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Saturday, June 25, 2011

R.I.P. 2011 dodger season

Dodgers Lineup

Tyler Chatwood-4-4 vs. Hiroki Kuroda-5-8

after last nights embrassing loss to the Angels, after about 20 TOOTBLANS in the early innings, ive decided I just cant take it any more. I cant take the losing. Im not going to be watching anymore games this season. im waiting until next year. im definatly not going to any games, until Frank Mccourt is gone, and or there is a competitive team on the field. do they wonder why no one is going to the games? I have better things to do with my time, then watch a lousy last place team. (ok their fourth place barly ahead of San Diego) If im home today Ill watch, but otherwise, I just dont care anymore.

some quick notes about todays game. the Angels are still without centerfielder Tori Hunter. he hurt himself crashing into the outfield wall, earlier this week, and isnt with the team. theyve been playing Bourjos in Center, and were playing second baseman Kendrick in left field.  since Kendrick isnt an outfielder, and if you watched last nights game, you can clearly see that. the Angels wont do that experiment again. Vernon Wells is back in left, and Kendrick moved back to his normal position of second base.

the pitching mathup has Angels Rookie, Tyler Chatwood, going up against Hiroki Kuroda. since Kuroda is pitching, it would take whole worlds to move in order to get him a win. expect the game to be scoreless, or tied at 1-1 going to the 7th or 8th innings, which is where the Bumpen will blow the game away.  dont count on the Dodgers scoring any runs tonight either, with Kuroda on the mounds, its the typical script. Kuroda is 0-1 with a 4.26 ERA against the Angels.

thank god Uribe is not paying, and its really nice to see Ellis, but who cares really? im just waiting to hear word that Frank is gone, and the new owners will clean house, and fire everyone. (except for Kersh, Kemp, Ethier, Bills, Kuroda) I hope this happens soon, like before the end of this season. a man can dream right? dont worry though, DBF will still be here, well still be doing our daily, pre game, and post game recaps, Im just not watching anymore, watching the lowlights on baseball tonight, of the Dodgers pathetic exploits, will be enough information to use to blog the postgame.
ughhhh who am I kidding? its like a car wreck, I want to look away, but I just cant. sigh. Dammit
Go Blue

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