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Sunday, June 5, 2011

you cant stop Matt Kemp, you can only hope to contain him

Dodgers lineup

Chad Billingsley-4-4 vs. Travis Wood-4-3

here is the little problem the National league is having, you cant walk both ethier and kemp, you have to ptich to one of them.  
its very clear the league's plan has been to walk Ethier, and take thier chances with Kemp. yeah......about that one...hows that working out for ya National League? LOL

after yesterdays amazing come from behind win, it leaves you too wonder, eventually word is going to get around the league that this Bison fellow, is....ummmm.....yeah......hes pretty good right?

the reds might have a chance to win the series by winning the rubber game, but the Dodgers have the most dangerous Duo in all of Baseball.....Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier.
Kemp and Ethier are among the League leaders in alot of categories, and batting back to back in the Dodger lineup, there carrying the Dodger offense.

Matt Kemp is second in homeruns, in the top 10 in hitting, tied for first in RBIs, and in the top ten in stolen bases, slugging, and on base percentage. Kemp is hitting, .318 with 15 home runs, and 46 RBIs.
Ethier, is the league's leading hitter against right handed pitching, with a .385 avg, and is hitting .377 with runners in scoring position. .377 people. both have OBPs of .405, and .395 respectivly. Ethier is 5th in the National League, with a .322 avg.
both players are also awsome in the field, as the Dodgers lead the league in outfield assists. namly because of these two and their strong throwing arms. Ethier nailed Jay Bruce at the plate yesterday, and Kemp made a diving catch in center field.

Kemp was 3 for 5 yesterday with two home runs, 6 RBIs, including the grand slam homerun that sparked the amazing comeback win. also note that Carroll was 4 for 5 with 3 RBIs, and Miles had three hits, going 3 for 5. they deserve game balls as well.
so keep walking ethier to get to kemp, National League, please!

no new news on the injury front. Uribe was hit by a pitch in yesterday's rehab game, xtays were negative, and he is expected to be activated by tomorrow.
it seems as if the Dodgers force there injured players to play in weeks worth of rehab games, when not necessary. I mean come on, how long has blake hawksworth been on rehab assignment? for like weeks now it seems. these guys are major leaguers, and they dont need to be spending weeks upon weeks playing in minor league rehab games.

anyways Im liking Donnie's lineup today. Blake batting behind Kemp, Carroll at the top of the lineup. no fatty Navarro, yessssss, and Loney at the bottom of the lineup.

the pitching matchup has Chad Billingsley, who is 4-4 on the year, against young lefty Travis Wood, who is 4-3, but has not pitched well this year.

can the Dodgers keep this momentum going? lets hope so. aftter the game, the Dodgers will fly to Philadelphia, for a three game series, as the road trip continues.
todays game is on at 1010AM, on KCAL. go blue!

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