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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life is a Highway for Angels in freeway series win over woeful Dodgers

Angels    6 6 1
Dodgers  1 5 0

The Dodgers are so bad this year, that we can predict when and how they will lose each game. It happened again today, as the Dodgers lost to their freeway series rivals for the second straight game 6-1.

the game was scoreless until the third inning. Angels rookie pitcher Tyler Chatwood, retired 9 straight Dodgers until Carroll singled in the fourth inning.

in the top of the third with two outs, Kuroda, allows a single to Chatwood. (yes the pitcher!). we also learned that Rookie Chatwood pitched at Dodgers stadium before in a high school baseball championship, and was a good hitter.
the always Annoying Erick Aybar triples home Chatwood. Kendrick walks, steals second, but Abreu flies out.

in the fourth inning, Trombo hits a Kuroda Meatball into the Dodger bullpen to give the angels a 2-0 lead.

leading off the 5th inning, Kemp is called out on strikes, says nothing, walks back to the dugout, then the umpire hears something, and tosses him. god I hate these stupid umpires. now the Dodgers have to play the rest of the game with Tony gwynn batting cleanup. joy.
somehow inspired after Kemp is tossed, the Dodgers rally. Loney singles, Miles singles, Abreu lets the ball get by him, and both runners advance to second and third. Oeltjen walks. bases loaded. the Angels have a meeting on the mound. AJ Ellis also draws a walk, forcing in a run. 2-1 halos. with Marcus Thames on deck for Kuroda as some kind of Decoy, the Dodgers call him back, and Casey Blake comes to bat. your not fooling anyone Donnie, you retard!
as if scripted from the heavens, Blake lines into a double play.

Bison argues with another moronic umpire, Kemp was tossed in the 5th, for no reason

as usual, Kuroda pitches well, and qualifies for a win with 5 innings, but of coarse he comes out losing 2-1. the game would stay that way until the top of the 8th.

after Jansen had pitched two very effective inning, in comes loser boy Guerrier, who does what he does best, allowing runs to score. he gets two outs, but allows a pinch hit double to Branyan, and Kendrick singles him home. 3-1. it gets worse of coarse. the Dodgers bring in Kuo, who is basically finished, Kuo clearly not the same pitcher, allows a walk to Abreu, and then Vernon Wells homers, putting the dagger in the Dodgers coffin. the angels go up 6-1.

and this is where we will leave you. the Dodgers rolled over again. I am so done with this team. I see no further point in watching games anymore. I urge all Dodger fans to stop going to games. dont line Mccourt's pockets. when the team is 20 games out in july in last place, with 500 fans in the stands, they will be forced to make a change. weve already called the season anyways. only continued losing and lack of attendence will bring the end of the Mccourt era.

we can all find something better to do, watch a movie, visit friends, do homework, design a web site. whatever, theres no point in watching these awful games, and continuing to get aggravated. Ive already written enough, im off to do something non Dodger related. I cant wait for this season to be over.

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