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Thursday, June 9, 2011

bullpen of losers blow another game, despite Kemp and Ethier's best efforts

Dodgers 7  12 0
Rockies  9  11 1

Ive never been so disgusted with the Dodgers as I am right now. this was similar to that 9-2 game they blew in Philly last year. the Dodgers loser bullpen blew a 4 run lead in the 7th inning, allowing like a hundred runs, despite Kemp almost hitting for the cycle, as the Dodgers lost 9-7.

The Rockies who had been struggling to score runs, Messers:Cargo and Mullet man are struggling. Cargo was batting leadoff today.
it was a scoreless game until the top of the fourth, when Bison goes deep to dead center field. his 18th league leading homerun of the year. 1-0 Dodgers. The Bison is still on the loose, despite repeated efforts by the national league to catch him.
Kemp had three hits on the night, a homerun, triple, and double, he was only a single short of the cycle. he is now leading the NL in homeruns with 18.

Kemp and ethier, the only two reasons to watch the last place dodgers this year.

in the top of the 5th, after gwynn grounds out, Kershaw singles. kershaw had two hits on the night. Marcus thames has 6 for the year. Gordon singles putting runners at first and second. after Blake's fielder's choice, erased gordon at second, sending Kershaw to third. Ethier than immediatly singles in Kersh, 2-0 Dodgers. Kemp on a 3-2 pitch, triples down the right field line. scoring Blake and ethier, 4-0 Dodgers.

Nicasio comes out after 5 being relieved by Brothers.

Nicasio left after 5 innings with a no decision

the Rockies score three runs in the bottom of the 6th, off of a tiring Kershaw. with 1 out, Cargo singles, followed by Young, who singles off of Kershaw's body, the ball deflecting into no man's land. Helton walks to load the bases. after a mound visit, Mullet man annoyingly doubles in two. Wigginton hist a grounder to first, that Loney drops, but gets the out at first, allowing a run to score. 4-3. Spillborghs strikes out to end the inning.

the Dodgers came right back in the 7th to score four more runs, and everything was sunny and right with the world, until we realized that the losers in the dodger bullpen exist.

with Reynolds pitching, Kershaw leads off and singles. collecting his second hit of the night. Gordon lays down a bunt single, and with his speed you gotta be quick to get him. Morales tries a desperation throw, and throws it into right field. kersh comes all the way around to score, and Gordon goes to second. Blaker promptly doubles in Gordon, 6-3 Dodgers. a wild pitch sends Blake to third, and he scores on an Ethier Fly Ball. 7-3

after Kemp doubles, Uribe is intentionally walked, but Loney and Navarro make out.

the bottom of the 7th inning was a nightmare, and it just wouldnt end. I seriously wanted to vomit after watching this pathetic display of so called pitching from a bunch of overpaid losers.

kershaw vistis on the mound with Honeycutt and Nabarro during the nightmare 7th inning

with Kersh still in and his pitch count rising, he allows consecutive singles to Blackmon and Morales, and Young walks. with the bases loaded, hes given the hook, enter loser number 1: Scott Elbert.

Elbert has actually been pretty good, this was unfortunate for him. Cargo singles to center, Blackmon scores, everyone moves up 90 feet. Nelson strikes out. the ever annoying Todd Helton walks in a run. its now 7-5. Donnie brings the hook. enter loser number 2:Mike Macdougal. Dougie who has been awful latly, allows a single to Mullet man scoring two. tie game. unreal, just absolutly unreal. he hits wigginton with a pitch. Jason Giambi comes off the bench to bat for Reynolds, and he walks. its now 8-7 Colorado. finally someone is brought in who can throw a strike, and Hawksworth is able to retire the last two hitters.

Blake Hawksworth looks on in disgust, as he watches the loser bullpen blow another game

the Dodgers go down in order in the 8th inning.

in the 9th inning, loser nmber 3 is in now. Josh Lindblom, who allows 1 run. Smith singles, Cargo doubles, Nelson a sac fly scores Smith. 9-7.

Mullet Man makes a throw in the 9th inning

the only reason to even watch the 9th inning was to see if Kemp could get the cycle. with 1 out, Dre doubles, he goes 3 for 5, and is now hitting .335, but of coarse thats not enough for Steve Dilbeck.

in Kemp's final at bat, he strikes out. Big Rod flies out off Colorado closer Huston Street to end the game. what a nightmare. this year keeps getting worse and worse. im so disgusted with this team right now. its basically three all-stars, and a bunch of losers. Kemp and Ethier are the only reasons to watch this pathetic exuse for a team. I swear this is not the Dodgers, this is some loser fill in team, until a real owner takes control. no wonder why no one wants to come out to the ballpark to watch this loser team. watch the Los Angeles Losers blow another game tomorrow at 540PM, as Chad Billingsley takes the mound. Go Blue!

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