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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dodgers try to stop their descent into hell

Dodgers Lineup
De La Rosa1

Wandy Rodriguez-4-3 vs. Rubby De La Rosa-3-0

this season keeps getting worse and worse doesnt it? another loss last night, and the losing streak has reached 4. the Dodgers have lost 7 of their last ten games, and are in fourth place, only a game in front of the equally bad Padres.
The Dodgers will try and turn their season around, by sending rookie Rubby De La Rosa to the mound, against Houston lefty Wandy Rodriquez.

we have to ask ourselves, are things ever going to get better soon? I think they will, but likly not until next year until the ownership situation plays itself out. with Frank Mccourt likly unable to make the next round of payroll on june 30, MLB commissioner Bud Selig, might be forced to take over the team, and prepare to sell the Dodgers.

ok enough about scumbag Frank Mccourt, back to baseball. the question is however, is there anyway to save this season? what can the Dodgers do right now, with who they have to improve the ballclub?

well the Dodgers are doing that right now. we all knew how lousy the offense would be before the season even started, but I think we have all been suprised at how bad the pitching staff has been, especially the bullpen. of coarse all the injuries dont help. the pitching staff just hasnt been able to hold leads, and has constantly let the team down this year.
so in order to try and stregthen the bullpen, the Dodgers activated Kenley Jansen, from the DL, and optioned Josh Lindblom back to AA.
Kuo is also expected to be activated by tomorrow, with Troncsucko being the likly candidate to be optioned to AAA. however it shouldnt be, actually Troncsucko hasnt been that bad in his latest stint. no the two that should be gone should be Alpha Bum Matty Guerrier. and Mike Macdougal. Guerrier and Dougie, have been awful, and Donnie has been forced to use them in late inning high pressure situations. naturally they have failed considering how awful they are. Guerrier's declining fastball deosnt cut it, and Dougie cant throw strikes. with the return of Jansen and Kuo, the bullpen can possibly stabalize. Kuo will close, and Jansen returns to setup duties, shared with Blake Hawksworth. the two bums (guerrier Dougie) will return to roles more suited to their lack of pitching skills.....occasional middle relief  were sure to see their decreased usage, and with at least with half a bullpen functioning, we might be able to win some more games. you cant win games without a bullpen.

the pitching matchup has Rubby De La Rosa, going for his fourth win. his Counter Rodriguez pitched six scoreless innings last start, and has pitched well since returning from the DL. also note, Rodriguez has pitched very well against the Dodgers throughout his career, going 3-3 with a stingy 2.68 ERA.

couple of other notes before signing off. did anyone notice that Uribe dyed his hair blond, and now comes to the plate to a Rhianna song. wtf?! is Uribe going through a mid life crisis or something? is he going to buy a corvette next, and start dating a 19 year old dancer? if all this helps you hit well Juan then fine, but can you please not have a Rhianna song playing while your at bat? we dont want to upset Bison, hes the star, and you.....well your hitting .215 with a .286 OBP. just stick to the annoying salsa music please.

also former Dodger Ronnie Beliard announced his retirement the other day. more affectionatly reffered to as Belly-lard, he played for the Dodgers for parts fo two seasons (2009-2010), leaving an indellible mark on Dodger baseball. remember his amazing hot streak when first coming to the Dodgers? causing the old and befuddled Joe Torre to bench all-star Orlando Hudson, for him. he was also responsible for driving in the game tying run in that unbelievable come from behind win, in game 2 of the 2009 division series against the Cardinals. his single brought home the tying run, in the bottom of the 9th.  have a great retirement Beliard! thank you for your contributions, and we forgive you for all your helicopter whiffs, and bumbling defense the next year.

Ronnie Beliard
Game time tonight is at 710. lets get a win tonight please....for all thats holy please! go blue!

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