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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kuroda's Gem and Pudjito's homer give Dodgers a father's day victory

Astros    0 3 0
Dodgers 1 3 1
Poor Hiroki, 7 three hit innings, was not enough for a win

Houston pitcher Bud Norris pitches 6 scoreless innings, but gets a no-decision

good god man what is it going to take to get Hiroki Kuroda a win? on father's day the Dodgers finally snapped their five game losing streak, by beating the Astros 1-0, and winning their first game of the homestand.
no run support poster boy, Hiroki Kuroda, pitched brilliantly, and Navarro hit the game winning homer in the 8th inning, to give the Dodgers the win on father's day.

seriously I think Kuroda could pitch a no-hitter and still lose, actually thats come close to happening, and almost did today. the Dodgers didnt do jack shit offensivly, and by the 8th inning, they only had two hits, a single from navarro, and a single from Loney, before Fatty would hit the game winning homer himself to win it for the Dodgers.

this game was a very good pitching duel between Kuroda, and Bud Norris. I was able to catch most of the game at my pops house. he has a very nice plasma HD tv, and let me tell you, Loney's weak groundballs never looked so crisp and clean, like they did on the HD. I swear, its almost as if I was there at the Ravine, watching Loney groundout. Stac came over, later, so obviously with both of us there, that left no one to blog the postgame. sorry for the lateness people.

the Astros had their first hit int he second inning. with two outs, Johnson doubled, Barmes walked, and both runners advanced on a wild pitch. but Kuroda strikes out Corporan to end the inning.

Kuroda wouldnt allow much more after that, as he was looking to snap a five game losing streak.

in the third inning, there was a throwing error from Dee Gordon. followed by a walk, and another wild pitch, once again putting runners at second and third with two outs. but Kuroda is tenacious on the mound, getting Carlos Lee to pop out.

Navarro collects a single in the third, but is left stranded at second. Gordon whiffing for the third out.

in the fourth inning, Kemp walks, and steals second, but is left there as well, when Loney whiffs for out number three.

the ohfers continued throughout the day.

in the top of the 5th, after Kuroda strikes out Bourne, on a borderline pitch, he just couldnt keep his mouth shut, and the home plate umpire tosses him. soon afterwards, Astros manager Brad Mills is tossed as well. *shrugs*

Bourne is ejected afetr arguing balls and strikes on sunday

Manager Mills is ejected

in the top of the 6th, Keppinger gets a meaningless single, but thats it.

move along to the top of the 7th. with the game still scoreless, Kuroda runs into trouble. Johnson leads off with a double. and really, the Astros probably should have sacrificed him over to third, but there as bad as the Dodgers. Kuroda still in, gets Barmes to fly out to Bison. Kemp makes a very good throw to keep Johnson from advancing to third. Corporan strikes out swinging. with two outs, Downs comes off the bench to bat for Norris. his pop out to second base, ends the inning, leaving the game still tied at nada nada.

Norris pitches 6 scoreless innings, only allowing 2 hits, and was not involved in the decision. but neither was Kuroda, who was taken out after 7 scoreless innings, only allowing three hits.

the Dodgers somewhat threatened in the bottom of the 7th, but found their typical way of destroying another scoring oppurtunity.
with Escalona pitching, he walks Ethier. Kemp flies out, but Loney singles up the middle. this is the second hit for the Dodgers. no joke!
Lopez relieves escalona, and of coarse, Blake grounds into a double play. (is it just me, or is Blake looking extra rusty latly. I think his hair got greyer over the last week)

anyways still tied at nothing nothing, alpha bum Guerrier comes in and suprisingly pitches a 123 inning in the 8th.

with 1 out, in the bottom of the 8th, and lopez still pitching for Houston, Navarro slams a solo homerun to right field, to put the Dodgers ahead 1-0. this is fatty's second homer of the year. this will also buy him another two months of being the starting catcher. all joking aside, Navarro had a good game.

Navarro high fives manager Don Mattingly, after his 8th inning homerun put the Dodgers ahead 1-0

to the top of the 9th we go, and Guerra is brought in to close. Kuo was warming in the pen, but was not needed.
were on pins and needles as usual, with this bullpen, but everything was fine. Guerra pitches a perfect 123 9th inning, and the Dodgers finally win a game. the crowd gets to hear the I love LA song for the first time in 72 years. Dodgers win!!!

Pitcher Javy Guerra, throws his hands up, after recording the final out, of the Dodgers 1-0 win

Guerrier picks up the win, in relief, which should have gone to Hiroki. poor Hiroki. when will he get a win again? Guerra picks up the save in relief, and Navarro gets a game ball.

tomorrow the Dodgers face the Detroit Tigers, in the first interleague game at Dodgers stadium this year. Clayton kershaw will face old friend Brad Penny, tomorrow night. hey with the win, at least were now comfortably out of the cellar, and firmly in fourth place. thats something good right?
Happy Father's day everyone! go blue!

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