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Monday, June 6, 2011

Lilly is Out Pitched By Lee As Dodgers Drop Game 1

Dodgers 1 9 0
Phillies   3 6 0
WP- Lee (5-5)
LP- Lilly (4-5)
S- Madson (13)

The Dodgers go back to their usual ways as lack of offense reigns in their loss today to the Phillies. Lilly, with his ever so slow delivery which makes me cringe, was decent. The only way we were going to win this one is if he pitched perfectly, and alas that wasn't going to happen.

Carroll and Miles led the game off with back-to-back singles, but Thames who was annoyingly hitting third in the lineup in Ethier's spot, hits into a double play and then Kemp whiffs to end the inning. In the bottom of the first, Rat Face does what Rat Face does best, which is do whatever it takes to sneakily get on base. He leans into Lilly's pitch drawing a hit by pitch call. Don Mattingly appropriately argues the shadiness of this, but is rebuffed. Rat Face takes second on Polanco's grounder. Luckily Utely whiffs and Big Nose flies out to end the threat.

Lilly comes back to pitch a 1-2-3 second inning.

Carroll singles in the third, but that is all. In the bottom of the inning Valdez leads off with a double, Lee's sac bunt gets him to third, Rat Face draws a walk, then Polanco predictably singles in Valdez giving the Phillies a 1-0 lead. Utely flies out. Big Nose then promptly singles in Rat Face, 2-0.

In the fourth Uribe singles, but Blake and Sands both stand at the plate like statues while they strike out.

In the fifth Carroll and Miles both single but Big Rod and Thames both uselessly strikeout during their at-bats. The Phillies go down 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 5th.

More whiffs run rampant as Kemp, Uribe, and Blake all strikeout against Cliff Lee for a wonderfully pathetic 6th inning. Blake is then ejected after arguing balls and strikes with the ump. Lilly only gives up a 2-out single to Ruiz in the bottom of the 6th.

In the 7th, Tony Gwynn Jr. pinch hits for Lilly and singles with 2-outs, but that is all.

Lilly goes 6 innings, allowing 5 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, and striking out 4. He made 88 pitches.

Blake Hawksworth comes into pitch the bottom of the 7th and has a nice 1-2-3 inning.

Bastardo comes into relief Lee in the 8th inning and the Dodgers go down 1-2-3.

Lee goes 7 innings, allowing 7 hits, 0 runs, 1 walk, and striking out 10. He made 117 pitches.

Dougie comes in and pitches a frustrating 8th inning. He walks Utley, strikes out Big Nose, walks Francisco, and then Ruiz doubles in Utley adding another run to the Filthies lead, 3-0.

Madsen comes in to close up shop in the 9th. Uribe leads off with a single, and Dee Gordon makes his MLB debut as a pinch-runner. Loney singles, and we have the opportunity to see Gordon fly around the bases to third base. Ethier's grounder forces out Loney at 2nd, and allows Gordon to score making it 3-1. Then Big Rod and Navarro pathetically strike out to end the game.

Sigh. Of course I come home to another ho hum 1 run game. No Bison slams tonight Dodger fans. Carroll did have 3 singles tonight, and Uribe had 2 hits which is a promising sign. Tomorrow Dee Gordon will most likely make his first start at short along with Rubby De La Rosa's first Major League start.

Today the Dodgers drafted LHP Chris Reed in the First-Year Draft. He was the #16 overall pick and comes from Stanford.

Tomorrow the rookies take over! Go Blue:)

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