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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kemp, public smasher #1 leads Dodgers to smashfest win in Cincy

Dodgers  9 13 1
Reds       6 11  0

John Dillinger was called the public enemy number 1

Matt Kemp is considered the public smasher #1 by National League pitchers

Matt Kemp continues to destroy national league pitching, he homered again today, as the Dodgers scored 9 runs on 13 hits, winning another smashfest 9-6 over the reds, and taking the series as they fly to Philadelphia on getaway day. John Ely ptiched 3+ innings in relief, and rookie Josh Lindbom pitched the 9th to close shop for the Dodgers. remember you can walk ethier, or you can walk Kemp, but you cant walk them both can you? especially when Carroll and Miles are getting on base.
Kemp is now tied for the MLB lead with 48 RBI, and second in the NL with 16 home runs.

hang on dodger fans, this was another wild one in Cincy. the pitching duel was Bills against lefty Travis Wood, and neither of them pitched well, but Bills did have a great game, but with the bat! Bills was 2 for 3 with a HR and 3 RBI.

the Dodgers started out slugging once again, its like feast or famine with this team.
in the first inning, Carroll leads off with a walk, Miles doubles down the line in left field. second and third none out! Ethier a sacrifice fly to left, scores Carroll. 1-0 Dodgers! :)

up next is the public smasher number 1, Matt Kemp. Kemp just murders a pitch, hitting it into the upper deck in left field, 3-0 Dodgers! holy crap! sweet lord all mighty! Kemp has now hit three home runs in two games.

Stubbs homers on the first pitch off Bills. 3-1 Dodgers.

in the top of the second, Chad Billingsley hits his second career homer, and first since 2009. a line drive shot to left. 4-1 Dodgers! bills is quite the hitter. MSTI joked on twitter that Bills should play first base in his off days. im warming up to this idea.

the reds battle back for two in the bottom of the second. with 1 out, Janish singles to short, the pitcher wood singles, Stubbs walks. bases loaded uggghhh. Phillips knocks in two with a hit. 4-3 now. crap.
however Bills reaches back and Srikes out Votto, and gets Bruce to pop out.

the onslought continues against Wood and the reds in the third inning. Miles flies out, but Ethier Doubles, and Kemp is intentionally walked. (maybe the reds have finally learned to stop pitching to Kemp? well see.....) blake singles to right, bases loaded. Afetr Sands strikes out, Big Rod lines a hit down the left field line, scoring two runs, 6-3 Dodgers! yesssssss! more more! next Loney is intentionally walked to load the bases for Billingsley. this is hilarious. Loney is hitting .239, Bills ended the game hitting .304! hmmmmmm...... what would you have done if you were the reds? well Bills draws a walk, forcing in a run 7-3. Carroll flies out to end inning.

Bills pitches a scoreless third inning.
Wood also pitches a scoreless inning in the fourth despite a Dre single.

the reds pick up a run in the fourth. Stubbs bunts for a hit, and is ruled safe, even though it was clear Loney tagged him out. it was obvious, these umps are pretty bad sometimes. Stubbs steals second base. Big Rod couldnt throw out a 90 year old man stealing second base in a wheelchair! Phillips groundball advances him to third, and Votto follows with a grounder to score Stubbs. 7-4

in the top of the 5th, with two outs, Loney walks, and Bills doubles as the ball bounces over the fence in left. Loney scores, its 8-4 now. Wood is given the hook. not a good start for him, allowing 8 runs in 4.2 innings. Reineke is brought in and retires the side

move to the top of the 6th. Horst relieves Reineke. Ethier walks, Kemp singles, he is blazing hot!
after a blake pop out, Sandman singles up the middle scoring Dre! kemp goes to third, and Sands takes second on the throw to home plate. 9-4 Dodgers!
Big Rod pops out, Dejesus hits for Bills, but grounds into a force out.
the line for Bills is 5IP, 8 hits 4 runs, 3 walks, and 3 strike outs.

with Bills not lasting longer than 5 innings, the Dodgers called upon John Ely to come in for a long man situation.
Ely wasnt bad actually. the wierd twitchy frayed hair righty, pitched well.
Stubbs strikes out, but Phillips a double to right. Ely tries to pick off phillips at second base, but throws the ball into center field, phillips taking third on the error.
Votto singles in Phillips and its 9-5. however Ely limits the damage. Bruce strikes out, and Lewis grounds out to third.

move to the bottom of the 7th. with Ely still ptiching, and 1 out,he allows a single to Janish, and a walk to hernandez. but he gets out of it. Heisy strikes out, and Stubbs grounds out.

with the Dodgers still leading 9-5 in the 8th, Ely has a 123 inning. phillips grounds out, Votto strikes out again! Bruce flies out deep to left, sending Sands back to the scoreboard.

lets move to the bottom of the 9th. Dodgers lead 9-5. Ely still on the mound. he walks the first hitter Hanigan. Donnie comes out with the hook for Ely. gotta tip your hat to him. we all know hes getting sent down once Hawksworth comes back in a couple of days, and he pitched very admirably.
Donnie brings in rookie Josh Lindblom to close up. this is kind of a sketch move, but Ill give Donnie credit,  it worked.....
Lindblom is noticeably nervous. he walks Cairo, then hits Hernandez with a pitch. bases loaded nobody out. for crying out loud guys, my blood pressure is through the roof here, Josh can you please take care of this? as I begin to pray profusly, Lindblom starts throwing smoke. Janish fouls out to Big Rod 1 out.
heisy fly ball to right field. scoring Hanigan. 9-6 now, but with two outs. Lindblom is throwing smoke, 94-95 MPH. hes a young guy with a live arm, thats why the Dodgers picked him up folks! Troncoso was warming in the pen, but we didnt have to use him, thankfully. Lindblom blows away Stubbs, by striking him out, and the Dodgers win the game and the series 9-6!

Rookie Josh Lindblom strikes out Drew Stubbs to end the game

excellent job boys in blue! im very pleased. these last two games were pretty epic, I must say. lets hope they can continue this Momentum. remember what I said about momentum the other day?
the Dodgers are also expected to make a few roster moves tomorrow or the next day, as Uribe, Hawksworth, and Marcus Thames, are all due back for the next series in Philadelphia.
its on to the city of brotherly love, which hasnt been very botherly, or lovely for the Dodgers in recent years. its Lilly vs Cliff Lee tomorrow at 405. oh boy there, yeah Ted Lilly pitching in Philly. yikes. lets hope the boys in blue bring the momentum with them! well need all of it for this upcoming series! tomorrow's game is on KCAL. and hey Stac is back too! go blue!

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