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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dodgers cant catch a tiger by the tail

Tigers      7 10 0
Dodgers  5 13 0

our wendensday afternoons were ruined today thanks to the crappyness of homerun king ted Lilly, Lillys poor performence, mixed with awful relievers Macdougal, Guerrier, and a TOOTBLAN from James Loney, all played together for a Dodger loss to the Tigers 7-5. the Tigers leave town with a win, as the Dodgers wait for the Angels over the weekend.

Lilly begins the game by doing what he does best. serving up homeruns. Wells the first hitter, hits one out to right field. this would be the first of three homeruns hit off of Father Time Lilly.
however Lilly strikes out the side, retiring Raburn, Boesch, and Cabrera.

the Dodgers would score two in the bottom half Uribe singles, Ethier flies out, Bison triples down the right field line, scoring Uribe. tie game. Loney's bloop single scores Kemp, giving the Dodgers a temporary lead of 2-1.

the homerun contest continued off of the old man in the second. Martinez walks, and Ordonez depostis a typical Lilly meatball into the bleachers giving the TIgers a 3-2 lead. roar right? ughhhhh

however Lily strikes out Worth and Porcello to end the frame.

the Dodgers go downh 123 in the third inning off of Porcello who wasnt any better than Lilly today. neither starting pitcher made it through the 5th inning.

Lilly's awfulness continued in the fourth. Wells fouls out, Raburn strikes out, and we think, hey, maybe Lilly can get through an inning without allowing a homerun right? wrong-o!
Boesch doubles, then Cabrera hits a ball over Ethier's head that bounces off of the top of the wall and goes over for a homerun. 5-2.

move to the bottom of the fourth. the Dodgers pick up a run, but a Loney TOOTBLAN prevents the Dodgers from scoring more.
Bison singles, and steals second. Loney walks. Thames singles, bison scores, Loney advances to second. 5-3. Fatty sacrifices the runners over to second and third with 1 out. Carroll batting hits a pop fly to shallow right field. of coarse dumbass Loney, thinks hes fleet of foot or something and tries to score, and he is thrown out at home by 20 feet. dammit Loney never make the third out at home you dumbass!
credit Ordonez with the assist in right field.

Loney is tagged out at the plate, during his fifth inning TOOTBLAN

Tigers pitcher Porcello celebrates after Loney is tagged out at the plate for the third out of the inning.

that play was important, because old man Lilly couldnt make it out of the 5th. wells pops out, Raburn flies out, and Lilly is just 1 out away from making it through 5. can he do it? nope!
Boesch singles. Donnie has had enough and hooks him to bring in pitcher extroidonair Dougie. I joke here as you all should know by now, that Dougie has really sucked balls of late. Cabrera and Martinez both single, scoring boesch 6-3 tigers. Dougie does get through the inning retiring ordonez on a grounder.

the Dodgers claw their way back in the 5th. Gwynn batting for Dougie, singles, Miles singles, two on nobody out. Uribe (who has no business batting second) does his best to destroy the scoring rally, by hitting into a double play. blondie is useless. gwynn goes to third with 2 outs. our big boys came through following Blondies incompentence. Dre singles, scoring Gwynn 6-4. Kemp singles, sending Dre to second. Leyland finally hooks Porcello, and brings in Furbush. Loney another bloop single, scores Ethier, 6-5. Loney is on fire! well for Loney that is.
this guy named Al Albuquerque comes into to pitch. (what  cool name huh?) Albuquerque walks thames to load the bases, but strikes out fatty to end the frame, with the Dodgers down by 1 run.

Jansen pitches the 6th, and has a 123 inning, striking out worth, and Dirks.

the Dodgers go down 123 in the 6th against Albuquerque.

in the 7th, Jansen walks wells, strikes out Raburn and Boesch, but cant get out of the inning. always with two outs. of coarse. he walks Cabrera, and then in comes the worst relief pitcher in baseball. Alpha Bum Guerrier. the million dollar loser, does what he usually does, giving up runs with runners on base. , oh wait exuse me, he got the out in this situation, retiring Martinez on a fly ball. he coughs up the run in the 8th inning. well get to that in a second.

the Dodgers go down in the 7th, and Guerrier aggravates us all in the 8th. Kelly hitting for Albuquerque homers to right. 7-5 Detroit. peralta singles. ughhh. get him out! get him out! Donnie hooks the loser and brings in hawksworth. Dodger fans cheer. worth grounds into a fielder's choice, and Drik's double play, ends the inning.

the Dodgers get a Fatty single, and a tony gwynn walk in the bottom of the 8th, off of Benoit, but dont score.

move to the bottom of the 9th. the Dodgers would put up their obligatory failed 9th inning rally, that of coarse would come up just short. with Fatty batting with the bases loaded.

Tiger's flamethrowing closer Valverde is on in relief. Uribe pops out, but Dre singles, Kemp walks. Loney's third hit of the night, a bloop single falls just in front of left fielder Kelly. bases loaded 1 out.

with Gordon at bat ( he was brought into the game in the 9th as a defensive replacement.) Donnie decides to go to the bench and has Casey Blake pinch hit. once again Donnie trys playing for the homerun ball, does this ever work Donnie? nooooooo it doesnt.
no suprise, Blake who maybe plays once every week and a half, strikes out. this leaves the game in the hands of Fatty. Leyland makes a trip to the mound to counsel Valverde. why is it that Navarro always seems to be at the plate during a crucial 9th inning rally? fatty hits a long fly ball that looked good, but center fielder Jackson makes a nice running catch at the wall, to end the game. the Tigers leave town with a win, and the Dodgers dont get the sweep.

we need to start some kind of petition to get Uribe, Guerrier, and Lilly released. ide rather the Dodgers be on the hook for their salaries with them OFF the team, then keep paying them to suck.

tomorrow is an off day, and then the Angels come to town for the last three games of the season. oh boy. we all know how the Dodgers play against the Angels right Dodger fans? just great. good times right?

friday nights game is at 710, with De La Rosa on the mound against 6-5 2.96 ERA Dan Haren. joy.
well see you then Dodger fans. GO BLUE

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