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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bumpen puts gasoline on the fire, as Dodgers lose again to Reds

Reds       3 9 2
Dodgers 2 7 1

Clayton Kershaw piches another strong outing, but gets another no-decision, thanks to lousy offense and inferior relief pitching.

Nothing unusual to blog about. tonight's losscap is a typical one. just another blown late inning game again. so basically just another night in Dodgertown.
The Dodgers lost again 3-2 to the Reds, dropping their second in a row on the homestand. Clayton Kershaw gave the Dodgers another great start, and Dee Gordon continues to wow fans with his amazing speed, however despite this, the Dodgers bumpen blew away another game in the 8th inning.

after a 123 first inning from Kershaw, the Dodgers scored their first run in the bottom of the first inning, mainly on Dee Gordon's speed. Gordon leading off, singles. (yes he can hit too!). the young talented shortstop moves to second after Carroll walks. Dre hits a grounder to short that should have been a double play, but Gordon running from second base, caused the Cincy defense to rush their throw. Carroll was out at second, but Phillips throw to first was wide and bounces off of Votto's glove. Gordon flies around the bases, scoring easily. 1-0 Dodgers. Kemp grounds into a double play to end the inning.

Kershaw breezes through the second inning, getting a double play to erase a Carroll error, and striking out Heisey.

Cueto has a easy inning as well, striking out the awful Uribe.

Kershaw collects a base hit for himself in the bottom of the third, but he is erased on a fielders choice, and the Dodgers dont score. Kersh and bills are in competition this year, for the best hitting Dodger pitcher! after all with the offense as lousy as it usually is, there both aware they have to take matters into their own hands during their starts.

the Reds would pick up the tying run in the fourth.
Stubbs singles, Phillips fouls out to Carroll on a nice play. Stubbs steals second. everyone is running wild on the Dodgers since their lousy catchers cant throw anyone out.
Votto strikes out swinging, but Bruce walks. with first and second, Rolen lines a double to left field down the line. Gwynn  dis it out of the corner and makes a good throw to the infield. Stubbs easily scores, but Bruce is thrown out at the plate. another great play by Gordon. Gordon catches the relay throw from Gwynn and makes a great throw to Big Rod, as he applies the tag for the third out. the Dodgers get out of it, but the game is tied.

move to the bottom of the 6th. with the game still tied, Gordon again shows off his amazing abilities. he reaches on a bunt, and takes second easily on an error. Cueto throwing the ball away trying to rush the throw to get Gordon at first. (Cueto had no chance of getting Gordon)

Carroll grounds out to short, as Gordon has nowhere to go. however with Dre at bat, he steals third base. but that is where he would stay, as Dre strikes out to end the inning.

Kershaw runs into a bit of trouble in the 7th, but gets out of it with the game still tied at 1-1.
with two outs, Heisey doubles to right, and Hernandez is intentionally walked, to bring up the struggling Janish. Janish's fielder's choice grounder ends the inning.

we all know that by now Kersh has made about 100 pitches and wont stay in much longer. this of coarse means the dodgers turning the game over to the worst bullpen in baseball. as predicted the Dodger blowpen full of lots of losers, blows the game away in the late innings again.

first off in the bottom of the 7th, the Dodgers dont score. Kemp and Loney whiff, while Uribe suprisingly doubles over the head of Jay Bruce in right. but Big Rod grounds out, and thats that.

Kershaw comes out for the top of the 8th, but doesnt pitch. probably to stall for time, so one of the losers could get more time to warm up. Donnie brings in Hawksworth, and he predictably gives up a run, to put the Dodgers down 2-1.
Cairo leads off and singles. Stubbs sacrifices Cairo to second. Phillips a base hit through the left side of the infield, sends Cairo to third, as he cant score on this play. oh but you know hes coming into score. Donnie tried his best to somehow get through the inning, but with  a pen full of losers and bums, thats just not going to happen. Elbert is brought into pitch to Votto and Bruce. Elbert continued his regression back into a bum, as Votto singles, scoring Cairo. 2-1 Reds. however he does come back, and strike out Bruce for the second out. Donnie then pulls Elbert, and brings in another one of the losers:Dougie.  Dougie does get Rolen to ground out to end inning.

Ondrusek comes in to pitch the 8th, as Cueto after 7 strong innings comes out inline for the win, and only allows a single to Miles. who was double switched into the game when Hawksworth was brought into pitch. a fielders choice from Gordon, and a strikeout from Carroll ends the inning.

move to the top of the 9th. the blowpen, chokes up another run, in order to make sure the predictable 9th inning rally is a run short. Remember the loserpen always makes sure to give up an extra run in the 9th. yup just like clockwork.
Dougie is left out for the 9th. hes been especially awful of late. Heisey grounds out to short, and hernandez follows with a walk. what Dodger game would be complete without one of the inferior relief pitchers walking someone right?
Janish lines out to third. two outs. Fred Lewis grabs a bat, and pinch hits for Ondrusek. He singles, sending Mike leake who was running for Hernandez to second. Stubbs immediatly singles in Leake, and sends Lewis to third. 3-1 Reds. Phillips lines out, ending the misery of being forced to watch Mike Macdougal pitch. this run proved to be very important.

in the bottom of the 9th, Francisco Cordero enters to close up for the reds. Dre flies out to open the inning. Kemp follows and walks, and then steals second. Loney who has perked up a bit of late, thanks to the inflation of his numbers after the Colorado series. he singles, scoring Bison from second, and the Dodgers have pulled back within one run. 3-2. Oeltjen runs for Loney. Casey Blake, sore neck, and rustyness not withstanding pinch hits for Dougie. as Blake whiffs, Oeltjen steals second. its a wierd steal though, as he goes in standing up instead of sliding. it could have been the last out too. the play was sketchy and close.
Big Rod is due up next. and we pray for a hit, but alas, Big Rod pathetically pops out. game over. there is no joy in mudville.

the Dodgers are now 31-38 on the year, and are only a game out of last place in the NL west. The giants continue to hold a slim 1.5 game lead on Arizona, and hold a 6 game lead on third place Colorado.

at some point soon the Dodgers are going to have to think about selling off alot of these players in order to rebuild the farm system, and prepare for next year, as they continue this terrible season.

I hope that one day soon, this current culture of losing will be replaced by relevency, and excitement.

tomorrows game is an early 1210PM start time, as the Dodgers will be wearing their throwback jerseys in another turn back the clock game. Chad Billingsley will take the mound against Travis Wood, as the Dodgers try and salvage a win. the reds havent swept a series from the Dodgers at Dodger stadium in over seven years. go blue.

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