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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Decrepit Dodgers look to survive Red Scare

Dodgers Lineup

Clayton kershaw-6-3 vs. Johnny "kickin" Cueto-2-2

The Dodgers season has looked like an episode of MASH

the Dodgers are starting to look more like a mash unit then a baseball team. the injuries continue to mount. guys come off the DL, guy go back on. late last night it was announced that Furcal had a strained oblique muscle. he has been placed back on the DL, again, for anotehr 4-6 weeks. Ivan Dejesus was called up from AAA. however he is expected to be sent back down once Juan Uribe is activated tomorrow. John Ely was also called up from AAA, as Jon Garland was placed on the DL for his sore shoulder. Ruby De LA Rosa, will take over his turn in the rotation. He will make his first MLB start on tuesday in Philadelphia.

so obviously after hearing about all the injury news, I realized that Furcal just cant be counted on to stay healthy. most of these old loser veterans cant anyways. like ive said before, this season is over, and the Dodgers need younger healthier players. the Dodgers need to start giving out pink slips to these useless veterans. Im also assuming that Big Rod is hurt or banged up as well. there is no other reason why anyone would activly want to play Navarro, who is just god awful. so they refuse to call up Ellis, and in the meantime we have 1 catcher. our 1 catcher is Navarro, so basically we have no catchers. Big Rod has been reduced to a Pinch hitter now.

the Dodgers continue their failing philosophy of keeping old aging useless losers, over younger healthier players. they generally will wait until the last minute to make any kind of decision. normally their M.O. is to keep as many team controlled players as possible, by sending them down to AAA, and keeping the Decrepit losers on the ML roster. by delaying the decisions until the last minute, they end up playing short handed, or with a short bench. whatever the bench sucks anyways.

Kershaw will get the start tonight, to try and get the Dodgers back on track, and their mind off all these injuries, and loser players. hell counter Johnny "kickin" cueto. Cueto is only 2-2 this year, but has pitched well. the only guy that has given Kershaw a hard time, is Brandon Phillips, who is hitting .600 against Kersh.
several dodgers in the meantime have hit Ceuto pretty well. Kemp, Ethier, Blake, and Gibbons have all hit homeruns, off of the "kickin" right hander.
the game time is at 110PM on FOX

can we get a win tonight boys in blue? please? can you please handle this tonight Kershaw?
where's hot lips when you need her? go blue

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