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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

next generation Dodgers try to even series in Philly

Dodgers lineup
De La Rosa1

Ruby De La Rosa-1-0 vs. Roy Oswalt-3-3

Before the predictable stranglehold loss at the hands of Cliff Lee last night, the Dodgers made a flury of roster moves, with the MLB amateur draft playing out in the background. everyone is thinking about youth these days, and so are the dodgers, as three players were activated, two were optioned back to AAA, one prospect was called up, and two unfortunate, plucky, useless veterans were desginated for assignement. with the activations of Juan Uribe, Blake Hawksworth, and Marcus Thames, the baseball hands of fate reigned down upon Juan Castro and Jay Gibbons.
the Dodgers deciding to go with youth, and finally putting the two mentioned bums above out of our miseries for good.
although the DFAing of Gibbons may not be as clear as it is for Juan Castro. I advocated picking up Marcus Thames as a righty platoon guy in left, even though I dont even really like platoons. I just didnt think Thames would be this bad.....ughhh. anyways, the Dodgers are clearing out their trash as they move through this road trip. comically though both veterans could clear waivers, and wind up back at Alberquerque. we may not have seen the last of Castro.........
employing Castro and Gibbons is not logical

Have we finally seen the last of Juan Castro?
well always have the memories of Gibbons' .668 OPS. have a great summer Jay!

As Juan Castro and Jay Gibbons fade away into our memories, the new look Dodgers take the field to try to even the series in Philly. two of the Dodgers top prospects will be playing tonight. top prospect shortstop Dee Gordon, will be making his MLB debut today, batting leadoff. Gordon is ranked as the 44th ranked prospect in MLB. we all saw his top notch base running skills last night in the 9th inning. lets see the rook needs a nickname, the obvious choice is flash. Dee "flash" Gordon. so it shall be........make it so........

Ruby De La Rosa will make his major leage debut as a starting pitcher tonight, not to be overshadowed by Gordon's debut. remember De La Rosa was a starting pitcher. he has nasty stuff, lets wish the kid luck tonight! go get em rook!
fortunatly, the opposing pitcher for the filthies, isnt a cy young award winner. nah, its just Roy Oswalt, former 20 game winner, and good ol' boy. no biggie then. im sure hell be showing the Dodgers some good ol country hospitality, by serving us with a nice big plate of 1 run on 5 hits.
Oswalt is 3-3 this year, but has pitched more than 6 innings only once since returning from the disabled list.

the Dodgers manager Don Mattingly prepares to go where not many managers recently have gone before......with youth! of coarse playing your best hitter generally helps. while I did like Donnie's thought process in loading up the lineup with rightys against Lee, however batting Marcus Thames third was so so so so so wrong....oh very wrong.

speaking of just wrong, cant we please draft a catcher this year? watching Big Rod and Navarro catch makes us all disgusted....but the Dodgers did draft a catcher this year....NC state catcher Pratt Maynard. how bout that name huh?
of coarse our typical 1 run offensive gag reflex isnt going to cut it in Philadelphia. can we at least try and throw in a double here and there?

Captain ive told you, she cant give you anymore! 1 run is all shes got!

 lets root the kiddie core to victory tonight!

Make it so!

dont forget to read! go blue!

game time tonight is 405 on KCAL.....go blue!

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