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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Interleague rubber game for Dodgers

Dodgers lineup

Rubby De La Rosa-3-2 vs. Baker-5-5

the Dodgers continue through this latest slog of interleague games, finishing up a three game series with Minnesota, before flying back to Socal, for a three game set with the Angels, which will end interleague play for the year.

Im very convinced that at this point, Don Mattingly needs to be fired. I dont blame him completly for the Dodgers struggles, and lousy play, but his in game decisions are terrible. he may not be as bad as Joe Torre, but he just does different things that piss me off. instead of using 800 pitchers per game like Torre did to aggravate me, he insists every game, on pinch hitting fatty Navarro in the 9th inning during a scoring rally. its infuriating. and if you listened to the exuces he makes for that useless loser, you would be shocked. the Dodgers are in last place and Mattingly deserves to be fired for this disaster, as they need to also get rid of all of these useless aging, and lousy players.

the pitching matchups, have two rightys that have never faced the opposing teams. Rubby De La Rosa, the rook for the Dodgers who cant throw strikes. hes 3-2 against the league. twins righty Scott Baker will counter, hes never faced the Dodgers before either, but has pitched decent with a 5-5 record.

lets just get this win and get out of here. btw the Dodgers offense has been much improved for the month of june. they have four players in the top 12 in hitting for the month of june. (Gwynn,Loney, Kemp, and Miles) its been the lousy pitching. although the bumpen has pitched much better of late, namely its lousy fourth and fith starters. look on the bright side Dodger fans, at least we dont have to watch Ted Lilly pitch today.
the game is about to start right now, as the game is a 1010AM start time. well see you guys after the game. GO BLUE.

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