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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dodgers give Dusty Baker a nice birthday gift

Reds        7  11 2
Dodgers  2    8 0

Bills really sucked balls today, allowing 7 runs on 8 hits, as his June ERA swells to over 11.00. yikes.

It was Dusty Baker's birthday today at Dodgers stadium, the former Dodger player, turned 62 as he watched his current team, beat his former team 7-2, as the Dodgers gave Dusty a very nice birthday gift, a clean sweep. The reds sweep the Dodgers at Dodger stadium for the first time in seven years.

Chad Billingsley was just awful today, and im beginning to worry about him. hes ben terrible this month. he allowed 7 runs on 8 hits, in 4 innings, taking the loss. and there was no way the Dodgers feeble offense could pick them up. the 5-8 hitters combined to go 0-13. yuck.

Bills starts out just fine, not allowing a run in the first inning. with 1 out however Edgar Renteria, who I thought had retired in the offseason, walked, but was thrown out trying to steal. at the same time Votto  strikes out swinging.

in the bottom of the first the Dodgers would score 1 of their two runs, off of Lefy Travis Wood. yes the Dodgers actually had the lead early today. no really its true! check it out.....
Gordon grounds a ball to shortstop, that is bobbles by Renteria. its originally ruled a hit, but the scorekeepers change it to a error. however Gordon still learning all the pitcher's moves, is picked off.  Ethier doubles, and the Reds wisely walk Kemp. with the Bases Loaded, Uribe also walks. with the bases loaded, Marcus Thames normally an automatic out, also walks, scoring Dre 1-0 Dodgers. its a good ol' fashioned walkapalooza! but Loney lines out to end the inning.

the reds score two runs off three hits in the second inning. Phillips singles, and Rolen doubles to deep right, scoring phillips. tie game. Gomes fly ball to center, advances Rolen to third. he scores on a Fred Lewis double down the left field line. 2-1 Cincy. Hanigan walks. the pitcher Wood sacrifices. Heisey strikes out to end the inning.

in the bottom of the second, Bills singles, and continues his duel with Kershaw as to who can outhit the other pitcher. (maybe Bills should have been concentrating on pitching today, I mean ya know just a thought there.....) Gordon singles bills to second. but they get nothing as Carroll grounds into an inning ending double play. ughhhhhhhhh

The Reds score 4 runs off 5 hits, during batting practice off of Bills in the third inning.
Renteria and Votto lead off with consecutive singles. Phillips lines out to Dre, but Renteria advances to third. Rolen singles to left, Renteria scores, Votto to second.
Gomes singles, and this loades the bases. Lewis walks, scoring Votto. the carnage continues, as Hanigan signles to left, scoring Rolen and Gomes score, its 6-1. Wood fouls out, and Heisey strikes out looking to end our misery.

the reds pick up one more run in bills final inning of work. the fourth inning begins with a Renteria groundout. Votto walks, hes erased at second base, on a Phillips fielder's choice. next up Rolen doubles in Phillips, its 7-1.

Josh Lindblom comes in to relieve Bills in the top of the 5th. and of coarse, when the dodgers dont have a lead, and or their getting blownout, and there's no pressure, is when the bumpen pitches well. figures. Lindblom gets through the 5th, allowing allowing only 1 hit, and no runs.

Lindblom pitches two scoreless innings. Travis Wood, rolled right along.

lets move to the top of the 7th. alpha Bum Guerrier pitches a scoreless 7th inning, to many people's suprise.

Arredondo comes in for wood in the bottom of the 7th inning, and allows a run to the Dodgers. Carrol singles to right. after Dre pops out, Kemp Doubles Carroll to third. he scores on a Uribe groundout.
score is 7-2 Reds.

Guerra pitches the 8th, and retires the side in order. when there is not lead to blow, and no pressure, the bumpen pitches just fine.
Bray pitches the bottom of the 8th, and only allows a miles pinch hit single and thats it.

troncsucko, pitches the 9th, and has a 123 inning, striking out Votto, and Rolen. wtf?!

Nick Masset comes into pitch the 9th. Carroll walks, then Dre strikes out. Kemp hits what looks like a game ending double play, but Phillips took his foot of the bag at second base, but does get the out at first. Carroll, and the Reds are confused. the umpires initally gave no indication on whether the runner at second was out or not. finally they realize that Carroll is safe at second and the game continues, just enough for Dodger stadium to be blessed with another wonderful Juan Uribe at bat. the high price loser predictably grounds out. game over.

nothing new here. this was the most predictable sweep, as the Dodgers now frall 8 games under .500 and are 8.5 games behind the Giants. the Dodgers record is 31-39.

both teams wore throwback jerseys to the 1940's. the Dodgers wore their old Brooklyn unis, and the Reds wore there's as well. I think this whole throwback jersey promotion has lost its inital excitement. what do you think? the Reds jerseys were very similar, to the Jerseys they wear today. some of the Jerseys havent changed much over the years.

the Dodgers are off tomorrow, and then the Houston Astros come to town, in what will certainly be a battle of cellar dwellers. there is nothing new to report with the Dodgers, they still suck.
friday's game is at 710, with Ted Lilly on the mound. also note it was Josh Linblom's Birthday today as well, he turned 24. have a great day off Dodger fans, and we will see you on friday. GO BLUE.

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