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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jonathon Broxton has a special place in our hearts

So before you start burning Jonathon Broxton in effigy after the latest meltdownapalooza last night at dodger stadium, please remember the following facts.....

1. exhibition games dont mean anything.
its true. theres no "blown games" during exhibition. the games dont start until thursday. so until then I think we can lay off the guy and give him a chance.

2.Dejesus botched a taylor made perfect game ending double play ground ball.
while I wont completly absolve Broxton for his screw ups, this one was obviously out of his control. in the 9th with 1 out and the Dodgers up by one and a man on first. Dejesus (our rookie secondbaseman) botched and booted a perfect double play ball into right field.

3.the winning run scored on a fly ball.
so its not like Brox walked the bases loaded and then gave up a grand slam homerun, and even with his most famous meltdowns last year against the yankees and philadelphia, he was again victimized by attrocious defense. (a botched double play by loney, and a ground ball that went right through blake's legs in Philly...remember?)

so in closing,  Brox was victim to bad luck and terrible defense, however there are a couple of things that trouble me concerning him. while he had a decent spring (only one bad inning really) his strikeouts are down, and hes having trouble throwing his slider for strikes. and of coarse the fact that hes 300 pounds may not help things. still lets all calm down, and while the loss last night to the angels was annoying,  its still only exhibition. now if he does this on thursday? then fine have at it. go to town. flame him,  douse him with feathers and then tar him. show up at dodger stadium with picket signs that read, "hell no brox must go". however until then until the season officially starts, and until he actually has an official meltdown, lets give the guy a break ok?

the Dodgers announced that Jay Gibbons will start the year on the DL. it appears his vision problems are still not resolved. this of coarse will open up a spot for someone.....cough cough AJ ellis cough cough. come on guys.

Lance Cormier gets the nod in the bullpen over Scott Elbert. The Dodgers have already told Cormier that he will make the team. the team had orignally aasked Cormier to accept a minor league assignment. Cormier of coarse said no, and the Dodgers changed their minds giving him the last spot in the bullpen. Elbert will start the year in AAA. Cormier who was a Non-Roster Invitee this spring has had a decent March.  Cormier known as a ground ball pitcher appeared in 60 games last year with Tampa Bay posting up a 3.92 ERA.

speaking of second base, Donnie Baseball has announced that more than likly Carroll will get the start at second base, and after last nights meltdown, this looks like the right thing to do. Stac has said that the second baseman needs to be sure handed. this couldnt be more true. Carroll is a solid second baseman and no question he turns that play easy last night. Dejesus needs more seasoning, I dont have a problem with him being on the bench, but not as starter.


One last scary note before we sign off, Donnie has announced that Big Rod will be the everyday catcher in 2011. this is scary. dont get me wrong here, I really like Big Rod, hes a nice guy, and a feel good story (lifelong dodger fan who dreamed of paying at dodger stadium). however a starting catcher, who cant hit, catch, or throw anyone out on the bases, doesnt help us win. Gimenez is a good hitter but not much of a catcher. so its time to give AJ Ellis a chance to prove himself. the Dodgers have never given him a chance. he could be good but well never know if he doesnt get a chance to play. I wonder what all the Russell Martin haters think about the catching situation now?

tonights game against the angels is the freeway series finale at 710. Scott Kazmir on the mound against Kuroda. tomorrow the Dodgers return home against Seattle for the final exhibition game of the year and then opening night on thursday. tonights game is not on KCAL or Prime ticket, but is on fox sports west.

only two days until opening day. only mere hours until the 2011 season begins and we hear those beautiful words we love to hear.....ITS TIME FOR DODGER BASEBALL!    LETS GO BLUE!

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