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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dodger bullpen: a tapestry of failure

Dodgers 4 11 0
Dbacks  5   8 1

You know normally now I dont get upset anymore when the Dodgers lose. Sure its frustrating, but I just expect it now. Im used to the losing now. but no matter how much you accept, games like this one are still aggravating. and this game really aggravated me.

Chad Billingsley had pitched an amzing game as usual. Bills had pitched 7 innings allowing only 1 run off 4 hits, with 1 walk and an amazing 13 strikeouts. the Dodgers were up 4-1 in the 8th, and of coarse as predicted, the bullpen blew another game robbing Bills of a win he so rightfully deserved. The bullpen disaster again could have been avoided, and was orchestrated by our inept manager Joe Torre.

through the first 8 innings Bills battled Joe Saunders, and was pitching great. he almost had his lead blown in the 7th inning thanks to some horrible defense by Reed Johnson, getting the start in RF because there was a lefty on the mound. I was all set to do a little review comparing Johnson's defense to Ethier's. Pointing out that johnson sucks at catching the ball, and Ethier is a terrific outfielder and has only made 1 error this season. but now I will instead analyze another bullpen meltdown which was once again masterminded by torre.

the Dodgers broke a scoreless tie in the 5th inning, when Theriot bunted for a hit, and after Kemp singled, Loney took a 2-2 pitch for a ball that just missed. on the next pitch loney doubled, scoring theriot and kemp, and the dodgers led 2-0.

AZ would score and threaten again in the 7th, thanks to catcher Miguel Montero and Two terrible plays by reed Johnson.
bottom of the 5th, Montero hit a line drive down the right field line, the ball was butchered by Johnson, as he did an "ole" letting the ball bounce by him rolling all the way to the wall. Montero ended up at third base.(the play was ruled a triple, but should have been an error). Montero would score on a fly ball by Gillespie.

with the score 2-1, with 1 out in the 7th, Montero hit another line drive to deep right, this time johnson who had gone to the wall, slipped and fell down, Montero ended up at third with another triple.
The next play is one Ive seen teams make countless times, and I will never understand it. Gillespie hit a sharp grounder to short, and Montero broke for home. the logic is you break for home on contact, and hope that by doing this you rush the infielder into making a bad throw, or a high throw. however by doing that you take away an RBI oppurtunity from the next hitter. unless a pitcher is at-bat next its a risky play. It didnt work for the Dbacks, as Furcal made an amazing twirling throw home to Big Rod who tagged montero for the out. Bills then struck out Allen for his 13th strikeout.

in the top of the 8th after Mitchell singled Big Rod slammed his 17th homerun of the year off of the eventual winning pitcher Demel, giving the Dodgers a 4-1 lead.
Ok at this point I had no doubt that Bills would not pitch the 8th and that the bullpen would blow it. I knew it, however it didnt have to happen this way. Bellisario was allowed to pitch to the first batter in the bottom of the 8th and retired him. with 1 out Torre decided to yank bellisario and bring in Sherrill. there was absolutly no reason for this move. once again we saw inferior relief pitcher after inferior relief pitcher give up runs and blow the game.
Sherrill allowed a walk, and two run home run to Tony Abreu. tony fucking abreu. who has hit a grand total of 1 homerun this year.  score 4-3. in trots the next loser, and its none other than former closer and resident fatso Jonathon broxton. broxton allows single then homerun to Chris Young. score 5-4.
and that would be the game. you wanna know how bad the Dodgers bullpen has been this year? ok let me present you with some basic stats. you might want to look away this isnt going to be pretty. here are the following pitchers who have been in the Dodgers bullpen this year and there stats.

Russ ortiz-0-1 10.29 ERA-10 hits in 7 IP
Ramon Ortiz-1-2 6.30 ERA-33 hits in 30 IP-9.9 htis per 9IP-4.8 BB per 9IP
George Sherrill-2-2 -7.08 ERA- 4 blown saves-22 walks in 34 IP-rightys-BAA-.425
Broxton-5-6-3.92 ERA-7 blown saves-6.85 ERA after all-star break
Ramon Troncoso-1-3 4.62 ERA-BAA after all-star break-.273-7HR allowed
Jeff Weaver-5-1 6.14 ERA-48 hits in 44 IP 20 walks
Justin Miller-4.44 ERA-22 hits in 24 IP-4HR
Octavio Dotel-for existing

and there you have it folks, thats the Dodegr bullpen for 2010. Im sorry if I have made you sick before dinner time, but clearly these guys need to go. THEY ARE UNPITCHABLE. there was no reason to bring in Sherrill or Broxton. Joe Torre should have been fired for his Bullpen management this year. He does not belong in the hall of fame, and should not be praised for being a mediocre manager before riding those imensly talented yankee all-star teams to easy championships.
Billingsley you have pitched great and I applaud you. please dont let our inept manager and collection of fat losers in the bullpen get you down. an another team you probably win 16-18 games. congratz on a solid season.

on another annoying note, Casey Blake is finished as a player. hes done. .243BA/.317OBP-after all-star break-.223BA/.288OBP.

the Dodgers travel to COL to take on the rockies for three. tomorrow Lilly vs Jimenez, as the Rockies try desperatly to keep their playoff hopes alive. I wont be back until wed. so until then......Go Blue!

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