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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kemp's grand slam home run sparks Dodgers historic come from behind win

Dodgers  11 15 0
Reds         8 13 2

Matt Kemp is greeted at home plate after his 8th inning grand slam ties the game

Jamey Carroll had 4 hits today deserving a share of the game ball

only hours ago, it looked as though the Dodgers would drop another game, thanks to a kershaw hanging off-speed pitch to Joey Votto, and more lousy Dodger hitting, and wha.......BEEEEEEEEP stop right there.....not if Matt Kemp had anything to say about it. Kemp hit two home runs, one a grand slam in the eigth inning, tying the game, sparking a historical magnificent, miraculous Dodger come from behind win in Cincinnati 11-8. the Dodgers scored 11 runs on 15 hits. put this game in your pipe and smoke it Dusty Baker.....better yet make it into a little toothpick......

Ill leave all the injury stuff for later, lets get into the highlighs. this was probably the best game of the year.
what started at first, was a pitching duel between Kershaw and Kickin Cueto. kersh has been a beast this year. it was 1-0 dodgers all the way until the 6th inning, when the reds tied and took the lead scoring 4 runs.

Kershaw was on fire early. he was breezing, he retired the first 11 batters he faced.
he struck out Phillips (back in the lineup tonight) and Votto in the first.

the Dodgers strand Kemp at third in the second. Bison singles, moves to second on a blake groundout.  he advances to third on a wild pitch. Loney strikes out, and Sands flies out.

Kershaw fans two more reds in the second inning.

Navarro leads off the third with a hit down the left field line, just getting by Rolen's glove. kersh sacrifices Navarro to second. Carroll singles Navarro to third. Miles scoring fly ball plates the first Dodger run. 1-0. Ethier grounds out to end inning.

both pitchers have a 123 inning.

in the bottom of the 4th, Votto is picked off, and its still 1-0 Dodgers.

move to the bottom of the 6th, this is where everything fell apart for Kershaw. hernandez singles to lead off. Janish flies to center. Cueto sacrifices Hernandez to second. here is where Kershaw really loses the game. with the count 3-2, he walks Stubbs. Phillips then singles to right, scoring Hernandez, stubbs to third. tie game. next up is NL MVP Joey Votto. kersh hangs on to Votto, hes not perfect, and Votto hits it out. 4-1 Reds. Rolen makes out to end the inning.

Cueto now pitching with a lead, allows a solo home run to Kemp. its 4-2.

in the bottom of the 7th, things kept getting worse for Kershaw, and he eventually had to be taken out. too bad too, cause he was so dominating early on in the game, and carried in a 17 inning scoreless streak. Bruce who is red hot right now, singles. Gomes flies out, Hernandez walks. Janish singles to shallow right, Bruce tries to score from second, but is gunned out at home by Dre. two outs. foolish foolish red legs, you dont run on Dre! Donnie brings the hook for Kersh.
Kersh's final line is 6.2IP 6 hits 6 runs, 2 walks and 9 strike outs.
please note that Kershaw left with the game at 4-2, Dougie gave up alot of the damage in this inning. so yeah im going to get to that now, Dougie cant do his job this time. Heisly hitting for Cueto, singles, scoring Janish and Hernandez, then Stubbs doubles, scoring Heisly, its now 7-2. Dougie does get Phillips to ground out to end this nightmare inning.

at this point, we all thought the Dodgers would have another loss for sure, and us another depressing postgame loss to write about. pffffffffff not if Matt Kemp has anything to say about it! according to fox sports the last time the Dodgers had a come from behind win when trailing by 5 runs or more in the 7th inning or later, was on may 9th, 1994 against Houston, where they came from behind to win 9-8 im not kidding.

so with Masset in to pitch for Cueto, hold onto your seats Dodger fans, this gets a bit wild from here on out. stick with us, it gets better......
with 1 out, Gwynn hitting for Dougie, singles. Carroll singles as well, (Carroll gets a game ball to for a 4 hit performence), Miles then gets a clean base hit to center, scoring Gwynn, its 7-3.
Dusty Baker calls to his bullpen, brining in Lefty Bray to pitch to Dre. Dre battles for a clutch walk, this loades the bases for Kemp. ha! stupid reds, theres no where to put Kemp now is there!?
another pitching change, brings in Ondrusek. Kemp then hits a ball to like San Juan Capistrano, up near where Stacie is on vacation, his second home run of the game, and his 6th career grand slam home run! the ball went halfway up the center field backdrop. the Crowd is stunned in disbalief, as Kemp is mobbed in the dugout by his teammates, and the Dodgers go wild in celebration. tie game baby!

Scott Elbert has a 123 8th inning.
the Dodgers strand two runners on in the bottom of the 9th, Arridondo pitching, strikes out Dre with Carroll and miles on base.
in the bottom of the 9th, we all hold our breaths, as Guerrier comes in. normally were all on pins and needles when he comes into a tie game, but he does well. pitching around a hernandez single.

Cordero enters the game in the top of the 10th. he strikes out Kemp, and gets Blake doubled up off first, on a loney fly ball. the Dodgers have been having alot of TOOTBLANS latly.

move to the bottom of the 10th. Javy Guerra on now. stubbs strikes out. Phillips singles, votto walks. crap. here we go. has our 9th inning curse extended into the 10th inning now? nope not tonight folks. Rolen flies out, then as Jay Bruce comes up to the plate, dodger fans start praying......but Bruce grounds out to second. inning over.

we continue to the top of the 11th, where the Dodgers amazingly score four runs to win.
Carlos Fisher now on to pitch for the reds. looks like they have some bullpen issues of their own to sort out.
Juan Castro in the game because Blake is to rusty to play into extra innings, shockingly singles to right. Navarro sacrifices him to second. Tony Gwynn, another base hit, sends Castro to third. then the Reds have a mound visit. there not sure what to do. Carroll at bat comes through again, singling to center, castro scores, and the Dodgers have come from behind to take the lead 8-7!
the hits kept coming though, and we needed every one of them. Miles singles off the wall in right, a looong single. Gwynn scores, Carroll to third. Ethier htis a grounder back to the box, what would have been a perfect double play ball, is instead thrown into center field by Fisher. another run scores. its 10-7 now. :) Kemp's groundball fielder's choice scores Miles, and gives Kemp 6 RBIs on the day.
with the score 11-7, the reds bring in some guy named Horst(?)  Guerra left in to hit for himself draws a walk. (what is it with Dodgers relievers drawing walks? ok then I guess there officially more dangerous than Loney and Navarro) anyways.... a balk is called on fisher, but the inning ends with Loney flying out. but the Dodgers lead 11-7!

move to the bottom of the 11th, Guerra who is in line for the win, is left in to pitch. Hanigan singles, and then moves to second on a wild pitch. Lewis grounds out, and Hanigan mvoes to third. then the Dodgers literally have to resurect Ramon Troncoso from the grave, and wheel him in to get the last two outs. with De La Rosa starting on tuesday, and no one else available in the bullpen, the Dodgers are left with no other options.
Janish grounds out, scoring Hanigan, two outs, score now 11-8. Troncoso is in line for the save? you have got to be kidding me?! then here we go, Heisy singles, Stubbs singles. two on two outs, for Brandon Phillips. more praying commences. geez my blood pressure can only take so much these days! Troncoso gets Phillips to line out to Right, to end the game. the Dodgers cap an amazing comeback win 11-8. and hey no one else got hurt tonight. Uribe is expected to be activated either tomorrow or monday, with Dejesus and Ely called up to replace Furcal, and Garland, who are now on the DL.

Ill talk about the injury updates tomorrow, I mean there is so many of them its almost impossible to keep track of them. until then im going to spend tonight, celebrating an amazing win. we needed this badly today. this proves that momentum can be a very important thing in baseball. when you have it, youve got to hold onto it, and when you dont have it, you will try anything to get it back. Can the Dodgers use some of this Momentum to turn their season around? we shall soon see.......

tomorrow is a 1010AM game, with Billingsley on the mound against lefty Travis Wood, in the Rubber game. MATT KEMP WE LOVE YOU! GO BLUE!

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