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Sunday, June 26, 2011

just Gwynn baby! the Dodgers finally beat the angels

Angels    2 6 0
Dodgers  3 8 1
kershaw pitches 9 allowing only 2 runs in his 3-2 win against the Angels

I had a prepared derpessive losscap all written up,  I figured there was no way the Dodgers would win, even with kershaw on the mound. facing the Angels, and 9 game winer Jered Weaver, I figured no way right? latly Ive been extremly frustrated and Angry with this team, as we all have. however today would be different, as the Dodgers would finally beat the Angels, coming from behind to score two runs in the bottom of the 9th, to win 3-2, and avoid being swept. this was the Dodgers first win against the Angels at Dodger stadium in six games.
as you will see I have once again given the save to Tony Gwynn Jr., as once again, he came through in the clutch. this time at the plate, although the box score may show otherwise. it seems when the game is on the line, whether he be in the field or at the plate, he delivers.

the game that was billed as a battle of the aces, didnt dissapoint early on, both pitchers were on their game.
this was a game full of ohfers. one ace, vs the other ace. each team had only 1 hit through 4 innings.

the Dodgers threatened in the fourth, but of coarse got nothing. Dre doubles, Bison a broken bat bloop single to left sends Dre to third. Loney's Pop fly is too shallow to score dre, and fatty navarro whiffs.

the Dodgers threatened again in the 5th, and still couldnt score. Navarro leads off and walks, Carroll a bloop single just fair inside the right field line, sends navarro to third, with none out! but once runners reach scoring position for the Dodgers, they immediatly turn into the bad news bears. Kerhsaw at bat, grounds one to second base, Navarro, I guess thinking he was trying to stop a double play, or just was running on contact, tries to score, and is thrown out by a mile. another fucking TOOTBLAN!

Navarro TOOTBLANS the inning away as he is tagged out at the plate

uggghhhhh, of coarse, gwynn and Blake both fly out, and once again the Dodgers dont get nothin'

the Angels had Mathis double in the 6th, but he was erased when Weaver popped up a bunt, that Kershaw made a great diving catch, then doubled up Mathis at second. still no score.

the Dodgers luck would finally run out in the top of the 7th inning. Aybar, hits a pop fly double to left, just braly beating the throw into Uribeat second. that Aybar is so annoying, he did some shady maneauver with his hands to avoid the tag. Kendrick immediatly singles home Aybar, its 1-0 Angels.

Annoying Aybar is safe by inches ahead of Uribe's tag

Aybar is annoying and scores on a base hit

Kershaw did retire the next three batters to end the frame, Wells striking out, Trumbo a pop out, and Callaspo also striking out.

the Dodgers tie the game in the bottom of the 7th. with two outs, it was Kershaw himself who has to start the scoring rally. remember Kershaw, (who is in a freindly competition with Bills as to who can get more hits) came into the game hitting.294 with 10 hits. Kershaw singles, and then scores on a Tony Gwynn triple. Gwynn's triple was a long hit ball, over wells head. Wells, put his glove up but got turned around right against the wall. it was close to going over the wall for a homerun.
after a coaching visit, Weaver retires blake on a fly ball, but its tied at 1-1.

Kershaw high fives Manager Don Mattingly, after scoring on a Tony Gwynn Triple

move to the top of the 9th, with the score tied, and both starting pitchers still the pitchers of record. Kershaw is left in to start the inning. yes the Dodgers bullpen is so bad, you might as well just leave Kershaw out there, even if he has made over 100 pitches. kershaw starts the frame fine, getting Aybar to pop out, asnd Kendrick, to ground out, but then Wells hits a long homerun into the left field bleachers, and its 2-1 Angels.
Kershaw struck out 11 Angels through 9 innings.

with kershaw in line for a loss, and me ready to hang myslef, the Angels bring in young closer jordan Walden to close.
this is where things become incredulous. there was Walden's meltdown, but there was also another factor in all of this excitement during the 9th    in the middle of the 9th inning, I took myself out of the equation, Ill explain in a minute.

Walden starts out wild, falling behind, and then walking Juan Uribe. with fans still in shock, Donnie, sends Dee Gordon out to pinch run for Uribe. with Navarro batting, Gordon steals seoncond. Navarro also walks.

Dee Gordon steals second base in the 9th inning.

not being able to watch another failed 9th inning rally, I leave to go have lunch with a friend, and listen on radio. of coarse with me not watching, the Dodgers score two and come from behind to win.
Carroll sacrifices the runners to second and third with 1 out.
as Im walking in to order lunch, the Dodgers come from behind to win, of coarse while im not there to watch. If I had known I was such bad luck, I would have left during the 9th inning of every game this year.

so as Im ordering my BLT...........
with kershaw's spot due up, Miles comes off the bench to pinch hit. (miles has been great off the bench latly) Miles delivers with a sac fly to center. Gordon races home to score the tying run. the throw from Bourjos was very close, with Gordon sliding underneath Mathis' legs, as his foot just touches home plate before the tag. phewwwww. tie game at 2-2.

Dee Gordon is Safe just ahead of the tag by angels catcher Mathis, as the Dodgers tie the game

theres a delay while Scioscia argues, but the umps arent having it. we are overdue for a questionable umpiring call in our favor.

with the winning run on second base, Oeltjen pinch runs for Navarro. Gwynn lines a single to right field, as oeltjen easily scores the game winning run! the Dodgers finally beat the Angels, and save face by eeking out 1 victory. they finish the homestand at 4-8.

Gwynn's game winning hit in the 9th inning

Kemp, Kershaw and other's tackle Tony Gwynn Jr. in celebration after the Dodgers beat the Angels in dramatic fashion

the Dodgers will fly to minnesota to take on the twins for three games, as interleague play continues. sorry for the negativity latly everyone, Ive just been so frustrated, im sure everyone can understand. tomorrow Chad Billingsley will take the mound, against Nick Blackburn at 505 on Kcal. have a great Sunday Dodger fans. GO BLUE!

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