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Thursday, March 31, 2011

revenge is a dish best served cold

Giants     1  5  3
Dodgers  2  6  1
WP-Kershaw (1-0)
LP-Lincecum (0-1)

well well well well. looks like all those predictors and prognosticators were wrong werent they?

the Dodgers entered opening night against the hated rival giants. the game was billed as a pitching duel for the ages, and it didnt dissapoint. lets get right to the highlights. then to the gloating and rubbing in the giants faces.

Kershaw was magnificent, going 7 strong inings, allowing no runs, off 4 hits, walking only 1 and striking out 9 batters. Kershaw was making giants hitters look foolish all night and it was a sight to see.

the only time the giants threatened at all off kershaw was the 5th when belt walked and fatso panda blooped a sinlge past loney at first. but lincecum couldnt bunt the runners over, and torres grounded out.

speaking of lincecum, he pitched well, but had to pitch out of jams early in the game, and his defense let him down.

in the first inning ethier and kemp both got hits, but were left stranded.

in the third, the giants got very lucky. Uribe roped a base hit, and after torres bobbled the ball in center, uribe had himself a sliding leg double, well almost. in his haste Uribe overslid the bag and was tagged out. big rod singled right after, so it cost the dodgers a run.

while still no score, the dodgers struck first in the 6th, thanks to Lincecum's wildness, and crappy defense behind him. wow and I thought we were going to have to worry about the Dodgers defense!

with 1 out, kemp (who had a very good game) drew a walk, and Loney hit a routing grounder to short. it would have been a double play, but tejada, threw the ball into right field, and after uribe was hit by a pitch the bases were loaded.  with Big Rod at bat, Posey tried to catch kemp napping at third. Kemp who was liesurly walking back to the bag at third base, had his back to the play, when posey tried a snap throw to third. the throw was way off, and behind Kemp, Sandoval tried to dive for it, but couldnt get it as the ball rolled into left field, and kemp easily scored, 1-0 Dodgers! Big rod laced a liner to third but right at sandoval.

kershaw rolled right along through his 7 innings, and the freak lincecum would eventually be taken out after the 7th inning.

in the 8th inning the Dodgers added another run. Kemp walked again, and stole second. Loney then ripped a double to right field off the low wall. kemp scores and its 2-0 Dodgers!

Kuo came into pitch the 8th, and despite a shaky start, walking the first hitter, was able to pitch a scoreless 8th.

then came the 9th. I was nervous, I admit. Big Broxton came in. got the first out on a nice stop by Loney.
Brox looked ok, however he did make one bad pitch. with 1 out and nobody on base, Burrell hit a homerun to left field that just got over the wall.

fortunatly it was too little too late for the giants. brox was able to get the last couple of outs, and the Dodgers hold on to win it 2-1!!!!

what a great game! thats one! good way to start the year off. wow wooooooooaaaaaaa boy this must really really piss of the giants and there annoying fans huh? I mean their ace starter on the mound, opening day. seeing the looks on all the giants faces as they walked off the field after losing and hearing the I love LA song blaring over the PA was absolutly priceless!!!!

the baseball season is like a rollercoaster, and is filled with ups and downs. we hope that you will join us along the way. its going to be one hell of a ride....are you ready? lesson learned for all those idiots that picked the Dodgers to lose, facing the "defending world series champs" and I use that term loosly by the way.....never ever ever count out Dodger blue!!!

Stac is on deck for tomorrows game. 710 PM Bills vs. Sanchez.

what a great game!!! hot damm do I love baseball, and I love the Dodgers!! lets go blue!!! until tomorrow Dodger fans!!!

Dodgers record 1-0

hope springs eternal-Opening day 2011

Or I should say Opening Night, as the Dodger game is the last one on the slate today. 5 other games, and the rest of the teams open tomorrow.

as far as the Dodgers roster decisions, those were made last night after there 8-1 thrashing of the Mariners at home, for the final spring training game. even though it didnt count, it was still nice to see. Phenom Ruby De La Rosa was blowing hitters away, pitching 5.2 of shutout ball, and striking out 6, including Ichiro 3 times! Ethier drove in a run with an RBI double, Loney a two run bloop single, and monster home runs, from Marcus Thames, and Cory Smith.

Our Blog will now return to our regular format. which is two posts per day, and game recaps.

here is how the Dodgers roster shakes out. only changes are Cormier is in over Elbert, and Ellis makes the team as the backup catcher, Gimenez on the bench.

The Dodgers will carry 11 pitchers and 14 position players.


Position Players
Xavier Paul

DL-Blake(back) Navarro (oblique) Garland (oblique) Padilla (arm surgery) Gibbons(vision)


The Dodgers are managed by first year manager Don Mattingly, with Tim Wallach as third base Coach, and Davey lopes at first base. Jeff Pentland, and Dave Hansen as hitting instrcutors, Rick Honeycutt as pitching Coach, and Trey Hillman, and Manny Mota as bench coaches.

Vin Scully returns for an amazing 62nd season as the "voice of the Dodgers".
Vin will call all homegames, and all road games against the NL west.
joining Vin in the Broadcast booth for another year will be Rick Monday and Charly Steiner. you can watch Dodger games on their flagship broadcast station of Prime Ticket, and also on Kcal 9.
all games can also be heard on the radio through the dodgers radio network of KABC 790

we start our second season here on the blog, and first full season. this blog is run by me and my sister Stacie. We are very excited to be starting our first full season here,  and we hope you will join us along for the ride.

Opening day lineup


Tim Lincecum vs. Clayton Kershaw

as vin would say pull up a chair and join us! its opening day! were gonna cheer and boo (the giants!), and raise a hullaballoo at the ballgame today!

isnt opening day awsome? Im so excited I can barly sit still, just hours away from first pitch. the game is nationally televised on espn at 5. with an hour long pre-game show on PT at 4.

so Stac and I are very happy to be starting another wonderful year of dodger baseball. we do this out of pure love for the game and the Dodgers, and we hope you will join us. so lets sit back and enjoy the game and kick off the season in perfect fashion. lets start this thing off with a win boys, shall we?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jonathon Broxton has a special place in our hearts

So before you start burning Jonathon Broxton in effigy after the latest meltdownapalooza last night at dodger stadium, please remember the following facts.....

1. exhibition games dont mean anything.
its true. theres no "blown games" during exhibition. the games dont start until thursday. so until then I think we can lay off the guy and give him a chance.

2.Dejesus botched a taylor made perfect game ending double play ground ball.
while I wont completly absolve Broxton for his screw ups, this one was obviously out of his control. in the 9th with 1 out and the Dodgers up by one and a man on first. Dejesus (our rookie secondbaseman) botched and booted a perfect double play ball into right field.

3.the winning run scored on a fly ball.
so its not like Brox walked the bases loaded and then gave up a grand slam homerun, and even with his most famous meltdowns last year against the yankees and philadelphia, he was again victimized by attrocious defense. (a botched double play by loney, and a ground ball that went right through blake's legs in Philly...remember?)

so in closing,  Brox was victim to bad luck and terrible defense, however there are a couple of things that trouble me concerning him. while he had a decent spring (only one bad inning really) his strikeouts are down, and hes having trouble throwing his slider for strikes. and of coarse the fact that hes 300 pounds may not help things. still lets all calm down, and while the loss last night to the angels was annoying,  its still only exhibition. now if he does this on thursday? then fine have at it. go to town. flame him,  douse him with feathers and then tar him. show up at dodger stadium with picket signs that read, "hell no brox must go". however until then until the season officially starts, and until he actually has an official meltdown, lets give the guy a break ok?

the Dodgers announced that Jay Gibbons will start the year on the DL. it appears his vision problems are still not resolved. this of coarse will open up a spot for someone.....cough cough AJ ellis cough cough. come on guys.

Lance Cormier gets the nod in the bullpen over Scott Elbert. The Dodgers have already told Cormier that he will make the team. the team had orignally aasked Cormier to accept a minor league assignment. Cormier of coarse said no, and the Dodgers changed their minds giving him the last spot in the bullpen. Elbert will start the year in AAA. Cormier who was a Non-Roster Invitee this spring has had a decent March.  Cormier known as a ground ball pitcher appeared in 60 games last year with Tampa Bay posting up a 3.92 ERA.

speaking of second base, Donnie Baseball has announced that more than likly Carroll will get the start at second base, and after last nights meltdown, this looks like the right thing to do. Stac has said that the second baseman needs to be sure handed. this couldnt be more true. Carroll is a solid second baseman and no question he turns that play easy last night. Dejesus needs more seasoning, I dont have a problem with him being on the bench, but not as starter.


One last scary note before we sign off, Donnie has announced that Big Rod will be the everyday catcher in 2011. this is scary. dont get me wrong here, I really like Big Rod, hes a nice guy, and a feel good story (lifelong dodger fan who dreamed of paying at dodger stadium). however a starting catcher, who cant hit, catch, or throw anyone out on the bases, doesnt help us win. Gimenez is a good hitter but not much of a catcher. so its time to give AJ Ellis a chance to prove himself. the Dodgers have never given him a chance. he could be good but well never know if he doesnt get a chance to play. I wonder what all the Russell Martin haters think about the catching situation now?

tonights game against the angels is the freeway series finale at 710. Scott Kazmir on the mound against Kuroda. tomorrow the Dodgers return home against Seattle for the final exhibition game of the year and then opening night on thursday. tonights game is not on KCAL or Prime ticket, but is on fox sports west.

only two days until opening day. only mere hours until the 2011 season begins and we hear those beautiful words we love to hear.....ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!    LETS GO BLUE!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodgers face tough decisions as opening day looms

Yesterday afternoon the Dodgers completed their cactus league schedule with their final game at camleback ranch this year with a 6-1 loss to the Indians. have no fear though, the last part of the game basically looked like the Indians beat the Isotopes, or Chatanooga.

so the Team flies or drives back to LA for three more exhibition games, (two at home) and then opening night on thursday with the giants.

The Opening day Roster hasnt been officially released yet, however according to reports from the Team and various sources, here is how it looks like the roster will shake out for opening day. (this of course is subject to change before thursday)


Cormier-NRI-(note Looks like Cormier is in and Elbert will beign the year at AAA)
Dejesus makes the roster

Position Players
Hit Machine-SS
Big Rod-C
Aarom Miles-IF-NRI
Hector Gimenez-C/IF-NRI


so the Dodgers will go with Dejesus as the starting second baseman pushing Uribe to third while Blake is on the DL. Dejesus could even bat second, which would fill a big need for the Dodgers in the batting order. Carroll goes back to the bench, and non roster bum Castro goes home. (so broken up about this one, we dodged a bullet there. buh-bye Yoda!)
the Dodgers have already told Castro that he wont be making the team, however since he signed a minor league contract he will remain in arizona to work out with the Minors guys.

Aaron Miles also makes the team as a switch hitting infielder off the bench. as does switch hitting long shot Hector Gimenez. however the Dodgers have once again screwed A.J. Ellis. isnt it about the time he gets a chance to play?
I like Gimenez, he can play multiple positions, switch hit, and catch. but he doesnt have a whole lot of experience catching, and with Fatty(navarro) out indefinatly shouldnt we have someone with more catching experience? Ellis will start the year again in AAA since he has options and Gimenez does not.

also it loks like Elbert will start the year at AAA and Lance Cormier will make the team. IM not upset about this. Elebert had a terrible start to the spring but has showed improvement. however I think he still needs some seasoning and work out some of his issues in AAA. if you have read previous posts, I suggested the Dodgers give Cormier a try. I like him much better than the Wild Macdougal. Hes been pretty decent over the last couple of years. a 3.92 ERA last year with Tampa Bay isnt terrible, and he is a ground ball pitcher. although Im not too happy with Macdougal making the team, but remember how often does the last pitcher or two in the bullpen actually get into games? not very often. normally theres high turnover for those final spots, and when Padilla comes back in a few weeks, one of them will likly get released.

it does concern me though that Kuo will be the only lefty in the bullpen. but if Brox returns to form and he should, Jansen and Gurrier can handle most of the setup duties, Kuo can be used as more of a Loogy role, and possibly stretch out more use.
the Dodgers still havent decided who will play left field when a righty is on the mound, however it looks like Tony Gwynn is the early favorite, with Gibbons and Paul as options as well.

in other hilarious news. I thought I would share this with you. even though it is not Dodger news it is still Baseball news and might give you a laugh. according to a report.....

apparently really funny unknown burglers, robbed the house of Tampa Bay Rays players-David Price, Evan Longoria, and Ried Brignac. The Port Charlotte Fla house was being rented and used during spring training by the three players. apparently the crooks stole a bunch of watches, and jewlery from Longoria, also stolen were a 60 inch flat screen tv, three Ipads, several Xbox Game systems, and Price's Laptop.

Evan Longoria is no stranger to theft, having his 1967 Camaro RS stolen from an arizona parking lot recently last month, also having his favorite Rays Hat stolen. Colombo is on the case. for the hat of coarse and not the camaro.

all kidding aside, all three players were playing a ST game when it happened and were not home, and no one was hurt. apparently police think it could have been an inside job, as several people per day had been asking if the place was still for rent or not.
as much of a shame as it is to see millionaire players robbed (see sarcasm) these robbers might think twice next time when robbing all-star players houses. if Price and Longoria had been home, that might have been bad news for the Crooks. maybe next time they will rob someone like a Castro. at least you would know that if Castro was home and ran after you with a bat, that he would only make contact 1 out of 4 times.

The Dodgers have three exhibition games left before thursday nights opener. tonight against the Angels at 710 is on KCAL. I will be covering opening night, and stac is covering friday night. well be back for opening night in our usual format, with game recaps and analysis.

the 2011 season is ready to start! well see you soon. only three days until we hear the words that we love to hear....ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

blake anchors his way onto the DL

its just about official. Casey Blake (rusty anchor) will most likly begin the season on the disabled list, after still reeling from a back injury caused by trying to leg out a bunt during a game back on march 12.
all kidding aside, the Dodgers have to be thinking about the future of third base. as much as I like Blake this will in all liklyhood be his final year with the Dodgers. Blake has been a solid player over the years, and a primary component of the core group of players that led the Dodgers to back to back NL west division titles, and NLCS appearances from 2008-2009.
the 37 year old vet, was acquired by the Dodgers from the Indians for two minor leaguers in 2008, one being then top catching prospect Carlos Santana. with Russell Martin gone and the sorry state of the Dodger's catching currently, they better be getting every bit of value out of Casey Blake right?

However with Blake turning 38 and coming off of a bad year, his health, age, and declining numbers worry me. Im not the only one worried.
Blake batted .251 with 10 homeruns for the Dodgers during the last two months of 2008.
he had a very productive year in 2009, hitting .280 with 18 homeruns and 79 RBI, and an .832 OPS.
in 2010 Blake battled age and inconsistency and had a bad year hitting only .248 and striking out 22 more times than the year before. but he still hit 17 homeruns and drove in 64 runs. not to say Blake doesnt have his uses, crushing lefties in 2010 to a tune of a .314 avg. however he has trouble hitting right handed pitching.

the Dodgers will move Uribe over to third which will open up a spot at second base. we all asume Carroll will see the majority of time at second, but he also injured his hand and we might see a couple of other guys get time there as well.
with blake down and padilla and Garland starting the first couple of weeks on the DL, this leaves two roster spots open temporarily, and several players fighting for their uniforms. (Aaron Miles, Juan (yoda) castro, Hector Gimenez, Ivan Dejesus, and light hitting long shot Eugenio Velez).

the Dodgers did announce before spring training that Blake could see less time at third and more time on the bench or the outfield, considering his age, decline, and rustyness.

I still like Blake alot, hes been a decent hitter, solid third baseman, a proven clubhouse presence, and an all around good guy. every dog has its day though, and players get old its a fact of baseball life. and remember he was an important part of the Dodgers miraculous come from behind win in the bottom of the 9th in game 2 of the 2009 NLDS against the cardinals. he was the one who had the epic 10 pitch at bat to draw a clutch walk that extended the inning for belliard and Loretta to get their hits leading the Dodgers to a dramatic victory. he was also the one who faked out arizona reliever Esmerling Vasquez to draw the game ending balk off last may. strong baseball instincts, and smart plays have been common for blake throughout his career.

Blake threw his back out when Donnie baseball made his first blunder of his managerial career, by asking his 37 year old aging third baseman with a history of back problems to leg out a bunt during a spring game nearly 10 days ago. only god knows why? blake has been doing nothing since then other than hitting off of a tee. when asked about his injury and availability for opening day, blake said that he still could be ready by opening day.
Donnie Baseball orginally said he could be ready by opening day, this then changed to he probably wont be ready by opening day, and now its changed to hell be rusting away on the bench for two weeks in april. the injury is actually to his lower back/ribs and is not a reaggravation of a previous back injury last year.
I dont care what Blake says, hes going to the DL.

is Blake really cooked? does the Beard still have something left in the tank? I hope he does. however with each passing day Blake gets a little older, a little more injury prone, a little more attrocious against righties, and a little more rustier.
Can Blake defy father time? only .......TIME will tell.................

check back for more dodger spring training news! T-minus 10 days until we here those beautiful words we love to hear so much......ITS TIIIIIIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Training Report-1

Hello all! Happy St. Pattys Day! spring training marches on and the Dodgers used three homeruns and little bit of the luck of the irish to beat the Dbacks today 6-4. This improves their Spring record to 7-15.

there is alot of news to catch up on, over the last couple of weeks, so lets get right to it.

first off there are several Dodgers who are hurt or banged up, they are as follows-

Garlands Oblique-Jon Garland strained his oblique muscle over a week ago. the doctors say while it is not serious, it will still take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to fully heal as most normally take this time length. Garland most likly will begin the season on the DL, but the Dodgers expect him to be ready by mid april. Vicente Padilla is still recovering from his surgery to repair a nerve in his pitching forearm. the team doctors have given padilla a return time of around may 1st, however Padilla always seems to recover from injuries alot quicker than most pitchers do and has reported feeling much better saying he has a new arm and is already throwing non-mound sessions. it is possible he could return before may 1st. The Dodgers will likly go with 11 pitchers to start the season. the Dodgers dont need a 5th starter until april 12.

Casey Blake's back/ribs-you mean to tell me that the Dodgers 37 year old third baseman in decline hurt his back again and cant play? shocking right? this time blake hurt his back/ribs trying to beat out a bunt after Donnie baseball ordered him to one game for some stupid reason. member how we all laughed when Mattingly announced he wanted Blake to hit second because of his ability to bunt? well were not laughing anymore are we? Can we please not have our 37 year old crotchety third baseman with a history of back spasms trying to leg out bunts? thank you Donnie!

the Dodgers made several large groups of cuts this week starting on monday. the Dodgers sent the following players down to the Minor league camps.....Carlos Monasterios, Javy Guerra, Trayvon Robinson, Dee Gordon, Jon Link, Russ Mitchell, John Lindsey, Justin Sellers, and Dodger Rookie Phenom Jerry Sands. the Roster has now been trimmed down to 44 players.

check out MSTI-  with several interesting pieces. One piece is on Non-Roster Invitee Aaron Miles, who is impressing everyone this spring and with several conditions possibly falling into place could not only make the team but could be the starting second baseman.

and a very interesting piece on the great spring of Tony Gwynn Jr. and how he could possibly be the solution to many of the Dodgers problems in the outfield.

speaking of Miles, he is one of four players fighting for the last bench spot. MSTI has another interesting piece on another non roster guy having a terrific spring-Hector Gimenez. Ill get to him in a second.

lets talk about the four guys all battling for the last bench spot. My pick would be Gimenez and I will explain why.

1.-Aaron Miles-plays all infield positions-bats both
Miles has had a very good spring, hitting .333 with 2 home runs in 24 AB. normally Miles has always been mediocre, but according to an article from Tony Jackson Miles early spring success could be due to corrective laser eye surgery. Miles has said that hes seeing the ball better than ever. check out MSTI for more details about Miles journey to make the roster.

2.-Ivan Dejesus Jr.-2b primarily-bats right
I doubt Dejesus would make the roster, I think he has a slim chance, however he is still around, he hasnt impressed anyone this spring batting .269 with 7 hits in 26 AB. the problem is he can only play second base, still you never know, I think he needs more seasoning.

3.-Juan Castro-plays all infield positions-bats right-UGHHHHH
yep its Castro alright. the very same ageless bum that has been useless at the plate for his entire 17 year career. I still dont know why the Dodgers are so fascinated with him. maybe because they know him well.  I originally thought that made him nearly a lock to make the team. however with each hit from Miles, or run driven in from Gimenez should make the Dodgers forget all about this bum.

4.-Hector Gimenez-plays Catcher/first base/third base-bats left.
Gimenez would be my choice. hes my darkhorse to grab the last spot. MSTI has a nice little write up about him too. he is another non roster guy.
Gimenez is 28 years old from Venezuela. originally drafted and signed by the Astros in 1999. Gimenez had only two plate appearances in the majors in 2006 for the astros before being sent back down. he suffered through injuries in 2007 and ended up in the Pirates organization. last year he played in AA ball for the pirates and batted .305 with 16 homers and 72 RBI. Gimenez naturally a third baseman, converted to catcher, and also learned to play first base. I really like this guy especially after seeing him play this week. he bats lefty plays first base and can be an emergency third catcher. he can also play third base if needed.

I know Gimenez is not a middle infielder but Im not sure how much the Dodgers really really need another middle infielder. after all if Blake's injury keeps him out longer than we think it will, then Uribe would slide over to third, and Carroll can play second. or Miles if it is him who makes the roster. however Ive been impressed with Gimenez hes had a good spring hitting .333 with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI. I like his power, good bat control, and versatility. the fact he can catch and play first gives him alot of flexibility. Im rooting for him, but I still wouldnt be suprised if the completly incompetent Castro is on the bench wasting a roster spot.

this leaves us with a few questions. with gwynn playing so well and looking very likly to make the team and even start, and with Thames hitting well, is Gibbons still a lock to make the team?
Gibbons has had an attrocious spring battling the Flu and problems with his vision. however its reported that he has since corrected his vision issues and says he is ready to play. could he be the odd man out in the outfield?

This leaves us with another question. what do the Dodgers do with Xavier Paul? the young promising serviceable outfielder who played admirably last year being called up several times because of injuries, is out of options. I would really hate to see the Dodgers lose Paul. it looks like with the garland/padilla/blake injuries could open up a roster spot temporarily and give Paul a stay of execution so to speak. although I think eventually Xman will have to be put on waivers to make room.

during the Game the Dodgers wore these hallacious green jerseys in honor of St. Pattys day. (remember former owner walter O'Malley was irish. yeah he was! no joke!) I wont post a pic, trust me you dont want to see these Unis. I can compare them to the ugly derwienersnitchell astro unis from the 80's and the Padres putrid camo jerseys they wear from time to time.

Billingsly got the start against righty Aaron Heilman. Bills while not being dominant still pitched well allowing 3 runs on 4 hits through 5 innings. walking only 1 and 4K. Heilman also pitched well allowing only a two run home run to Matt Kemp through 6. the former reliever left with the lead 3-2.

Broxton entered in the 6th to pitch a scoreless inning further pissing off the "we hate broxton V-energy" naysayers. Brox recorded his first two strikeouts of the spring as well.

Kuo also pitched a perfect inning in relief and despite Kemp misplaying a ball allowing a leg triple and a run to score, Guerrier kept it close in the 7th.

down 4-2 in the 8th, the Dodgers for the second straight day came from behind to win. the rally started with an Aaron Miles single, and a hit and run single by none other than automatic out extroidonair Juan Castro. with runners at the corners, my man Hector Gimenez slugged a three run shot inside the left field foul pole to give the dodgers the lead 5-4. for good measure fellow non roster guy Gabe Kapler added a solo shot. 6-4 Dodgers!

then it got a bit interesting in the 9th. Mike Macdougal another non roster guy, you know the former 20 save guy from the royals thats had a history of control problems, who has happened to have a strong spring.  well Macdougal in grand Mike Macdougal fashion managed to get the save before scaring us all with another one of his trademark walkapaloozas. or as scared as we can be knowing full well it is only a spring game.
his inning went a little something like this.-WALK-GROUND BALL-WALK-HBP-bases loaded-LINEOUT TO SHORT-DOUBLE PLAY AT SECOND.   phew!!!! dodgers hold on to win 6-4.

next televised game is on saturday against the brewers, and Vinny will be calling the game. the boys in blue will be back in their normal unis. opening day is only two weeks away. two more weeks until we hear those beautiful words we love to hear every year.....ITS TIIIIIIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!!
we will keep you posted on all spring training news and scores! happy St. Pattys day all!