this years PCL batting championship.
Mitchell is no slouch either, hitting .315 with 23 homeruns, and being named as a AAA all-star this season

these guys are upside rich players with loads of potential, so of coarse they dont fit in with this team.

now I dont think I need to tell you that the Dodgers are finished this year, and that the only way were going to be able to learn anything about these new guys is if they play them.  Lindsey should spell Loney at first at least once a week, or they can even throw him in left field, I dont care as long as he gets some playing time. Mitchell should see time at third base, and ely and Link should get relief appearances down the stretch.

but Joe Torre has already publicly announced that Lindsey would only be used as a pinch hitter. really Joe? I guess making sure that Loney bats .280 with 90 RBIs, Scotty POD has his gritty mediocre top of the order performances, and the team finishing at 83-79 instead of 80-82 is more important than seeing if these new guys are possibly worthy of roster spots for next season.
Torre is going to do his damndest to make sure that nothing positive comes out of the final month of the season. Didnt Joe say he doesnt believe in the september roster expansions, and that the rules should be changed? enlighten us with your astounding wisdom Joe. honestly would you expect anything less from this management team?

happy retirement Joe!

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