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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dodgers try to pounce on Tigers-Selig says no deal to McCourts

Dodgers Lineup

Max Scherzer-9-2 vs. Chad Billingsley-5-6

I did not watch the game last night, but did get the updates from Stac. I was knee deep in a two hour lecture on structured Cabling, while Clayton Kershaw was making mince meat out of some Kitty cats called the Tigers.

I joke here, but seriously I saw the hightlights after school, and man wow. the Tigers just had no chance off of Kershaw. MSTI posted about how this game last night, according to game score, topped his previous game score highs for this season, he also has two of his starts this year, in the top five in MLB!

It seems like every start, keeps besting his previous one. weve seen many starts from Kershaw like this one. in which he just strikes everyone out. this was his second two-hit complete game shutout with at least 10 strikeouts on the season. that breaking ball he was throwing last night was just nasty!

so we already know that kershaw is awomse! just as good, was beating former Dodger pitcher Brad Penny. infamously known for his tantrums, and cleaning out his locker early, after being left off of the playoff roster after his awful 2008 season with the Dodgers.

of coarse only two other players could be remembered for tantrums more notorious than Brad Penny. another pitcher by the name of Carlos Perez. oh yes we all remember him dont you dodger fans?

we all watched in horror as Perez attacked an innocent water cooler in the Dodger dugout, after another terrible start.

I dont like water coolers

and of coarse no one could forget the infamous Milton Bradley's tirades. those blowups will never be duplicated again.

Milton Bradley tosses balls onto the field during one of his signature tantrums.

well enough about those tantrum makers, lets get to tonight's pitching matchups. Max Scherzer (remember him? he used to pitch for Arizona), will counter Chad Billingsley. Scherzer is 9-2 this year, although with a high era of 4.32. hes looking for his 10th win, which would lead the American League I believe. while Bills is trying to turn around a terrible june, in which he has allowed 17 runs, over 13.2 innings.
Bills has only 1 career win against the Tigers in which he won, going seven innings, while Scherzer is 1-2 against the Dodgers, all from his Arizona days.

in other news off the field, Commissioner Bud Selig, has rejected Frank Mccourt's proposed Fox Deal, which he claims will get him and the Dodgers out of financial trouble. with Selig rejecting this deal, it looks all the more likly, he will force Mccourt out, leading to an eventual sale of the team. yes please.
remember, Baseball is not a democracy, its a dictatorship, with the Commissioner calling the shots. the Commissioner runs the show. sure he has to get approval from the players and other owners, but weve all seen when Selig wants something (Wild card, Interleague play), he gets it. and what Bud wants, is a healthy, competitive financially stable Dodger team, run by a sane non-scumbag owner. thats what we all want Bud, please make it happen!

file this under the it could always be worse category. the Marlins lost their 11th game in a row last night to Jared Weaver and the Angels. theyve lost 19 of 20 games in June, and have fallen to last place in the NL east. the day before Marlins Manager Edwin Rodriguez just couldnt take the losing anymore, marched into the front office and said, "cant take it anymore, I quit" yep he resigned, and while the Fish search for a permanent replacement, they decided to wheel the corpse of 80 year old Jack Mckeon back into the dugout as interim manager. yikes. things could always be worse Dodger fans.

and how about Stacie finally ending her losing streak with the win last night. poor Stac. ive already had my three week streak earlier in the year, so I know how she feels. its terrible seeing loss after loss every night, then having to write about it. shes a trooper. enjoy the win sis, you deserve it.

also what in the world has gotten into fatty navarro the last couple of games? game winning homers? RBI doubles, picking off runners at third base!? also note Loney has his avg up to respectable levels at .266.
game time is at 710 on KCAL. we will update with the lineup once its posted. go blue!

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