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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the beat goes on.......

Dodgers lineup


Tim Stauffer 4-4 1.99 vs. Ted Lilly 5-3 4.12

So the dodgers were officially eliminated in typical 2010 fashion, they were shutout for the millionth time. Of coarse they were eliminated on my birthday of all nights.
This season just wont end it seems, but it is almost over with only 10 games left after tonight.

A.J. Ellis is red hot, going 9 for his last 11, and is BA is up to .287 and OBP a respectable .357
Quite impressive for someone who we thought was worse than Asumus a month ago. This makes me wonder if he can keep up his hot streak, and possibly even create a question for 2011.  If Russell Martin continues to suck next year, as he surly will, Should Ellis get more playing time in 2011? Im going to be focusing on Ellis tonight. Sure his defense still sucks, but if he has figured something out, and he keeps hitting like this for the rest of the year, hes a definate shoe in over Big Rod for backup, and possibly more next season. Keep starting him!

Tim Staffer who was a spot starter continues to pitch well, he is 4-4, the Dodgers will counter with Ted Lilly, who is 5-3 and looking to right the ship in game 2 of the final meeting against the Padres this year.

Go Blue!

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