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Thursday, March 31, 2011

revenge is a dish best served cold

Giants     1  5  3
Dodgers  2  6  1
WP-Kershaw (1-0)
LP-Lincecum (0-1)

well well well well. looks like all those predictors and prognosticators were wrong werent they?

the Dodgers entered opening night against the hated rival giants. the game was billed as a pitching duel for the ages, and it didnt dissapoint. lets get right to the highlights. then to the gloating and rubbing in the giants faces.

Kershaw was magnificent, going 7 strong inings, allowing no runs, off 4 hits, walking only 1 and striking out 9 batters. Kershaw was making giants hitters look foolish all night and it was a sight to see.

the only time the giants threatened at all off kershaw was the 5th when belt walked and fatso panda blooped a sinlge past loney at first. but lincecum couldnt bunt the runners over, and torres grounded out.

speaking of lincecum, he pitched well, but had to pitch out of jams early in the game, and his defense let him down.

in the first inning ethier and kemp both got hits, but were left stranded.

in the third, the giants got very lucky. Uribe roped a base hit, and after torres bobbled the ball in center, uribe had himself a sliding leg double, well almost. in his haste Uribe overslid the bag and was tagged out. big rod singled right after, so it cost the dodgers a run.

while still no score, the dodgers struck first in the 6th, thanks to Lincecum's wildness, and crappy defense behind him. wow and I thought we were going to have to worry about the Dodgers defense!

with 1 out, kemp (who had a very good game) drew a walk, and Loney hit a routing grounder to short. it would have been a double play, but tejada, threw the ball into right field, and after uribe was hit by a pitch the bases were loaded.  with Big Rod at bat, Posey tried to catch kemp napping at third. Kemp who was liesurly walking back to the bag at third base, had his back to the play, when posey tried a snap throw to third. the throw was way off, and behind Kemp, Sandoval tried to dive for it, but couldnt get it as the ball rolled into left field, and kemp easily scored, 1-0 Dodgers! Big rod laced a liner to third but right at sandoval.

kershaw rolled right along through his 7 innings, and the freak lincecum would eventually be taken out after the 7th inning.

in the 8th inning the Dodgers added another run. Kemp walked again, and stole second. Loney then ripped a double to right field off the low wall. kemp scores and its 2-0 Dodgers!

Kuo came into pitch the 8th, and despite a shaky start, walking the first hitter, was able to pitch a scoreless 8th.

then came the 9th. I was nervous, I admit. Big Broxton came in. got the first out on a nice stop by Loney.
Brox looked ok, however he did make one bad pitch. with 1 out and nobody on base, Burrell hit a homerun to left field that just got over the wall.

fortunatly it was too little too late for the giants. brox was able to get the last couple of outs, and the Dodgers hold on to win it 2-1!!!!

what a great game! thats one! good way to start the year off. wow wooooooooaaaaaaa boy this must really really piss of the giants and there annoying fans huh? I mean their ace starter on the mound, opening day. seeing the looks on all the giants faces as they walked off the field after losing and hearing the I love LA song blaring over the PA was absolutly priceless!!!!

the baseball season is like a rollercoaster, and is filled with ups and downs. we hope that you will join us along the way. its going to be one hell of a ride....are you ready? lesson learned for all those idiots that picked the Dodgers to lose, facing the "defending world series champs" and I use that term loosly by the way.....never ever ever count out Dodger blue!!!

Stac is on deck for tomorrows game. 710 PM Bills vs. Sanchez.

what a great game!!! hot damm do I love baseball, and I love the Dodgers!! lets go blue!!! until tomorrow Dodger fans!!!

Dodgers record 1-0

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