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Saturday, September 4, 2010

inept manager and worthless bullpen blow another embarrasing game, ruining everyones night

Giants     5 7 0
Dodgers  4 9 0
Posey-11 renteria-3 Burrell-15 uribe-18

ok so before i get into the recap on another emabarrasing loss, let me first get something accross to everyone, this game was meaningless to the dodgers. there done this year and have been done for weeks now. For the Giants this was a very important game, as they entered today only 3 game sbehind SD who continue to collapse losing there 9th in a row 6-2 to COL.

ok now to the bullshit

it was no score until the 4th inning when the dodgers struck first. remember how ive said before how the dodgers starters pitch terrific but never get any support from their teammates? finally it loked like things had changed.
Furcal walked then stole second, and then advanced to third on a blake single. Loney then singled home furcal. with loney and blake aboard, Jay Gibbons slammed a monster home run into the Giants bullpen and the dodgers went up 4-0.

as usual the dodgers starter was terrific, lilly held the giants to only 1 hit until the 7th inning and then as usual everything came unraveled.

Posey homered in the 7th, 4-1.

Lilly entered the eigth and gave up a homerun to renteria, now 4-2.

Matt Cain pitched 7 innings allowing 4 runs on 7 hits walking 1 and striking out 6, and would have dropped to 1-9 lifetime against the dodgers had they not had such a horrendous bullpen.

so its the eigth inning the dodgers up by two, Lilly had only made 90 pitches at that point, and now enter Joe Moron Torre. Ill do another post on the failures of Torre and his horrible use of the bullpen, but if thats the case Ill have to do another post on the epic failures of the bullpen this year as well because after all its not 100% Torre's fault the players have to preform and they are not.

so out comes Torre to yank Lilly for no reason with the bases empty. this is his game to lose, once again Torre's horrible bullpen management strikes again.

Lilly's line-7+ 3 hits 2 runs 2 walks 7Ks

so who does Torre bring in? of coarse just one of the worst Relief pitchers the dodgers have had in recent years, Octavio Dotel. Dotel pitched to three batters, his line? flyout, walk, homerun, its 4-3 now.
Im not going to even waste my time telling you how much he sucks, because frankly I have better things to do.

finally Torre had had enough, yanked Dotel and brought in the one man who is not part of the problem, Hong Chi Kuo. Kuo retired his two batters to get out of the inning, and its still 4-3 going to the 9th.

flash forward to the top of the 9th. Jonathon Broxton enters and is of coarse predictably horrible.
he goes 2-0 to the first hitter, then comes back to strike out guillen. ok 1 out.
next batter same crap Broxton cant throw  strikes. in all fairness no one in that bumpen can throw strikes.
next batter gets on with an infield single. (furcal just barly missed making another highlight reel play to throw him out). 1 on and jaun Uribe at the plate. JUAN FUCKING URIBE. this is not the murders row lineup here folks. Brox this time hung a giant meatball slider and Uribe hit it out giving the Giants the 5-4 lead.

honestly Im done defending Broxton at this point DONE. hes been terrible this year since the all star break, and never regained his form from last season. he can sail off into the sunset along with Torre, Dotel, sherrill, troncsucko, and the rest of the bums in that pen. keep Kuo, keep jansen, and keep the reliable but rarly used weaver, the rest? goodbye.

of coarse in the bottom of the 9th inning in typical 2010 dodgers fashion, they put runners on first and third and failed to score off Brian Wilson.

Blake leads off with a single then after Kemp does his usual, taking the first two pitches for strikes, and falling in his usual 0-2 hole, flies out to center. Carroll then comes up and singles to right blake advances to third and well do I even have to tell you what happened next?

big Rod popout, and Reed Johnson force out to end the game.
take a look at the Giants bullpen folks, Brian Wilson saves his 39th game. thats what a real bullpen looks like and a real closer.

another embarrasing moment came in the 7th inning when loney doubled, and trying to extend it to a triple, tripped rounding second and was tagged out.

alright Im about done for tonight, Im pissed and going to bed. Stac takes over tomorrow, so ill see everyone on monday. sanchez vs. Kuroda sunday

is it opening day yet?

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