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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dodgers shut out in Minnesota, Dont ya know

Dodgers  0 7 0
Twins     1 6 0
LP-De La Rosa-3-3

The Dodgers were shutout, as they lose another series, this one to the twins in minnesota, losing 1-0.
the offense failed today, but in large part due to Don Mattingly's stupid lineup decisions.
he plays his worst hitters at the top of the lineup, while more productive hitters are either relegated to bottom, or benched completly.

im sorry I just dont like Mattingly. ive never been a big fan of his, and I beleive he should be fired, along with the rest of these lousy players.

I was encouraged by a very good pitching performence from Rubby De La Rosa, he had much better command of his fastball, and only walked 2 batters. DLR went 7 innings, allowng only 1 run off 6 hits while recording 4 Ks

but the Dodgers couldnt hit off of Baker, who pitched 7.2 scoreless innings. whole striking out 9 Dodgers.

Rubby De La Rosa pitched very well today, but took a loss as the Dodger bats went cold.

the Twins score the only run of the game, int he first inning, after that nothing. the first batter Rever leads off with a triple into the gap. he scores on Nishioka's groundout. 1-0 Minnesota.

Revere scores the only run of the game, a predictable first inning run in the Dodgers 1-0 loss to teh Twins

Loney and Thames single in the top of the second, but Uribe and Navarro fly out and they get nothing.

DLR almost had a meltdown int he second, but was able to get out of it. former Dodger Jim Thome, singles. Valencia grounds into a force out at second, which was close to being a double play. Hughes singles, and another former dodger Jason Repko flies out. two outs, and .189 hitting Tollbert at the plate. youve got to get guys like this out. but DLR walks him to load the bases. however he retires Revere on a foul out. nice job kid!

Gordon leads off the third with a single, is sacrificed to second on a close play at first, but gwynn was out by a step. Gordon steals third, but with 1 out, Blake fouls out, Ethier strikes out. once again, the Dodgers dont get shit.

move to the top of the 6th. its still 1-0 twins, DLR had set down 9 straight twins, until Revere's single in the 5th.
with two outs, Kemp hits a long double, off of Rever's glove. Kemp steals third, but Loney grounds out. the big goose egg.

DLR gets through the 7th, in his last inning, allowing a sngle and a stolen base to Revere and thats it.

in the 8th inning, after striking out Gwynn, Baker walks Blake, and then is removed for a reliever. gardenhire brings in Lefty Perkins to pitch to Dre and Kemp, and he strikes them both out. having solid relief pitching late in games, is pretty nice isnt it?

in the bottom of the 8th, Elbert is brought in to get Mauer out, but fails, walking him on four pitches. Donnie brings the hook, and calls in Hawksworth. after walking cuddyer, Hawk retires the next three hitters, Thome and Valencia strike out, and Hughes pops out to end the frame. color me impressed Hawksworth.

Matt Capps comes into close out the 9th, and after loney and Uribe pathetically fly out, (with Uribe swinging at a pitch that was a mile off of the plate-his avg now at .205) Oeltjen pinch hits for Thames and gets a hit. next up, is the much hated Dioner Navarro. of coarse, hes always up in the 9th inning. he uselessly grounds out to end the game.

another loss. im not as upset about this as you might think. sure Im greatly annoyed, but each loss will lead us closer and closer to the firing of Don Mattingly, and the release of several of the lousy players. it has to get worse before it gets better.
I wont blame Mattingly 100% for all the failures, but hes just not a great manager, and like I said Im not a big fan. the bizzare lineup decisions, playing lousy hitters instead of clearly superior options. putting the lousy hitters at the top of the lineup, while better hitters (carroll, Miles) are wasted in the 6-8 spots. he might be better than Torre, but he is timid, inexperienced, and doesnt inspire any confidence in me. sorry Donnie's gotta go, and rightly should be fired for this disaster of a season.

the Dodgers will fly back to Socal, for a three game series in Anaheim against the Angels. Hiroki Kuroda will take the mound for the Dodgers, and we could be one more game closer to the firing of Don Mattingly. and yes I think Ned Colletti should be fired as well. friday nights game is at 710. well see you then Dodger fans, Go Blue!

Interleague rubber game for Dodgers

Dodgers lineup

Rubby De La Rosa-3-2 vs. Baker-5-5

the Dodgers continue through this latest slog of interleague games, finishing up a three game series with Minnesota, before flying back to Socal, for a three game set with the Angels, which will end interleague play for the year.

Im very convinced that at this point, Don Mattingly needs to be fired. I dont blame him completly for the Dodgers struggles, and lousy play, but his in game decisions are terrible. he may not be as bad as Joe Torre, but he just does different things that piss me off. instead of using 800 pitchers per game like Torre did to aggravate me, he insists every game, on pinch hitting fatty Navarro in the 9th inning during a scoring rally. its infuriating. and if you listened to the exuces he makes for that useless loser, you would be shocked. the Dodgers are in last place and Mattingly deserves to be fired for this disaster, as they need to also get rid of all of these useless aging, and lousy players.

the pitching matchups, have two rightys that have never faced the opposing teams. Rubby De La Rosa, the rook for the Dodgers who cant throw strikes. hes 3-2 against the league. twins righty Scott Baker will counter, hes never faced the Dodgers before either, but has pitched decent with a 5-5 record.

lets just get this win and get out of here. btw the Dodgers offense has been much improved for the month of june. they have four players in the top 12 in hitting for the month of june. (Gwynn,Loney, Kemp, and Miles) its been the lousy pitching. although the bumpen has pitched much better of late, namely its lousy fourth and fith starters. look on the bright side Dodger fans, at least we dont have to watch Ted Lilly pitch today.
the game is about to start right now, as the game is a 1010AM start time. well see you guys after the game. GO BLUE.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Halfway Through the Season

Dodgers 4 7 1
Twins    6 10 0
WP- Duensing (5-7)
LP- Lilly (5-8)
S- Capps (12)
HR- Miles (1)

Well we knew going into tonight's game that the formula for a sure thing loss was in place: a)Lilly was pitching + b)they had a gazillion hits yesterday+ c)Thames was the DH=LOSS. The only amusing part of this game is that Aaron Miles hit a homerun. It was his first homerun since 2009, first as a Dodgers, and number 17 in his career. It was a line drive shot, and this only adds to my steroid speculation theory.

The Dodgers start off predictably in the first going down in order. In the bottom half of the inning loser Lilly begins his usual crappiness when he gives up a single to Revere. Casilla bunts, and the umps at first don't see Blake tag him and call him safe. After a ump meeting, they reverse the call and he is rightfully out. Revere takes second on the play and steals 3rd. Mauer singles in Revere giving the Twins the early 1-0 lead. Blake also commits an error when he embarrassingly drops a pop-up by Valencia. Luckily they get out of the inning before more scorin' happens.

The Dodgers once again go down in order in the second. The Twins continue their batting practice off Lilly in the bottom part of the inning when Repko singles and steals second on a busted pickoff attempt. Repko then takes third on a Nishioka grounder. Revere singles home Repko, 2-0, and then steals second. Casilla doubles in Revere, but is thrown out at 3rd on the play, 3-0 Twins.

In the third we only get a Miles infield single. Lilly surprisingly only allows a 2-out double to Valencia in the bottom of the third.

We manage to squeak one run out in the 4th when Gwynn and Blake draw back-to-back walks, Ethier grounds into a force allowing Gwynn to third, and then Gwynn scores on a sac fly by Kemp, 3-1. Lilly continues to suck in the bottom of the inning when Repko is hit by the pitch, Rivera singles off Miles' glove scoring Repko, 4-1.

In the 5th Miles hits his blue moon homerun making it 4-2. Ellis singles, Carroll walks, and Blake walks to load the bases. Ethier singles in Ellis and Carroll and the game is tied at 4, but this would be very short-lived. In the bottom of the 5th, Valencia gets a 2-out single, and then Lilly serves up a Hughes 2-run homerun giving the Twins the 6-4 lead. Lilly is finally hooked, and Jansen comes in and strikes out Repko to end the inning.

A Miles Homer is Rarer Than a Loney Homer

Lilly goes 4.2 innings, allowing 9 hits, 6 runs, 0 walks, 0 strikeouts on 81 pitches. His ERA is now 4.97.

Loser Lilly
In the 6th Uribe is hit by the pitch, so fully expect him to land back on the DL here soon. Burnett is brought in to relieve Duensing, and gets Thames to hit into a double play and Miles to groundout. In the bottom half of the inning Jansen does commit a balk, but doesn't allow any runs.

Duensing goes 5 innings, allowing 4 hits, 4 runs, 4 walks, 3 strikeouts on 96 pitches.

In the 7th, Carroll singles, and then Perkins is brought into pitch for the Twins. Carroll reaches second on a grounder by Gwynn which is a very close play. He looked safe to me. Blake singles, and Carroll is tagged out at home on another very close play. We get screwed X2 in that inning. Guerrier, the former Twin, comes in and amazingly pitches a 1-2-3 inning in the bottom of the 7th.

In the 8th Ethier singles, and Nathan is brought in from the Twins bullpen. He strikes out Kemp, Uribe grounds into a force, and then Loney whiffs to end the inning. Dougie comes in and allows a swinging bunt single to Repko but nothing else. Why didn't we keep Repko? sigh

Capps comes in to close up shop in the 9th. He gives up a walk to Oeltjen, and then Donnie foolishly uses Dioner Navarro to pinch hit for Jamey Carroll. Why, Donnie, Why? Navarro grounds out, Gwynn walks, but Blake then grounds out to end the game.

The bullpen wasn't the problem this game. Lilly's 80 mph pitches just don't cut it. He has absolutely no move on the rubber, so runners run wild on him as well. Are we really stuck with him for 3 years? Trade trade trade.

The Dodgers are now 10 games back in the standings, and we are officially halfway through the season. Broxton also was reported to be shut down for three weeks, because of his continued "elbow problems." There was even mention that he might not return this season. More proof that he is done. Perhaps we will not even see him return to play for the Dodgers.

Tomorrow is an early 10:10am game. Go Blue:)

I hope They Saved Some Hits for Today

Dodgers @ Twins
Game 2
Target Field Cost $545 Million to Build

So if you haven't noticed, I changed last night's postgame recap title. There was a scoring change, and the error on Nishioka in the fourth inning was changed to a basehit for Ethier! So the Dodgers had a remarkable 25 hits yesterday! 25 hits is the MLB record this season! The Dodgers also matched a club record from May 19, 2006 against the Angels. The Twins manager commented after the game "I don't think we really need to talk a whole lot about this one. We got murdered," said Twins manager Ron Gardenhire.We may not be so lucky today though, and I fully expect a low scoring game after the volcano of offense erupted yesterday. 

Target likey. I do like shopping in Target I admit, but the stadium is also quite nice. Plus the Dodgers seem to like it and were quite impressive in their first time playing there. 

Theodore Roosevelt Lilly (5-7, 4.63) will go to the mound today. Last time out against the Tigers, Lilly allowed 3 homeruns in 3 innings. Luckily Target Field is quite big, but undoubtedly there will be a few dingers dished out. Brian Duensing (4-7, 4.54), another lefty, has similar numbers to Lilly. This will be his first career start against the Dodgers. 

Matt Guerrier, aka Alpha Bum, played for the Twins for seven seasons and this is his first time returning to Minnesota since signing with the Dodgers. He had a combined 3.38 ERA with the Twins and also racked up the most appearances in the AL in 2008-9. So of course once he's used up the Dodgers decide to sign him to a 3 year $12 million deal. Typical.

Jonathan Broxton has had continued elbow pain, and has had an MRI. Results haven't been released, but I suspect his injury is worse than previously thought since we all know his arm is blown out. So he won't be returning anytime soon which is fine by me. I wasn't looking forward to more 9th inning meltdowns in the near future. 


Gwynn 7
Blake 3
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Uribe 5
Thames DH
Miles 4
Ellis 2
Carroll 6

Thames gets to be the designated hitter today, which is pretty much pointless since he doesn't hit. Ellis gets another start behind the plate.

Go Blue:)

Monday, June 27, 2011

25 Hits Later...

Dodgers 15 24 1
Twins     0  4   3
WP- Billingsley (7-6)
LP- Blackburn (6-6)
HR- Oeltjen (1), Blake (4), Kemp (22)

Holy Moly. The Dodgers get 24 hits, a season high, and their first win at Target Field. The Dodgers only had 7 total runs in the entire three game series vs. the Angels, but tonight they decided to unleash a flurry of offense at the Twins' expense. Every man in the 9 man lineup had at least one hit, one RBI, and one run scored.

The scorin' would start right away in the first inning when Gwynn leads off with a single and steals 2nd. He takes 3rd on a Blake grounder. Ethier reaches safely on an error by shortstop Nishioka which allows Gwynn to score giving the Dodgers a 1-0 lead. Kemp doubles Ethier home but is caught in a pickle between 2nd & 3rd, 2-0 Dodgers. Billingsley has a 1-2-3 inning in the bottom half of the first.

Gwynn is a Stealin' and Scorin'
In the third inning, Gwynn singles but is erased when Blake hits into a double play. Ethier then singles, Kemp singles, and then Loney singles home Ethier, 3-0. In the bottom half of the inning Gordon makes a great 1-6-3 double play on Revere's groundball.

In the 4th, Oeltjen who has an amazing game, hits his first Dodger homerun making it 4-0 Dodgers. Gwynn singles again and steals second once again. Blake singles in Gwynn, 5-0 Dodgers. Nishioka also makes his second error of the game to allow Ethier to reach safely, but this could have been ruled a basehit.  In the bottom of the 4th, Bills sends the Twins down in order.

Blackburn only goes 4.1 innings, allowing 12 hits, 6 runs, 1 walk, 1 strikeout on 72 pitches.

In the 5th the Singlepalooza continues (the Dodgers lead the majors in singles by the way) when Uribe singles, Oeltjen singles, and Ellis singles in Uribe, 6-0. Blackburn is pulled, and Swarzak is brought in to relieve him. He promptly gives up a single to Gordon which scores Oeltjen, 7-0. Gwynn strikes out. Blake gets an infield single to load the bases, and Ellis scores on a wild pitch, 8-0. A 5th inning meltdown!! Bills has a good 5th only allowing a walk to Thome and striking out Tosoni.

More hitting continues in the 6th when Kemp gets a broken bat single, Loney singles, and Uribe singles in Kemp and Uribe reaches 2nd on error by Cuddyer, 9-0. Loney scores on a sac fly by Oeltjen, 10-0. The Twins try to have a little rally in the bottom of the 6th when Casilla walks, Mauer doubles but Gwynn throws to Gordon who then throws a laser to Ellis at home and they get Casilla out at the plate!
Bills Only Lasts 6 innings, but Picks up a Shut-Out Win

Billingsley goes 6 innings, allowing 4 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts on 107 pitches.

The Twins bring in Dumatrait to pitch in the 7th and Blake slams a solo homerun making it 11-0. Then Bison comes up and crushes a monster solo HR to straightaway center making it 12-0, his 22nd homer of the season. Blake Hawksworth comes into relieve Bills in the bottom of the 7th and strikes out the side!

In the 8th, Mijares comes into pitch and allows a triple to Oeltjen, a walk to Ellis, and a double to Gordon allowing Oeltjen to score, 13-0. Gwynn singles in Ellis, 14-0. Blake walks. Gordon scores on a sac fly by fatty, 15-0 Dodgers!! Kuo comes in and pitches the bottom of the 8th and strikes out 2 sending the Twins down in order.

Capps comes in to pitch the 9th and allows singles to Oeltjen and Ellis, but stops the bleeding at 15 runs. Elbert pitches the bottom of the 9th for the Dodgers and strikes out two after an error by Gordon. 

Wowza! What a game! I haven't been feeling well, and this game made me feel a bit better. The only qualm I have is that tomorrow most likely will be a 4 hit 1 run game. Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice. The Dodger record for most hits in a game is 28 which was done three times, the last time was in 2006 against the Angels of all teams.

Hawk, Kuo, and Elbert combine to strike out 7 batters. Tony Gwynn Jr. had 4 hits, Blake had 3 hits, Kemp had 4 hits, and Oeltjen had 4 hits including 1 homerun, a triple, and 2 singles.

Tomorrow Ted Lilly goes to the mound to try to make it three wins in a row for the Dodgers. Hopefully he won't allow his usual multitude of homeruns. Have a good night Dodger fans! Go Blue:)

Interleague Play Continues in Minnesota

Dodgers @ Twins
Game 1
What's in Minnesota Anyways?

I didn't see any of the game yesterday, but I was shocked to see the Dodgers had won when I checked the score. We barely avoided a sweep by the Angels, and we still have three games in Anaheim to play. The Dodgers jumped on a plane to Minnesota, and they will play three games against the Twins to wrap up the month before they return to Southern California later in the week. 

Chad Billingsley (6-6, 4.48) will attempt to go longer than 5 innings, since he hasn't been able to get out of the 6th inning in any of his last 4 starts. He did pick up a win against the Tigers his last time out. Nick Blackburn (6-5, 3.15) will make his first start against the Dodgers in his career. The Twins have lost 44 games which is the same number of losses held by the Dodgers. The Dodgers have won 3 more games than the Twins. The Twins have lost 5 games in a row. They are in last place in the AL Central, 9 games behind Detroit. Kansas City is also 9 games back. Last season The Twins were the AL Central Division Champs, but since then they have plummeted to last place. We feel your pain Minnesota. Jason Repko, the former Dodger, is now on the Twins along with Jim Thome, their DH. Thome only needs 7 homeruns to reach 600 career homeruns. 


Gwynn 7
Blake 5
Ethier DH
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Uribe 4
Oeltjen 9
Ellis 2
Gordon 6

Ethier will get to be the designated hitter today, and Oeltjen will be playing in right field. Gordon will bat in the 9th spot. So we'll have two speedy rabbits at the top and bottom of the lineup.

Congratulations to Clayton Kershaw who garnered the title of NL Player of the Week! He was 2-0 with a 1.00 ERA and had 22 strikeouts to earn the honor. 
Clayton Kershaw NL Player of the Week

In more McCourt drama news, The Dodgers have filed for bankruptcy protection. As if this season couldn't be more embarrassing. McCourt will have 120 days to submit a reorganization plan. The first hearing in court will be Tuesday. Amusingly the Dodgers biggest creditor is listed as Manny Ramirez who is owed $20,992,086. 

Go Blue:)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

just Gwynn baby! the Dodgers finally beat the angels

Angels    2 6 0
Dodgers  3 8 1
kershaw pitches 9 allowing only 2 runs in his 3-2 win against the Angels

I had a prepared derpessive losscap all written up,  I figured there was no way the Dodgers would win, even with kershaw on the mound. facing the Angels, and 9 game winer Jered Weaver, I figured no way right? latly Ive been extremly frustrated and Angry with this team, as we all have. however today would be different, as the Dodgers would finally beat the Angels, coming from behind to score two runs in the bottom of the 9th, to win 3-2, and avoid being swept. this was the Dodgers first win against the Angels at Dodger stadium in six games.
as you will see I have once again given the save to Tony Gwynn Jr., as once again, he came through in the clutch. this time at the plate, although the box score may show otherwise. it seems when the game is on the line, whether he be in the field or at the plate, he delivers.

the game that was billed as a battle of the aces, didnt dissapoint early on, both pitchers were on their game.
this was a game full of ohfers. one ace, vs the other ace. each team had only 1 hit through 4 innings.

the Dodgers threatened in the fourth, but of coarse got nothing. Dre doubles, Bison a broken bat bloop single to left sends Dre to third. Loney's Pop fly is too shallow to score dre, and fatty navarro whiffs.

the Dodgers threatened again in the 5th, and still couldnt score. Navarro leads off and walks, Carroll a bloop single just fair inside the right field line, sends navarro to third, with none out! but once runners reach scoring position for the Dodgers, they immediatly turn into the bad news bears. Kerhsaw at bat, grounds one to second base, Navarro, I guess thinking he was trying to stop a double play, or just was running on contact, tries to score, and is thrown out by a mile. another fucking TOOTBLAN!

Navarro TOOTBLANS the inning away as he is tagged out at the plate

uggghhhhh, of coarse, gwynn and Blake both fly out, and once again the Dodgers dont get nothin'

the Angels had Mathis double in the 6th, but he was erased when Weaver popped up a bunt, that Kershaw made a great diving catch, then doubled up Mathis at second. still no score.

the Dodgers luck would finally run out in the top of the 7th inning. Aybar, hits a pop fly double to left, just braly beating the throw into Uribeat second. that Aybar is so annoying, he did some shady maneauver with his hands to avoid the tag. Kendrick immediatly singles home Aybar, its 1-0 Angels.

Annoying Aybar is safe by inches ahead of Uribe's tag

Aybar is annoying and scores on a base hit

Kershaw did retire the next three batters to end the frame, Wells striking out, Trumbo a pop out, and Callaspo also striking out.

the Dodgers tie the game in the bottom of the 7th. with two outs, it was Kershaw himself who has to start the scoring rally. remember Kershaw, (who is in a freindly competition with Bills as to who can get more hits) came into the game hitting.294 with 10 hits. Kershaw singles, and then scores on a Tony Gwynn triple. Gwynn's triple was a long hit ball, over wells head. Wells, put his glove up but got turned around right against the wall. it was close to going over the wall for a homerun.
after a coaching visit, Weaver retires blake on a fly ball, but its tied at 1-1.

Kershaw high fives Manager Don Mattingly, after scoring on a Tony Gwynn Triple

move to the top of the 9th, with the score tied, and both starting pitchers still the pitchers of record. Kershaw is left in to start the inning. yes the Dodgers bullpen is so bad, you might as well just leave Kershaw out there, even if he has made over 100 pitches. kershaw starts the frame fine, getting Aybar to pop out, asnd Kendrick, to ground out, but then Wells hits a long homerun into the left field bleachers, and its 2-1 Angels.
Kershaw struck out 11 Angels through 9 innings.

with kershaw in line for a loss, and me ready to hang myslef, the Angels bring in young closer jordan Walden to close.
this is where things become incredulous. there was Walden's meltdown, but there was also another factor in all of this excitement during the 9th    in the middle of the 9th inning, I took myself out of the equation, Ill explain in a minute.

Walden starts out wild, falling behind, and then walking Juan Uribe. with fans still in shock, Donnie, sends Dee Gordon out to pinch run for Uribe. with Navarro batting, Gordon steals seoncond. Navarro also walks.

Dee Gordon steals second base in the 9th inning.

not being able to watch another failed 9th inning rally, I leave to go have lunch with a friend, and listen on radio. of coarse with me not watching, the Dodgers score two and come from behind to win.
Carroll sacrifices the runners to second and third with 1 out.
as Im walking in to order lunch, the Dodgers come from behind to win, of coarse while im not there to watch. If I had known I was such bad luck, I would have left during the 9th inning of every game this year.

so as Im ordering my BLT...........
with kershaw's spot due up, Miles comes off the bench to pinch hit. (miles has been great off the bench latly) Miles delivers with a sac fly to center. Gordon races home to score the tying run. the throw from Bourjos was very close, with Gordon sliding underneath Mathis' legs, as his foot just touches home plate before the tag. phewwwww. tie game at 2-2.

Dee Gordon is Safe just ahead of the tag by angels catcher Mathis, as the Dodgers tie the game

theres a delay while Scioscia argues, but the umps arent having it. we are overdue for a questionable umpiring call in our favor.

with the winning run on second base, Oeltjen pinch runs for Navarro. Gwynn lines a single to right field, as oeltjen easily scores the game winning run! the Dodgers finally beat the Angels, and save face by eeking out 1 victory. they finish the homestand at 4-8.

Gwynn's game winning hit in the 9th inning

Kemp, Kershaw and other's tackle Tony Gwynn Jr. in celebration after the Dodgers beat the Angels in dramatic fashion

the Dodgers will fly to minnesota to take on the twins for three games, as interleague play continues. sorry for the negativity latly everyone, Ive just been so frustrated, im sure everyone can understand. tomorrow Chad Billingsley will take the mound, against Nick Blackburn at 505 on Kcal. have a great Sunday Dodger fans. GO BLUE!

battle of the Aces, concludes homestand

Dodgers lineup

Jared Weaver-9-4 vs. Clayton Kershaw-7-3

with the last game of the homestand featuring a battle of the two aces, this figures to be the last interesting Dodger game for quite some time.
Weaver has been lights out this season, so I doubt the pathetic lineup above will be able to score anything off of him. since Kershaw is on the mound, we have a chance, but thats it.
theres really nothing more to see here, with the Dodgers 9 games below .500, and 9 games back in the NL west division race. just the remnants of what used to be a major league Baseball team. keep moving along folks, nothing more to see here, other than the final death chant of a dying season. game time is at 110PM, on PT. go blue

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is a Highway for Angels in freeway series win over woeful Dodgers

Angels    6 6 1
Dodgers  1 5 0

The Dodgers are so bad this year, that we can predict when and how they will lose each game. It happened again today, as the Dodgers lost to their freeway series rivals for the second straight game 6-1.

the game was scoreless until the third inning. Angels rookie pitcher Tyler Chatwood, retired 9 straight Dodgers until Carroll singled in the fourth inning.

in the top of the third with two outs, Kuroda, allows a single to Chatwood. (yes the pitcher!). we also learned that Rookie Chatwood pitched at Dodgers stadium before in a high school baseball championship, and was a good hitter.
the always Annoying Erick Aybar triples home Chatwood. Kendrick walks, steals second, but Abreu flies out.

in the fourth inning, Trombo hits a Kuroda Meatball into the Dodger bullpen to give the angels a 2-0 lead.

leading off the 5th inning, Kemp is called out on strikes, says nothing, walks back to the dugout, then the umpire hears something, and tosses him. god I hate these stupid umpires. now the Dodgers have to play the rest of the game with Tony gwynn batting cleanup. joy.
somehow inspired after Kemp is tossed, the Dodgers rally. Loney singles, Miles singles, Abreu lets the ball get by him, and both runners advance to second and third. Oeltjen walks. bases loaded. the Angels have a meeting on the mound. AJ Ellis also draws a walk, forcing in a run. 2-1 halos. with Marcus Thames on deck for Kuroda as some kind of Decoy, the Dodgers call him back, and Casey Blake comes to bat. your not fooling anyone Donnie, you retard!
as if scripted from the heavens, Blake lines into a double play.

Bison argues with another moronic umpire, Kemp was tossed in the 5th, for no reason

as usual, Kuroda pitches well, and qualifies for a win with 5 innings, but of coarse he comes out losing 2-1. the game would stay that way until the top of the 8th.

after Jansen had pitched two very effective inning, in comes loser boy Guerrier, who does what he does best, allowing runs to score. he gets two outs, but allows a pinch hit double to Branyan, and Kendrick singles him home. 3-1. it gets worse of coarse. the Dodgers bring in Kuo, who is basically finished, Kuo clearly not the same pitcher, allows a walk to Abreu, and then Vernon Wells homers, putting the dagger in the Dodgers coffin. the angels go up 6-1.

and this is where we will leave you. the Dodgers rolled over again. I am so done with this team. I see no further point in watching games anymore. I urge all Dodger fans to stop going to games. dont line Mccourt's pockets. when the team is 20 games out in july in last place, with 500 fans in the stands, they will be forced to make a change. weve already called the season anyways. only continued losing and lack of attendence will bring the end of the Mccourt era.

we can all find something better to do, watch a movie, visit friends, do homework, design a web site. whatever, theres no point in watching these awful games, and continuing to get aggravated. Ive already written enough, im off to do something non Dodger related. I cant wait for this season to be over.

R.I.P. 2011 dodger season

Dodgers Lineup

Tyler Chatwood-4-4 vs. Hiroki Kuroda-5-8

after last nights embrassing loss to the Angels, after about 20 TOOTBLANS in the early innings, ive decided I just cant take it any more. I cant take the losing. Im not going to be watching anymore games this season. im waiting until next year. im definatly not going to any games, until Frank Mccourt is gone, and or there is a competitive team on the field. do they wonder why no one is going to the games? I have better things to do with my time, then watch a lousy last place team. (ok their fourth place barly ahead of San Diego) If im home today Ill watch, but otherwise, I just dont care anymore.

some quick notes about todays game. the Angels are still without centerfielder Tori Hunter. he hurt himself crashing into the outfield wall, earlier this week, and isnt with the team. theyve been playing Bourjos in Center, and were playing second baseman Kendrick in left field.  since Kendrick isnt an outfielder, and if you watched last nights game, you can clearly see that. the Angels wont do that experiment again. Vernon Wells is back in left, and Kendrick moved back to his normal position of second base.

the pitching mathup has Angels Rookie, Tyler Chatwood, going up against Hiroki Kuroda. since Kuroda is pitching, it would take whole worlds to move in order to get him a win. expect the game to be scoreless, or tied at 1-1 going to the 7th or 8th innings, which is where the Bumpen will blow the game away.  dont count on the Dodgers scoring any runs tonight either, with Kuroda on the mounds, its the typical script. Kuroda is 0-1 with a 4.26 ERA against the Angels.

thank god Uribe is not paying, and its really nice to see Ellis, but who cares really? im just waiting to hear word that Frank is gone, and the new owners will clean house, and fire everyone. (except for Kersh, Kemp, Ethier, Bills, Kuroda) I hope this happens soon, like before the end of this season. a man can dream right? dont worry though, DBF will still be here, well still be doing our daily, pre game, and post game recaps, Im just not watching anymore, watching the lowlights on baseball tonight, of the Dodgers pathetic exploits, will be enough information to use to blog the postgame.
ughhhh who am I kidding? its like a car wreck, I want to look away, but I just cant. sigh. Dammit
Go Blue

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pickoffs, TOOTBLANS, and Reckless Baserunning by the Angels Still Not Enough to Let the Dodgers Win

Dodgers 3 10 2
Angels   8 12 0
WP- Haren (7-5)
LP- De La Rosa (3-2)
HR- Kemp (21), Aybar (4), Kendrick (8)

This loss could have been much worse, Dodger fans. If the Angels weren't TOOTBLANing left and right, it may have been like 15-3. Rubby De La Rosa walked far too many batters, and the uselessness of Uribe who went 0 for 5 with an error while hitting second in the lineup in front of Ethier and Kemp was the nails in the proverbial coffin tonight.

The Angels began the game bumbling out of the gates. Izturis singles, but is thrown out at 2nd, Aybar strikes out, Abreau walks and steals 2nd, Wells singles and in an almost double-headed TOOTBLAN Wells is caught between 1st & 2nd, but Carroll has his eye on third and throws home getting Abreau out at the plate. In the bottom of the 1st Gordon whiffs, Ethier singles with 2 outs, and then Matt Kemp blasts his 21st homerun of the season giving the Dodgers an early 2-0 lead.

In the 2nd, Callapso walks, Kendrick strikes out, Trumbo singles and is picked off by Navarro at first, Mathis walks, and then Honeycutt visits the mound to try to settle Rubby down. Haren singles scoring Callapso but Ethier guns down Mathis at 3rd. In the bottom of the 2nd Thames doubles, but his frail body cannot handle actually hitting and he leaves the game with a strained left calf. No big loss there. Tony Gwynn Jr. comes in to replace him. Gwynn reaches third on a Navarro grounder. Carroll hits into a fielder's choice, but Gwynn is tagged out at home attempting to score. De La Rosa singles off of Aybar's glove, but Kendrick catches Gordon's flare to end the inning.

In the 3rd, Aybar singles and while Abreu strikes out swinging Aybar is picked off 1st by Navarro embarrassingly. He would later get his revenge. In the bottom of the inning Ethier, Kemp, and Loney all single consecutively to load the bases. Then Gwynn proceeds to whiff and Navarro pathetically grounds out to waste those three singles.

Rubby pitches his best inning in the 4th striking out Callapso and sending the Angels down 1-2-3. In the bottom of the inning, Carroll doubles, Rubby bunts Carroll over to 3rd, but then Carroll is tagged out at home on a fielder's choice grounder by Gordon.

The Angels come back in the 5th when Mathis walks, Haren bunts him over, Izturis then doubles Mathis in making it 2-2. Aybar then gets his revenge by hitting a 2-run homerun making it 4-2 Angels. The Dodgers try to scratch their way back when Ethier doubles, Loney singles Ethier to third, and Ethier scores on a force out by Gwynn. Loney out at second, 4-3. Gwynn steals second when Mathis laughingly throws to 1st base by mistake. Navarro pops out to end the rally.

In the 6th the Angels continue to score like teams do with good managers. Wells singles, Honeycutt visits the mound again, Wells is caught stealing second, and then Kendrick proceeds to hit a solo homerun making it 5-2. In the bottom of the 6th Rusty Anchor walks and takes second on a wild pitch, Uribe hits into a signature grounder.

Rubby De La Rosa goes 6 innings, allowing 9 hits, 5 runs, 4 walks, and striking out 6 on 100 pitches.

Haren goes 6 innings, allowing 10 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk, and striking out 3 on 118 pitches.

Dougie pitches a 1-2-3 inning on 9 pitches in the 7th. Takahashi, a lefty version of Hiroki Kuroda, comes in to pitch for the Angels and strikes out Kemp while sending down the Dodgers in order in the bottom of the 7th.

Kuo comes in to pitch the 8th and immediately allows a single to Aybar, Bourjos bunts and Kuo can't get to it. Loney picks it up and throws the ball away allowing Bourjos to reach third base on his error. Aybar scores. 6-3 Angels. Kuo strikes out Wells then Hawksworth is brought in and he immediately gives up a single to Callapso which scores Bourjos, 7-3. The inning is finally over when Kendrick hits into a double play. The Dodgers of course go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 8th against Takahashi including whiffs to both Gwynn and Carroll.

In the 9th Trumbo reaches on an error by Uribe who had a horrible night to add to his horrible season thus far. Trumbo steals 2nd. Mathis sacs him over to third. Elbert is brought in and Wilson's fly ball scores Trumbo, 8-3. Kohn pitches the bottom of the 9th and the Dodgers go down in order and finish up with a Uribe strikeout as the cherry on top of this loss.

The Angels did have some baserunning issues, but even this was not enough to lose to the Dodgers. Remember last season the Angels swept us at home, and this series might be an instant replay. Tomorrow I believe Kuroda is pitching in a 1:10pm game. Go Blue:)

Dodgers Set to Battle Cross-Town Rivals

Angels @ Dodgers
7:10 pm
Game 1
Mike Scioscia as a Simpsons Character 
Last season the Dodgers lost 5 of 6 games to the Angels and were swept at home by the Halos. The Dodgers will drive down the freeway next month when they play in Anaheim July 1-3. Manager Mike Scioscia has a 41-25 record against his former club in his career. The Angels are 2 games under .500 and  in 3rd place in the AL West 3 games behind the Texas Rangers. The Dodgers are 8 games under .500 and 7.5 games behind Arizona and SF. The Dodgers have only won 3 games during this homestand.

Rubby De La Rosa (3-1, 4.58) will go up against the Angels for the first time in his young career. Rubby had a rough start last time out against the Astros. The Dodgers are really looking for him to step up in the 5th starter spot since Jon Garland most likely is done for the season and maybe even his career. Dan Haren (6-5, 2.96) will counter Rubby for the Angels. Haren went to Pepperdine University, and will be making his 15th start against the Dodgers. He has a 4-5 record with a with a 3.19 ERA against the Dodgers. Haren is also a pretty good hitter. Last season he hit .364 with Arizona, and has a career .225 average with 26 RBIs in 258 at-bats.

In a mind-altering tweet yesterday, The Dodgers cited that Aaron Miles is leading the NL in June with a .429 batting he on some new roids we don't know about? Well, I'm not going to complain since we need all the offense we can get.


Gordon 6
Uribe 5
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Thames 7
Navarro 2
Carroll 4
De La Rosa 1

Matt Kemp had a live Twitter Q&A session earlier today. We learned that he likes 2Pac, likes to watch tennis, and would like to stay with the Dodgers since they were the team who drafted him and gave him the chance to play in MLB. "That's the team I want 2 b with from the beginning 2 the end." We also learned that Matt was okay with Uribe using a Rihanna song when he comes up to bat.

Go Blue:)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dodgers cant catch a tiger by the tail

Tigers      7 10 0
Dodgers  5 13 0

our wendensday afternoons were ruined today thanks to the crappyness of homerun king ted Lilly, Lillys poor performence, mixed with awful relievers Macdougal, Guerrier, and a TOOTBLAN from James Loney, all played together for a Dodger loss to the Tigers 7-5. the Tigers leave town with a win, as the Dodgers wait for the Angels over the weekend.

Lilly begins the game by doing what he does best. serving up homeruns. Wells the first hitter, hits one out to right field. this would be the first of three homeruns hit off of Father Time Lilly.
however Lilly strikes out the side, retiring Raburn, Boesch, and Cabrera.

the Dodgers would score two in the bottom half Uribe singles, Ethier flies out, Bison triples down the right field line, scoring Uribe. tie game. Loney's bloop single scores Kemp, giving the Dodgers a temporary lead of 2-1.

the homerun contest continued off of the old man in the second. Martinez walks, and Ordonez depostis a typical Lilly meatball into the bleachers giving the TIgers a 3-2 lead. roar right? ughhhhh

however Lily strikes out Worth and Porcello to end the frame.

the Dodgers go downh 123 in the third inning off of Porcello who wasnt any better than Lilly today. neither starting pitcher made it through the 5th inning.

Lilly's awfulness continued in the fourth. Wells fouls out, Raburn strikes out, and we think, hey, maybe Lilly can get through an inning without allowing a homerun right? wrong-o!
Boesch doubles, then Cabrera hits a ball over Ethier's head that bounces off of the top of the wall and goes over for a homerun. 5-2.

move to the bottom of the fourth. the Dodgers pick up a run, but a Loney TOOTBLAN prevents the Dodgers from scoring more.
Bison singles, and steals second. Loney walks. Thames singles, bison scores, Loney advances to second. 5-3. Fatty sacrifices the runners over to second and third with 1 out. Carroll batting hits a pop fly to shallow right field. of coarse dumbass Loney, thinks hes fleet of foot or something and tries to score, and he is thrown out at home by 20 feet. dammit Loney never make the third out at home you dumbass!
credit Ordonez with the assist in right field.

Loney is tagged out at the plate, during his fifth inning TOOTBLAN

Tigers pitcher Porcello celebrates after Loney is tagged out at the plate for the third out of the inning.

that play was important, because old man Lilly couldnt make it out of the 5th. wells pops out, Raburn flies out, and Lilly is just 1 out away from making it through 5. can he do it? nope!
Boesch singles. Donnie has had enough and hooks him to bring in pitcher extroidonair Dougie. I joke here as you all should know by now, that Dougie has really sucked balls of late. Cabrera and Martinez both single, scoring boesch 6-3 tigers. Dougie does get through the inning retiring ordonez on a grounder.

the Dodgers claw their way back in the 5th. Gwynn batting for Dougie, singles, Miles singles, two on nobody out. Uribe (who has no business batting second) does his best to destroy the scoring rally, by hitting into a double play. blondie is useless. gwynn goes to third with 2 outs. our big boys came through following Blondies incompentence. Dre singles, scoring Gwynn 6-4. Kemp singles, sending Dre to second. Leyland finally hooks Porcello, and brings in Furbush. Loney another bloop single, scores Ethier, 6-5. Loney is on fire! well for Loney that is.
this guy named Al Albuquerque comes into to pitch. (what  cool name huh?) Albuquerque walks thames to load the bases, but strikes out fatty to end the frame, with the Dodgers down by 1 run.

Jansen pitches the 6th, and has a 123 inning, striking out worth, and Dirks.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the 6th against Albuquerque.

in the 7th, Jansen walks wells, strikes out Raburn and Boesch, but cant get out of the inning. always with two outs. of coarse. he walks Cabrera, and then in comes the worst relief pitcher in baseball. Alpha Bum Guerrier. the million dollar loser, does what he usually does, giving up runs with runners on base. , oh wait exuse me, he got the out in this situation, retiring Martinez on a fly ball. he coughs up the run in the 8th inning. well get to that in a second.

the Dodgers go down in the 7th, and Guerrier aggravates us all in the 8th. Kelly hitting for Albuquerque homers to right. 7-5 Detroit. peralta singles. ughhh. get him out! get him out! Donnie hooks the loser and brings in hawksworth. Dodger fans cheer. worth grounds into a fielder's choice, and Drik's double play, ends the inning.

the Dodgers get a Fatty single, and a tony gwynn walk in the bottom of the 8th, off of Benoit, but dont score.

move to the bottom of the 9th. the Dodgers would put up their obligatory failed 9th inning rally, that of coarse would come up just short. with Fatty batting with the bases loaded.

Tiger's flamethrowing closer Valverde is on in relief. Uribe pops out, but Dre singles, Kemp walks. Loney's third hit of the night, a bloop single falls just in front of left fielder Kelly. bases loaded 1 out.

with Gordon at bat ( he was brought into the game in the 9th as a defensive replacement.) Donnie decides to go to the bench and has Casey Blake pinch hit. once again Donnie trys playing for the homerun ball, does this ever work Donnie? nooooooo it doesnt.
no suprise, Blake who maybe plays once every week and a half, strikes out. this leaves the game in the hands of Fatty. Leyland makes a trip to the mound to counsel Valverde. why is it that Navarro always seems to be at the plate during a crucial 9th inning rally? fatty hits a long fly ball that looked good, but center fielder Jackson makes a nice running catch at the wall, to end the game. the Tigers leave town with a win, and the Dodgers dont get the sweep.

we need to start some kind of petition to get Uribe, Guerrier, and Lilly released. ide rather the Dodgers be on the hook for their salaries with them OFF the team, then keep paying them to suck.

tomorrow is an off day, and then the Angels come to town for the last three games of the season. oh boy. we all know how the Dodgers play against the Angels right Dodger fans? just great. good times right?

friday nights game is at 710, with De La Rosa on the mound against 6-5 2.96 ERA Dan Haren. joy.
well see you then Dodger fans. GO BLUE

Let's Keep the Tigers Caged For One More Game

Tigers @ Dodgers
Game 3

Well when your starting pitcher doesn't meltdown in the 5th inning and your bullpen manages to hold on to the lead and even strike out the side in the 9th (gasp! great job, Hawk!) then perhaps you may win some games. When other players other than Kemp are contributing to the offense then perhaps you may win some games. The Dodgers have won the series against the Tigers, but now they're looking for a sweep, their first of the season, before a day off on Thursday. The Angels and Mike Scioscia come over to Dodger Stadium for a three game series this weekend which culminates in a showdown between Jared Weaver and Clayton Kershaw on Sunday.

It was so nice to see Hong-Chih Kuo back and healthy from dealing with some anxiety problems. We're all human, and even Major League players can have mental problems. He looked good, pitching a scoreless inning in the 8th. A.J. Ellis had some kind words when he said "he looked exactly the same," Ellis said. "The fact that he bounced back after what he's been through, I'm so happy for him. I was happy just to catch him the first time back. We've developed a good relationship with each other."

Ted Lilly (5-6, 4.26) will be on the mound for the Dodgers as they attempt to win four games in a row, which they have not accomplished this season. I guess Lilly is still on his "short leash", and will be watched as he approaches 90 pitches. He was pulled after exactly 90 pitches last time out against the Astros, and Don Mattingly said this is because the opposing lineup usually hits him hard the third go around. Understandable since Lilly isn't a young whippersnapper. The Dodger starters haven't allowed a homerun in 7 games and 65 innings. I don't want to jinx it, but we all know Lilly is homerun prone. Rick Porcello (6-5, 4.18) had a really bad start last Friday when he allowed 9 runs on 8 hits and in just 3 innings against the Rockies.

Jon Garland threw for the first time yesterday since going on the DL with shoulder inflammation. He quickly stopped, and is now questioning whether he will be able to return at all and whether his career is essentially over. He stated that he has always had some inflammation issues due to wear and tear over the years. It has been building up and getting worse. We wish him the best, but it doesn't sound good.


Miles 4
Uribe 5
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Thames 7
Navarro 2
Carroll 6
Lilly 1

Miles will be leading off today, which is ok since he is hitting .310 now. Thames, sigh, will get another start in left and he has bumped up his average to .182 after getting a rare single the other day. Navarro gets to start over Ellis. Carroll will be at shortstop, giving Dee Gordon a day off.

Let's go for the sweep! Go Blue:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dodgers declaw Tigers

Tigers     1   7  0
Dodgers  6  9  0

growl? more like a meow. the Dodgers beat the Tigers 6-1 tonight, winning their third in a row, and improve to 3-2 in interleague play. its very rare to see the Dodgers playing this well against the american league.

it was truly a team effort tonight, as Chad Billingsley went 5.1 innings, only allowing 1 run, Ethier slugged a two run homerun, AJ ellis drove in a run in his first start since being recalled, and the bullpen pitched 3.2 scoreless innings.

Freaky eyed Scherzer takes his third loss of the year for Detroit

Bills pitches 5.1 allowing 1 run as he evens his record at 6-6

Bills pitched a scoreless first inning, only allowing a single to Kelly.

the Dodgers score first in the bottom of the second. with 1 out, Loney walks, Miles a hit and run groundball single to right advances Loney to third. A.J. Ellis in his first game back from AAA, slaps a base hit to right, scoring Loney. 1-0 Dodgers! welcome back A.J. Ellis!

Gwynn walks, Bills with the bases loaded, grounds a fielder's choice, the throw home is wide but Detroit catcher Avilla makes a nice lunging catch while keeping his foot on home plate to get a force out on Miles. Gordon grounds out to end the inning.

in the third, the Dodgers get three straight great defensive plays for a 123 inning, by Bills, Miles, and Uribe respectivly.

move to the top of the fourth, where Bills runs into trouble, as the Tigers score their only run of the game. Kelly walks, Boesch singles, sending Kelly to second. Martinez singles home Kelly tying the game at 1-1. Bills battles back, striking out Dirks and Avilla, then getting Raburn to ground out.

the Dodgers play small ball for a run in the bottom of the fourth. Loney leads off with a bloop double over the head of third baseman Kelly. Miles grounder to first, gets dumbass Loney caught in between second and third. hes tagged out, but Miles takes second on the play, just barly ahead of the tag.
Ellis' grounder puts Miles at third. Gwynn hits a little dribbler up along third, halfway in between the mound and thid base. Gwynn beats out the throw by a foot, and Miles scores, giving the Dodgers a 2-1 lead! Bills strikes out looking to end the frame.

the Dodgers get two much needed insurance runs in the 5th. Uribe singles to right, and Dre slams a homerun into the right field bleachers! 4-1 Dodgers! Steve Dilbeck eat your heart out!

Andre Ethier slugs his 7th home run of the year, as he high fives Juan Uribe at home plate

Bills gets through the 5th, but runs out of gas in the 6th. he just made too many pitches. Boesch and martinez single, Dirks is called out on a called third strike, but Avilla walks to load the bases with 1 out. out comes Donnie to hook Bills and Bring in Dougie.

Bills makes 110 pitches allowing only 1 run on 6 hits while only walking two and striking out 6.
with Raburn due up, Leyland plays his trump card. Miguel Cabrera, who was resting tonight, is asked to pinch hit with the base loaded. Dougie for once does his job, inducing Cabrera into an innning ending double play. still 4-1 Dodgers

with freaky eyed Scherzer still in, the Dodgers pick up two more runs, off the struggling Tigers. Miles singles, Ellis flies out, and gwynn strikes out 2 outs. Oeltjen hitting for Dougie, doubles to the gap, scoring Miles. oeltjen would have had a triple but fell down rounding second base.
next up Gordon singles home Oeltjen making it 6-1 Dodgers!

Trent Oeltjen slides in just ahead of Tigers catcher Avilla's tag to score in the Dodgers 6-1 win

Alpha Bum Guerrier comes in to pitch the 7th, and out stomachs begin to churn, but everything would be alright this time. he starts out by walking Santiago. Wells batting for Scherzer singles, and there is two on and none out. crap! not to worry though. Guerrier strikes out Jackson, and gets Kelly to ground into an inning ending double play to preserve the lead.

Miles turns an Important double play, to get the Dodgers out of a 7th inning jam

Purcey comes in to relieve Scherzer in the 7th, who drops to 9-3 on the year. with 1 out, Kemp is walked, and after Loney strikes out, Kemp steals second, for his 20th steal of the year. Kemp becomes just the second dodger is dodger history to have 20 homers and 20 steals before the all-star break.
Miles walks, and Schlereth relieves Purcey. Ellis walks to load the bases, but Gwynn flies out.

Matt Kemp steals his 20th base of the year

this is where my cable starts to go out, timewarner sucks! Kuo makes his first appearance since coming off of the DL, and looked great, striking out Boesch to open the frame, and retiring the side in order. whatever the shrink was doing for Kuo, its worked!

after the Dodgers go down in the 8th, Blake Hawksworth came in and struck out the side. he looked great! he strikes out Avila Worth, and Santiago to end the game! Dodgers win!

the slumping giants lost their 5th straight tonight, losing to the twins, while Arizona and Colorado both won. this means Arizona moves into first place by a half game, and Colorado is in third 2.5 games bacl. the Dodgers also pick a game, they close to within 6.5 of first place Arizona.

with the bullpen getting healthy, the Dodgers might be able to start picking up some ground, can they keep it up? tomorrow in another throwback game at 1215, Rick Porcello will draw up against Ted Lilly tomorrow afternoon, as the Dodgers go for the sweep! lets tame these cats! go blue!

Dodgers try to pounce on Tigers-Selig says no deal to McCourts

Dodgers Lineup

Max Scherzer-9-2 vs. Chad Billingsley-5-6

I did not watch the game last night, but did get the updates from Stac. I was knee deep in a two hour lecture on structured Cabling, while Clayton Kershaw was making mince meat out of some Kitty cats called the Tigers.

I joke here, but seriously I saw the hightlights after school, and man wow. the Tigers just had no chance off of Kershaw. MSTI posted about how this game last night, according to game score, topped his previous game score highs for this season, he also has two of his starts this year, in the top five in MLB!

It seems like every start, keeps besting his previous one. weve seen many starts from Kershaw like this one. in which he just strikes everyone out. this was his second two-hit complete game shutout with at least 10 strikeouts on the season. that breaking ball he was throwing last night was just nasty!

so we already know that kershaw is awomse! just as good, was beating former Dodger pitcher Brad Penny. infamously known for his tantrums, and cleaning out his locker early, after being left off of the playoff roster after his awful 2008 season with the Dodgers.

of coarse only two other players could be remembered for tantrums more notorious than Brad Penny. another pitcher by the name of Carlos Perez. oh yes we all remember him dont you dodger fans?

we all watched in horror as Perez attacked an innocent water cooler in the Dodger dugout, after another terrible start.

I dont like water coolers

and of coarse no one could forget the infamous Milton Bradley's tirades. those blowups will never be duplicated again.

Milton Bradley tosses balls onto the field during one of his signature tantrums.

well enough about those tantrum makers, lets get to tonight's pitching matchups. Max Scherzer (remember him? he used to pitch for Arizona), will counter Chad Billingsley. Scherzer is 9-2 this year, although with a high era of 4.32. hes looking for his 10th win, which would lead the American League I believe. while Bills is trying to turn around a terrible june, in which he has allowed 17 runs, over 13.2 innings.
Bills has only 1 career win against the Tigers in which he won, going seven innings, while Scherzer is 1-2 against the Dodgers, all from his Arizona days.

in other news off the field, Commissioner Bud Selig, has rejected Frank Mccourt's proposed Fox Deal, which he claims will get him and the Dodgers out of financial trouble. with Selig rejecting this deal, it looks all the more likly, he will force Mccourt out, leading to an eventual sale of the team. yes please.
remember, Baseball is not a democracy, its a dictatorship, with the Commissioner calling the shots. the Commissioner runs the show. sure he has to get approval from the players and other owners, but weve all seen when Selig wants something (Wild card, Interleague play), he gets it. and what Bud wants, is a healthy, competitive financially stable Dodger team, run by a sane non-scumbag owner. thats what we all want Bud, please make it happen!

file this under the it could always be worse category. the Marlins lost their 11th game in a row last night to Jared Weaver and the Angels. theyve lost 19 of 20 games in June, and have fallen to last place in the NL east. the day before Marlins Manager Edwin Rodriguez just couldnt take the losing anymore, marched into the front office and said, "cant take it anymore, I quit" yep he resigned, and while the Fish search for a permanent replacement, they decided to wheel the corpse of 80 year old Jack Mckeon back into the dugout as interim manager. yikes. things could always be worse Dodger fans.

and how about Stacie finally ending her losing streak with the win last night. poor Stac. ive already had my three week streak earlier in the year, so I know how she feels. its terrible seeing loss after loss every night, then having to write about it. shes a trooper. enjoy the win sis, you deserve it.

also what in the world has gotten into fatty navarro the last couple of games? game winning homers? RBI doubles, picking off runners at third base!? also note Loney has his avg up to respectable levels at .266.
game time is at 710 on KCAL. we will update with the lineup once its posted. go blue!