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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh the air up there....Dodgers win battle of Bumpens for series split in Denver

Dodgers  10  17 1
Rockies    8   11 4
WP-De La Rosa-3-0

Tonights game four of this long and crazy series was another good old fashion battle of the bumpens, with the Dodgers just barly beating out Colorado 10-8 to earn a series split as they head for home.

both teams terrible bullpens squared off, the Dodgers bullpen had given up 9 runs in the series, the Colorado Bullpen had given up 10. coming into today's game. the Dodgers scored 10 runs off 17 hits today, as Carroll, Loney, Uribe, and Big Rod, all had three hit days, as Loney hit a grand slam homerun to give the Dodgers the lead. an amazing sight you have to see in order to believe, but was overshadowed by the Bumpen problems.

Colorado scores first in the bottom of the first, putting the Dodgers down early as usual 3-0.
Cargo doubles over Kemp's head to lead off. herrera pops up a bunt, and Helton flies out. but Mullet man walks, and then Seth Smith takes De La Rosa deep to give the Rockies a 3-0 lead.

Jimenez's home struggles continued as he allowed 7 runs but only 2 were earned, because of several defensive mistakes by the rockies, who commited 4 errors in the game.

Loney and Uribe both single in the second, but are left stranded. Big Rod a fielder's choice, and Oeltjen strikes out.

move to the top of the third, where the Dodgers score five runs, thanks to Colorado's defensive lapses, and Loney's grand slam homerun.
De La Rosa leads off with an infield single. his grounder to deep short, allows him to reach. Carroll is safe at first on a Wigginton throwing error. his throw to first off the mark.
Miles grounds into a fielder's choice, as the rockies are unable to turn a double play, which comes back to haunt them.
wigginton is able to get the lead man De La Rosa at third, but are unable to get Carroll at second. Ethier strikes out, and the Rockies have finally learned and wanted nothing to do with bison, and walk him to load the bases. too bad this little plan doesnt work he he. Loney slugs his second career grand slam homerun just over the scoreboard in right field. its 4-3 Dodgers! but there not done yet. Im not kidding by the way this really happened, a Loney Slam! youde have too see it to believe it.

Loney is greeted at home by Carroll, Kemp, and Miles, after Loney slugged his second career grand slam

Uribe singles and steals second! the Rockies are still shell shocked from that Loney slam. to be fair I think we were all taken by suprise on that one!
next Big Rod gets a borken bat single to right, which scores Uribe, its 5-3! Oeltjen gets on with a single as well, De La Rosa grounds out to end the inning. and Jimenez's struggles at home continue.

Depsite Cargo singling and stealing second, De La Rosa gets out of the third inning, by striking out Helton and Mullet.

the Dodgers go down in order in the fourth inning, and De La Rosa gets through the fourth in one pice, despite commiting an error.
striking out Jimenez to end the inning with a runner at third.

move to the top of the 5th, the Dodgers hit two more homeruns to take a 7-3 lead.

Kemp homers to center, for his MLB leading 20th homer!, two batters later Big Rod hits one out as well, which is his 8th of the year.

Matt Kemp (public smasher #1) shakes hands with third base coach Tim Wallach, after hitting his 20th ML leading homerun

De La Rosa has a nice and easy 123 5th inning, but it would be his last.

the Dodgers threaten in the 6th, but do not score. De La Rosa leads off, and flies out. Carroll now the major Leagues leading road hitter, doubles to shallow center. Carroll hustling into second base. Miles singles, and Carroll goes to third. once again the Midget Militia is leading another scoring rally for the boys in blue.
jim Tracy takes out Jimenez and brings in Rex Brothers, in a double switch.  Nelson goes into the game at second base.
the move works, Ethier strikes out, another intentional walk to load the bases again for Loney. this time Loney flies out, as there will be no second Loney slam, hell those only come around once every 75 years or so.

in the bottom of the 6th De La Rosa makes one pitch, then Big Rod notcies something, and signals the trainers out of the dugout, to look at DLR. De La Rosa is removed from the game clutching his right hand. we think at first it could be a blister, but is later reported as a muscle cramp in his forearm. thankfully nothing serious.

with De La Rosa out, Donnie makes a double switch of his own. brining in Ramon Troncoso, and Tony Gwynn. Ethier is double swithed out, as Gwynn goes in left, with Oeltjen moving to right.

Troncoso for the moment pitches decent. retiring the Rox, only allowing a seth smith single.

the Dodgers score two more runs in the top of the 7th, but you know its never enough with our bumpen, especially in coors field.

with 1 out, Big Rod singles, and Oeltjen walks. Gwynn attempts a sacrifice, but Brothers throws to first too late and wide, as the ball rolls away, Big Rod scores, Oeltjen goes to third on the error.
Tracy has had enough, and does another double switch. this time he brings in Matt Belisle, and outfielder Spilborghs.
Carroll smacks a single to right scoring oeltjen and its 9-3 Dodgers. the inning ends with a Miles fielder's choice, and Troncoso strikes out.

we move to the bottom of the 7th. this is where Ramon Troncoso turns back into a bum. I remember thinking man if Troncoso can get us through these next couple of innings, he might earn a reprieve for past bumness. nope. no such luck happenin' today.
Morales starts off the aggravation with a ground rule double. he moves to third on a nelson grounder.
the boom. dammit all. Cargo slams a homerun to right. its now 9-5. we can feel the wheels coming off already, no lead is safe here.
spilborghs doubles, and the insanity wont end. helton lines a screamer right into Troncoso's glove.
Spilborghs advances to third on a Big Rod passed ball. then boom again, Mullet man homers this time to left. 9-7.
donnie is forced to take out the happless Troncsoso. he brings in Dougie. we all fear the worst, but Dougie gets the last out. he strikes out Seth Smith.

the Dodgers keep on scoring. they pick up another run in the 8th. with betancourt now on the mound for Colorado, Loney a double off the wall in right, and he comes around to score, on a Uribe base hit. 10-7 Dodgers. Big Rod grounds into a double play to end inning.

Dougie pitches a good 8th inning, pitching around a Morales singles, and keeping the score at 10-7.

matt Reyonlds pitches the 9th for the Rockies, but gags, and Tracy has to bring in Huston Street for the last out. Gwynn walks, but then is thrown out stealing. Carroll walks. Miles singles. Blake pinch hitting for Dougie, grounds out against Street.

ok off we move to the bottom of the 9th. Blake Hawksworth is brought in to close shop.
Cargo flies out deep to left, and Spilborghs grounds out. there is two outs. no problem right? lol
wrong-o! remember there is some kind of wierd 9th inning curse on the dodgers this year. notorious Dodger killer Todd Helton comes up and homers, and then Mullet man singles, and im hyperventalating! with the score now 10-8. Donnie comes out with a hook for Hawksworth, and brings in Elbert. poor Elbert victimized by a couple opf poor outings, was able to mercifully get the last out of the game. Smith grounds out to first, Loney makes a nice stop, and take it to the bag himself, as the Dodgers hold on to win 10-8.

the Dodgers now come home for their longest homestand of the year. after going 5-5 on this long road trip, the dodgers have a 12 game homestand, where they will play, Cincy, Houston, Detroit, and the Angels. as they try and get well at home. im not sure if it was just the summer denver air, but the coors field air was extra annoying as was their bastards. I dont think the Humidor balls work during the summer out there.
Hiroki Kuroda, will take the mound tomorrow against Bronson Arroyo and the Reds. game time at 710. GO BLUE!

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