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Saturday, June 18, 2011

losing streak continues for woefull Dodgers

Astros     7  11 1
Dodgers  0  10 0
LP-De La Rosa-3-1

Catcher Big Rod, consoles De La Rosa during a typical 5th inning meltdown, as both players are well aware how bad the Dodgers suck balls.

The Dodgers continue their losing ways, as they lose their fith straight game, and 8 of their last 10 games. they are 0-5 on this homestand, and likly to lose every game.

838 lucky fans got to watch two second division teams, battle for bragging rights.

in the top of the first inning, the Dodgers wasted no time. might as well get the losin' started as soon as possible right? the leadoff hitter, Bourne doubles down the left field line, the ball dropping into nowheresville. Bourne easily into second with a double. Rubby would settle down, retiring Kepinger on a groundout, and Lee on a pop out.

in the bottom of the first with two outs, Ethier doubles. but Kemp is predictably walked, and our .215 hitting, 30 million dollar third baseman flies out.

De La Rosa breezes through the second inning, striking out the side. retiring Wallace, Johnson, and Barmes respectivly.

moving to the bottom of the second inning. even when the Dodgers do put together a scoring rally, they continue to find ways to not score runs. one of those ways they do this is by getting thrown out on the bassepaths, with risky TOOTBLANS.
with 1 out, Big Rod is safe on a Johnson error. Carroll flies out. De La Rosa collects his first major league hit, a pop fly single to left, sending Big Rod to second. Gordon lines a single to right, and for some damm reason unknown to humanity, Big Rod thinks he can score from second base. he is thrown out by a mile. as he approaches home plate, he decides against trying to run over houston catcher Corporan, as that would have likly put him in the hospital. Big Rod is a nice guy, jsut not very good at ya know playin' baseball.

both teams go down in order in the third inning. and a Keppinger single in the fourth breaks up DLR 10 consecutive batter retired streak. hes erased as Carlos Lee grounds into a double play.

move to the top ofthe 5th. still no score, Stacie and I saw this typical 5th inning meltdown coming a mile away. and cue meltdown now.......

De La Rosa starts the madness by walking Wallace. here we go. this inning was like a joke.
Johnson singles, and Barmes drops down a bunt single into noman's land. bases loaded nobody out. the Dodgers are forced to bring their infield up. then De La Rosa struck out, Corporan, and Rodriguez, and maybe the Dodgers can get out of it. Stac and I know better. Bourne walks. forcing in a run. 1-0 Houston.
Bourgeois singles and Johnson scores 2-0. Keppinger singles, scoring Bourne and Barmes. 4-0.
Lee walks, and Donnie finally removes the flustered De La Rosa, as he cant make it out of the fith inning. Dougie is brought in to pour gasoline on the fire. the obligatory wild pitch from Dougie scores another run, and Big Rod is injured as he tries to track down the ball. Navarro comes into the game to replace him, and we fully expect Big Rod to land on the DL. (not a bad thing as this will force the Dodgers to call up Ellis) Wallace finally strikes out ending the inning.

next inning, Gordon and Blake single with two outs, but are left stranded when Dre strikes out.

newly activated Jansen pitches the 6th and retires the side. Jansen looked good, thats something right?

Abad comes in to relieve Rodriguez in the 7th, as he leaves with an undisclosed injury. Rodriguez pitches 6 scoreless innings. Abad works around a Miles single to keep the Dodgers from scoring.

the astros score two runs in the 8th off of Troncsucko.

the Dodgers are shutout for the fith time at home. and score no runs on 10 hits. this is unspeakably bad.
fans will continue to boycott the games until there is a competitive team on the field. I encourage dodger fans to do this, we dont need to be lining Mccourt's pockets, while watching this lousy team.
this kind of play is unnaceptable, Dodger fans deserve better.

watch the Dodgers lose again tomorrow at 110PM. with Kuroda on the mound.
have a happy father's day Dodger fans. goodnight. go blue

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