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Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodgers face tough decisions as opening day looms

Yesterday afternoon the Dodgers completed their cactus league schedule with their final game at camleback ranch this year with a 6-1 loss to the Indians. have no fear though, the last part of the game basically looked like the Indians beat the Isotopes, or Chatanooga.

so the Team flies or drives back to LA for three more exhibition games, (two at home) and then opening night on thursday with the giants.

The Opening day Roster hasnt been officially released yet, however according to reports from the Team and various sources, here is how it looks like the roster will shake out for opening day. (this of course is subject to change before thursday)


Cormier-NRI-(note Looks like Cormier is in and Elbert will beign the year at AAA)
Dejesus makes the roster

Position Players
Hit Machine-SS
Big Rod-C
Aarom Miles-IF-NRI
Hector Gimenez-C/IF-NRI


so the Dodgers will go with Dejesus as the starting second baseman pushing Uribe to third while Blake is on the DL. Dejesus could even bat second, which would fill a big need for the Dodgers in the batting order. Carroll goes back to the bench, and non roster bum Castro goes home. (so broken up about this one, we dodged a bullet there. buh-bye Yoda!)
the Dodgers have already told Castro that he wont be making the team, however since he signed a minor league contract he will remain in arizona to work out with the Minors guys.

Aaron Miles also makes the team as a switch hitting infielder off the bench. as does switch hitting long shot Hector Gimenez. however the Dodgers have once again screwed A.J. Ellis. isnt it about the time he gets a chance to play?
I like Gimenez, he can play multiple positions, switch hit, and catch. but he doesnt have a whole lot of experience catching, and with Fatty(navarro) out indefinatly shouldnt we have someone with more catching experience? Ellis will start the year again in AAA since he has options and Gimenez does not.

also it loks like Elbert will start the year at AAA and Lance Cormier will make the team. IM not upset about this. Elebert had a terrible start to the spring but has showed improvement. however I think he still needs some seasoning and work out some of his issues in AAA. if you have read previous posts, I suggested the Dodgers give Cormier a try. I like him much better than the Wild Macdougal. Hes been pretty decent over the last couple of years. a 3.92 ERA last year with Tampa Bay isnt terrible, and he is a ground ball pitcher. although Im not too happy with Macdougal making the team, but remember how often does the last pitcher or two in the bullpen actually get into games? not very often. normally theres high turnover for those final spots, and when Padilla comes back in a few weeks, one of them will likly get released.

it does concern me though that Kuo will be the only lefty in the bullpen. but if Brox returns to form and he should, Jansen and Gurrier can handle most of the setup duties, Kuo can be used as more of a Loogy role, and possibly stretch out more use.
the Dodgers still havent decided who will play left field when a righty is on the mound, however it looks like Tony Gwynn is the early favorite, with Gibbons and Paul as options as well.

in other hilarious news. I thought I would share this with you. even though it is not Dodger news it is still Baseball news and might give you a laugh. according to a report.....

apparently really funny unknown burglers, robbed the house of Tampa Bay Rays players-David Price, Evan Longoria, and Ried Brignac. The Port Charlotte Fla house was being rented and used during spring training by the three players. apparently the crooks stole a bunch of watches, and jewlery from Longoria, also stolen were a 60 inch flat screen tv, three Ipads, several Xbox Game systems, and Price's Laptop.

Evan Longoria is no stranger to theft, having his 1967 Camaro RS stolen from an arizona parking lot recently last month, also having his favorite Rays Hat stolen. Colombo is on the case. for the hat of coarse and not the camaro.

all kidding aside, all three players were playing a ST game when it happened and were not home, and no one was hurt. apparently police think it could have been an inside job, as several people per day had been asking if the place was still for rent or not.
as much of a shame as it is to see millionaire players robbed (see sarcasm) these robbers might think twice next time when robbing all-star players houses. if Price and Longoria had been home, that might have been bad news for the Crooks. maybe next time they will rob someone like a Castro. at least you would know that if Castro was home and ran after you with a bat, that he would only make contact 1 out of 4 times.

The Dodgers have three exhibition games left before thursday nights opener. tonight against the Angels at 710 is on KCAL. I will be covering opening night, and stac is covering friday night. well be back for opening night in our usual format, with game recaps and analysis.

the 2011 season is ready to start! well see you soon. only three days until we hear the words that we love to hear....ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!!!

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