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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let's Keep the Tigers Caged For One More Game

Tigers @ Dodgers
Game 3

Well when your starting pitcher doesn't meltdown in the 5th inning and your bullpen manages to hold on to the lead and even strike out the side in the 9th (gasp! great job, Hawk!) then perhaps you may win some games. When other players other than Kemp are contributing to the offense then perhaps you may win some games. The Dodgers have won the series against the Tigers, but now they're looking for a sweep, their first of the season, before a day off on Thursday. The Angels and Mike Scioscia come over to Dodger Stadium for a three game series this weekend which culminates in a showdown between Jared Weaver and Clayton Kershaw on Sunday.

It was so nice to see Hong-Chih Kuo back and healthy from dealing with some anxiety problems. We're all human, and even Major League players can have mental problems. He looked good, pitching a scoreless inning in the 8th. A.J. Ellis had some kind words when he said "he looked exactly the same," Ellis said. "The fact that he bounced back after what he's been through, I'm so happy for him. I was happy just to catch him the first time back. We've developed a good relationship with each other."

Ted Lilly (5-6, 4.26) will be on the mound for the Dodgers as they attempt to win four games in a row, which they have not accomplished this season. I guess Lilly is still on his "short leash", and will be watched as he approaches 90 pitches. He was pulled after exactly 90 pitches last time out against the Astros, and Don Mattingly said this is because the opposing lineup usually hits him hard the third go around. Understandable since Lilly isn't a young whippersnapper. The Dodger starters haven't allowed a homerun in 7 games and 65 innings. I don't want to jinx it, but we all know Lilly is homerun prone. Rick Porcello (6-5, 4.18) had a really bad start last Friday when he allowed 9 runs on 8 hits and in just 3 innings against the Rockies.

Jon Garland threw for the first time yesterday since going on the DL with shoulder inflammation. He quickly stopped, and is now questioning whether he will be able to return at all and whether his career is essentially over. He stated that he has always had some inflammation issues due to wear and tear over the years. It has been building up and getting worse. We wish him the best, but it doesn't sound good.


Miles 4
Uribe 5
Ethier 9
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Thames 7
Navarro 2
Carroll 6
Lilly 1

Miles will be leading off today, which is ok since he is hitting .310 now. Thames, sigh, will get another start in left and he has bumped up his average to .182 after getting a rare single the other day. Navarro gets to start over Ellis. Carroll will be at shortstop, giving Dee Gordon a day off.

Let's go for the sweep! Go Blue:)

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