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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bison Blast and Dodger Rookies put a crack in the Liberty Bell

Dodgers 6  10  0
Phillies   2   5  2
WP-De La Rosa-2-0
Gordon-3 for 5 1 SB 1 run

now that the obligatory Cliff Lee loss is out of the way, we can really get down to buisness, am I right?

tonight was the marking of a new era in Dodger baseball, as Dee Gordon, and Ruby De La Rosa make their debuts tonight, Gordons at shortstop, batting leadoff, and De La Rosa's first start.

their debuts were a smashing success, as the Dodgers beat the Phillies 6-2, despite a somehwhat Shaky, yet effective outing from De La Rosa, and a 3 for 5 performence from Dee Gordon.
lets also not forget the Dodger defense came up big, especially uribe, with some nice plays, and of coarse our Bison also continued to destroy the National League. ok lets get right to the highlights we go!

we got to see Dee right away as he leads off with a slap single to left. unfortunatly we were robbed from seeing his base running skills that inning, as casey blake grounds into a double play. dammit

Dee Gordon leaps for a catch, as he goes 3 for 5 in his debut with a steal and run scored

De La Rosa has a very shaky first inning, but gets out of it without allowing a run. rat face Victorino walks, and steals second. polanco's feilder's choice grounder to second erases rat face on the base paths, thanks to a great heads up play by Uribe. Uribe grabbing the grounder that deflected off of DLR's glove, fires to third, as Blake applies the tag on the diving rat face. nice play! Utley walks. Big Nose Howard, grounds into a fielders choice. Gordon was unable to get the ball out of his glove. Polanco advances to third with two outs. Ilbanez grounds out back to De La Rosa to end the inning.

oooooh ruby dooby doooo! while shaky yet effective DLR picks up the win going 5IP while striking out 4

Oswalt allows a Dodger run in the second inning, during a weak outing for the former 20 game winner.
Bison leads off with a double. Uribe lines out, Loney walks. Navarro, gets a perfect hit and run seen eye single to left, scoring Bison, Loney goes to second. 1-0 Dodgers! Sands grounds into a double play to end the threat.

in the bottom of the second, the rook almost comes undone, but gets out of it again. first a walkapalooza ensues. DLR is throwing hard, but not locating pitches. Ruiz and brown both walk, and Valdez singles to load the bases. DLR composes himself and strikes out Oswalt. rat face hits what would have been a perfect 1-2-3 double play, but De La Rosa bobbles the ball, and is able to get the out at home plate, as he underhand tosses to Navarro.
DLR still flustered, walks polanco forcing in a run. tie game. Utley finally flies out to end inning. oh boy there, Honeycutt has his hands full with this kid.

the Dodgers score three more runs in the top of third, gifted by two philly errors. DLR in his first plate appearance walks. (once again, what is it with Dodger pitchers this year? they hit homers, walk, sacrifice? once again, more dangerous than Loney, Navarro, Big Rod, Thames? decide!) but I digress....back to the game.....Dee Gordon in his second at bat, hits a line drive single to right. first and second. hey this kids got skills! hes a keeper! Blake a groundball single to left, scores De La Rosa, "flash" Gordon goes to second. with Dre at bat, Oswalt tries to pick off Blake, and throws the ball away, (no one was covering the bag, as big nose was snoozing) as the ball bounces down the right field line, we watch with awe as Gordon flies around the bases with ease. we havent seen a dodger with this much speed in years! except for bison of coarse.
anyways, Gordon easily scores, Blake goes to third. 3-1 Dodgers! Dre Immediatly singles home Blake, 4-1 Dodgers!
the Phils commit another error on Kemp's groundball fielders choice. Dre is out at second, but Utley's throw airmails into the seats. but uribe flies out, Kemp tags up to third. but Loney pops out.

DLR starts out well in the third, by striking out big nose. but consecutive singles from Ilbanez, and Ruiz, put him back in trouble. brown strikes out. we think hes settled down, but Valdez singles to right, Ilbanez tries to score, but is gunned down at home by Ethier. foolish foolish Ilbanez, you dont run on Dre. Ethier's strong throw hits Navarro, as he applies the tag on Ilbanez in a very good way. Navarro blocking the plate in front, not down on both knees, good job by Navarro for good form. also that was Dre's sixth outfield assist, he ranks second in the NL.

Andre Ethier's perfect throw to home, is caught by Navarro who tags out Raul Ilbanez for the third out in the third inning

aftter the phils are thrown out of the inning by Andre Ethier, Oswalt has a 123 inning in the fourth.

De La Rosa settles down as well, and has a 123 inning in the fourth too.

Gordon comes up in the top of the 5th, he hits a routine grounder to second and beats it out! 3 hits for Gordon. last time a dodger rookie had three hits in his firsy three at bats was Piazza I belive. Gordon then shows off his base running skills again, by stealing second base. Blake sacrifices him to third. however ground outs from Dre and Kemp leave him stranded at third.

DLR pitches a 123 inning in the 5th, highlighted by a Big nose strike out!

Hawksworth relieves De La Rosa in the 6th, and has a 123 inning. DLR goes 5IP allows 1 run on only 4 hits, walks 5 and strikes out 4 making 96 pitches. the Dodgers didnt want to overwhelm him. so the game was up to the Dodgers kiddie core bullpen, and they came through today.

Romero relives Oswalt in the top of the 7th, and Gordon strikes out, Blake walks, but is picked off.

enter Matty Guerrier in the bottom of the 7th.
pinch hitter Gload walks, and is erased at second, on a fielder's choice grounder by rat face. Polanco flies out to right. pitching change. Elbert in to pitch.
Utley triples down the right field line. it looked like Loney may have been out of position for this play, as the ball goes all the way into the right field corner and Dre has to dig it out. rat face scores, its 4-2. crap.
the Dodgers put that ridiculous shift on big nose, and it works. big nose lines one right to Uribe, as he reaches over his shoulder to snare it, almost in shallow right field.

stutes is brought in to pitch the 8th inning. he starts by walking Dre. up next is Public Smasher #1, Matt Kemp. Kemp crushes another two run homer to left, that prolly landed far enough to put a crack in the liberty bell, as he snarls around the base paths for his 17th home run. putting him tied for the league lead! The national League has put out a reward for his sucessful capture, but the bison is still on the loose! Bison is now on pace for 45 homeruns, 125 RBIs, and 35 steals this year! can someone say......MVP?!
John Dillinger was known as a reputed gangster, however he never led the league with 17 homers and 50 RBI by june 7th

Matt Kemp (Public Smasher #1) watches his leage leading 17th homer go out, as the NL continues to put out a reward for his capture

with the score 6-2 Dodgers, Scott Elbert is left in and pitches a 123 8th inning, striking out Brown! im liking this kiddie core pen!

Gordon in his last at bat, grounds out, Gwynn who had singles before, was thrown put trying to advance to third. (gwynn is 4 for 5 in June)

javy Guerra is brought in for the 9th inning. its a 123 inning. rat face flying out to Kemp to end the game. Dodgers win 6-2! ha! screw you philadelphia!

Javy Guerra high fives cactcher Navarro, after recording the final out of the Dodgers win

I guess its not always sunny in Philadelphia is it?  this one was especially sweet. great debut for the kids right? DLR looks like he has potential, but might need some anti flustering lessons from Honeycutt, and possibly some meltdown avoidance as well. however he was effective, and Gordon was terrific! the Dodgers go for the series win tomorrow, as Kuroda draws former world series MVP Hammels tomorrow at 405.
the Dodgers also got some good news as both Kuo and Jansen are scheduled to do rehab assignments, as they work their way back to the mound. Go Blue!

*by the way, dodgerbobble is having another contest tomorrow. winner receives a free Kuo bobblehead. go to for all the details, and hurry before I win another one! go Blue!*

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