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Friday, June 3, 2011

geriatric Dodgers cant stop bleeding

Dodgers  1  6  0
Reds       2  7  0

The Dodgers need younger healthier players. these old aging veterans, just arent getting the job done, its time for the Dodgers to cut their losses and move on. but they wont. I mean this season is begining to resemble the TV show Mash.  head trainer Stan Conte, is no Hawkeye Pierce. Ill get into this in a second, and Ill get to the game highlights in a sec also. this game was like many weve seen all year.

first before the game, just hours before first pitch, we learned through tweets and various reports, that Jon Garland did not accompany the team to Cincinnati, and stayed behind in Los Angeles. apprently, he has a sore shoulder, and will be placed on the DL, although no official roster moves have been announced yet. it is expected that Ruby De La Rosa will make his first start on tuesday in Garland's place.

more on all the injury updates later, lets get to the game.

same results different day. pitching was great, Kuroda gave a solid start, despite not having his dominating stuff, and of coarse, no offense of any kind. the Dodgers lost to the reds 2-1.

the reds were dealing with injuries of their own, second baseman Brandon Phillips sat out today because of injury, but really when you play the Dodgers all you have to do is get one timly hit.

in the bottom of the second, Bruce and rolen single. Bruce is thrown out trying to steal third. Navarro picks him off. this is an important play. Lewis singles, janish walks, loading the bases. Hanigan strikes out, then Arroyo grounds into a fielder's choice. the Dodgers get out of it.

in the top of the third, Furcal had to come out of the game after injuring himself on that pickoff play. apparently he hurt his side, and is day to day. Carroll played at short the rest of the game.
*update furcal oblique strain, back to DL*
Kuroda pitched out of another jam in the third inning. with two outs, Votto singles, steals second. Jay Bruce is intentionally  walked. Rolen grounds out.

in the 4th, the Dodgers get their only run of the game. Ethier and Kemp lead off with singles. Gibbons is hit by a pitch. the bases are loaded with no outs. remember how the dodgers do with the base loaded? yep epic failures. Loney hits a fly ball to left. Dre tags up and scores. Dodgers lead 1-0. however, Kemp is caught in between second and third, and thrown out. im not sure where the hell he was going on that play. TOOTBLAN. now theres two outs, runner at, first with Navarro at bat, so basically the inning was over. the inning was over.

Kuroda gets a 123 4th inning, and Arroyo gets a 123 5th inning.

move to the bottom of the 5th. the reds took the lead for good. with 1 out, stubbs singles. Cairo grounds out, advancing stubbs to third with two outs. two fucking outs of coarse. Kuroda pitches around Votto, walking him. he then also walks Jay Bruce. bases loaded, and Scott Rolen singles to center scoring two. 2-1 Reds.  lewis lines out to kuroda's glove to end the inning.

the Dodgers dont do jack shit in the top of the 6th, and leave Ethier and Kemp stranded on bases again.  Ethier walked, and Kemp singled. but of coarse, Gibbons flys out, Loney grounds out.

Kuroda was pissed and pitches a 123 6th inning. Donnie prolly should have taken him out last inning, given the teams lack of hitting, but he was able to queeze out an extra inning out of him.

Ondrusek relieves Arroyo in the top of the 7th. he retires the Dodgers in order. Sands hits for Kuroda.

here are the pitching lines-Kuroda-6IP 2 runs off 6 hits, 4walks, 2 Ks
Arroyo-6IP 1 run off 5 hits, 1 walk, 5 Ks.

Dougie comes in to start the 7th. he allows a single to stubbs, Cairo sacrifices him to second. 1 out. Donnie has a mound trip, and brings in Elbert. Elbert looks very good. throwing smoke. he strikes out Votto, and gets bruce to pop out.

Nick Masset, the guy best known for giving up Manny's Bobbleslam in 2009, comes in to pitch the 8th. with two outs, Ethier doubles. the Reds very wisely intentionally walk Kemp. because of a double switch, the pitcher's spot was now the 5 spot. with Sands already used, the Dodgers had little choice of who to pick from the bench. Big Rod, Gwynn, or Castro. the Dodgers chose Big Rod. we prayed for a Big Rod homer, but alas it was not to be, instead he flied out to right.

with the reds still leading 2-1, Guerrier pitches a scoreless 8th inning.

Francisco Cordero, pitches the 9th, and records a 123 inning, for his 11th save of the season. retiring Loney, Navarro, and Miles in order.

its clear that the Dodgers need younger healthier players. and they need them now. clinging on to these useless veterans who are constantly hurt, and not performing, is killing the team.
im assuming they want to wait to see how severe Garland's shoulder injury is, but I guess its severe enough to DL him and have De La Rosa start. Im not too broken up about this. Garland hasnt been very good anyways, and any move that allows a young player to get playing time over a mediocre useless vet, im all for it. besides, De La Rosa has been a starting pitcher anyways. the issue, is the Dodgers needed bullpen help and Having De La Rosa in the Pen may be what the team needs more ,but Padilla is supposed to be activated any day now, and he should leap back into the closer role. Padilla has yet to be activated, and Uribe is not going to be activated until probably tomorrow, or Sunday. Hawksworth, is also close to be coming back.

the injury merry-go-round continues for the Dodgers. they announced after the game that Hit Machine is day to day with a sore side. thats all we know for now.

the problem is this, the Dodgers have had a failing philosophy of holding onto old injury prone players, over younger healthier more upside laden players, and its really killing this team. with this loss the Dodgers are now 6 games out of first place and 6 game sunder .500. I hate to say this season is over in first week of June, but it is. im sorry I just dont see this old injury prone, hittless team becoming competitive with this old lousy roster. every move from now on should be made with the future in mind. useless aging players, like Garland, Gibbons, Uribe, Loney, Navarro, and several others should all be released immediatly. just get rid of them! the Dodgers need younger healthier players. nothing more to say but that. theres no shame in rebuilding. we should do it now while the season is still young. theres no point in banging our heads against a wall with a useless injury riddled roster, all in order to go 79-83 and finish 8 games out of first place.

tomorrow a battle of aces, as kershaw wil go against, Johnny 'Kickin' Cueto. game time is at 110PM pacific time. tomorrow's game is on FOX. we will keep you informed on any injury updates, and or roster moves. stay up dodger fans. GO BLUE

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