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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dodgers win 7-6, sweep final road series

Dodgers 7 6  0
Rockies 6 12 2

Dodger relief pitchers have served up plenty of these during this season....yum

the Dodgers beat the Rockies again today 7-6. in their final road game and sweeping the series. Despite terrible relief ptiching again, and another bad Monasterios start, the Dodgers overcame, thanks to a grand slam homerun by Kemp, uncharacteristic timly hitting, and some great defensive plays..

first off Carlos Monasterios was once again terrible, although he wasnt bad early on, and did make it to the 5th inning. but again he couldnt make it out of the 5th, being yanked with 2 outs and the bases loaded. The monasterios effect held up again, and the Dodgers again had to turn to their collection of fat losers in the bullpen. (kuo and jansen excluded)
I know how I on a daily basis talk about how bad the dodgers bullpen is, and how bad Joe Torre is at managing it, but its all true, the bullpen is horrendous, and we got lucky today.

the Rockies jumped out first in the 2nd inning. Mullet man hit a line drive over Kemp's head in center. which he misplayed, and Tulo was given a triple. he wopuld score on a Helton fly ball.

the Dodgers would put a high 5 on the scoreboard in the 3rd, thanks to some bumbling defense by the Rockies.
with runners at first and second, after hu doubled and oeljten walked, Theriot hit a grounder to third, which was butchered by Ian Stewart. Stewart who has been battling injuries, was only a few feet away from touching the bag at third to get a force out. However Stewart bobbled and dropped the ball, which loaded the bases. Loney came up next and walked forcing in a run. Kemp then crushed a grand slammer over the scoreboard in right field. 5-1 Dodgers.

in the bottom of the second Miguel Olivo hit his 14th homer of the year, cutting the lead to 5-2.

next inning the Dodgers would add another run, thanks to a broken bat reed Johnson double, and a Hu scoring fly ball.

the Dodgers scored another run when Oeljten was hit by a pitch, took second on an errant throw by Olivo, and scored on a loney RBI single.

The Rockies would come back and score again in the bottom half of the 4th, loading the bases , but Loney made a fanstastic play on Stewart's liner making a diving stop saving several runs.

Ellis reached base on an infield single, and scored on a Hu double, extending the Dodgers lead.

with the Dodgers leading 7-3 in the bottom of the 5th, batting practice ensued off of Monasterios, after he loaded the bases with 1 out.
Loney saved the Dodgers bacon again with another fantastic play scooping Helton's liner and saving more runs from scoring. with 2 outs Torre yanked Monster. he lasted just 4 2/3 innings charged with 5 runs.

so in came Meatball specialist Ramon Troncoso who promptly gave up a single to spillbourghs, which plated two and the lead was 7-5.
amazingly enough Troncoso was able to stop the bleeding and get out of the jam. Troncoso would pitch 1.1 innings and get credited with the win.

in the 7th inning  and the score still 7-5, Torre would bring in Sherrill, who has a PHD in Meatballology.
Sherrill lived up to his reputation by allowing a hit and a walk, and had to be pulled. he did get two outs though with help from a great play at third base from Russ Mitchell.
Jeff Weaver had to be brought in to bail out Dr. Meatball. Weaver who never pitches since he hasnt proven to Torre that he can serve up the meatballs with the best, induced a Melvin Mora flyout to escape the jam.
Now here comes one of the most stupid idiotic managerial decisions I have ever seen any manager make. Torre instead of saving Kuo for the 9th, brought him in the 8th and Bellisario in the 9th, and it almost cost the Dodgers the game.

Kuo pitched a scoreless 8th inning but had made to many pitches, forcing Torre to bring in Bellisario, causing millions of Dodger fans stomachs to churn.

after getting Cargo out, Mullet man singles, (Tulo was 4 for 4 today), notorious Dodger killer Todd Helton walked. The Rockies would wind up scoring another run to cut the lead to 7-6. however Bellisario got lucky, inducing a line drive out to shortstop Hu to end the game. The Rockies left the tying and winning runs on base, and Bellisario picked up his 2nd save of the season, despite almost blowing another one.

The Rockies were eliminated yesterday, thanks to the Dodgers, and will fly to St.Louis for their final series.
The Dodgers are off on thrusday and then fly home to play AZ for the final three.
it was orignally reported that the Dodgers were going to not start kershaw, then they said they would start him on friday instead. Now they are reporting that they will not start Kershaw and instead start Ely on friday night. but with Brad Ausmus managing that game , who knows. we might end up seeing Kershaw start after all, but we will see.

with the season coming to a close, the site will be taking on a new direction since the dodgers will not be in the playoffs this year. normally we focus on in depth game recaps and analysis. however starting next week things will change up a bit. I know Stacie will be doing some player profiling, and I will be covering some hot stove league stuff. so stay tuned for more info.....thats all see you on saturday night! Go Blue!

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