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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dodgers Hope to Fizzle the Phillies and Take Series

Dodgers @ Phillies
4:05 pm
Game 3

Philadelphia's claim to fame is a old cracked bell. For me, really the only good thing to come out of Philly is the cheesesteak. Hopefully the Dodgers will be partaking in one of these cheesy, meaty delights after they win the series against my second most hated team, the Philles. (First being the Giants of course)
After Rubby Tuesday concluded with a nice win for the rookie, and Dee Gordon made a huge splash with three base hits and a stolen base in his first Major League game, the Dodgers look to take the series from the first place Phillies before heading over to Colorado. Surprisingly the Dodgers are playing decently on this East Coast road trip. The youth movement has refreshed this gimpy team, and perhaps allowed them to realize that this is the direction they need to take for the future. It also helps to have the Bison on your team. Matt Kemp is just in "Beast Mode" as he likes to call it, right now. He has 17 homeruns and 50 RBIs and it's only June 8th. He's tied for first place in both categories in the league.

Hiroki Kuroda (5-6, 3.46) will go to the mound on an expected sweltering hot day in Philadelphia. Kuroda has played exceptionally well against the Phillies in his career. He is 2-0 and has a .67 ERA against the first place team in four starts. Kuroda wants to pick up a win since he has had a three game losing streak. The Dodgers will have a very tough time today, because Cole Hamels (7-2, 2.83) will be pitching for the Phillies. He has not lost since May 8th.

After the Phillies flared and made two errors yesterday, the Dodgers now have only 27 errors and the Phillies have 28 errors on the season. Their fielding percentages are tops in the Majors. Andre Ethier, in 56 games, has a 1.0 fielding percentage, 6 assists, and no errors (although I thought I remembered him having one but maybe the scoring was changed on that play?). So for all the naysayers who disregard him as an elite right fielder, what more do you want? I base my judgement on a player not only by stats but also by watching him play during the course of the season. Dre and Kemp are excellent outfielders. I'm not saying they should win Gold Gloves (although Kemp has won that honor before), but they definately deserve recognition.


Gordon 6
Blake 3
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Uribe 5
Thames 7
Barajas 2
Carroll 4
Kuroda 1

Casey Blake will be playing at first base instead of Loney again which is fine by me. Uribe will be at third, and Carroll at second. Big Rod is behind the plate. Thames will be in left field. He is hitting an abysmal .154 with only 6 hits but 12 strikeouts in his 39 at bats.

Let's go Blue:)

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