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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dodgers Giants game-2

more lineup tinkering from Joe Torre

Matt Cain-10-10 3.11 vs. ted Lilly-8-9 3.59


this time with the righty Cain on the mound Torres does the exact opposite from yesterday loading up on righties throughout the lineup.
Scotty POD is back in the leadoff spot this time taking over center field for Matt Kemp, who rides the pine tonight. not really much complaints here about that, since Kemp has been looking pretty awful at the plate latly. however theres no way that POD is a better center fielder, so well see how that plays out tonight.
Furcal gets bumped down to the number 2 spot.
Loney returns at first,(thank god) and Belliard goes back to the bench where he belongs.
Jay Gibbons gets the start in Left. I like him hes been pretty good since being called up in place of Auto out about a month ago. you know hes just 9 for 26 with two home runs. Ide like to see him get more action, to determine if hes worthy of a bench spot next season as a lefty power bat.
Carroll takes over for Theriot at second tonight. fine by me. you cant argue that Theriot is more of a dangerous hitter than Carroll is anyways, and you cant deny Carroll's .383 OBP

on another note, it looks like the padres are gonna lose AGAIN today! lol. down 6-2 to COL in the 9th. Ill have to do a post about the PAds late summer collapse, but just note this will be there 9th loss in a row.

remember also that Matt Cain is just 1-8 lifetime against the Dodgers, and lets hope that Lilly actually gets some help from his teammates behind him. LETS GO BLUE!!!!!

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