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Friday, September 10, 2010

Houtson we have a problem part 2

oh we have a problem all right, a big problem. The Dodgers still have some games left to play this year, thats the problem.

Dodgers lineup

Kuroda 10-12 3.39 vs. J.A. Happ 5-2 3.21

no matter who the Dodegrs put in the lineup or which way Torre mixes it up, it still sucks.
this team sucks no doubt. Im pretty sure they will lose every game on this road trip. and is there a reason that POD has to play every single game? not like it matters though. and no lindsey in the lineup, but Russ Mitchell gets another start this time at first base.

Kuroda looks for his 11th win of the season going up against J.A. Happ. who has pitched very well since his trade to houston. The Dodgers are trying to snap a 6 game losing streak. Ill have some more stats up after the game, but we may be seeing one of the worst hitting Dodgers teams, in over a decade. see you guys after the game when we lose after getting our average 3-4 hits.

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