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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Game over has a different meaning now.......

Dodgers Lineup

Kickin' Cueto-3-2 vs. Clayton Kershaw-6-3

Game over nowadays has a completly different meaning then it had in yesteryear doesnt it? back in the 2003 days it meant that the Dodgers all-star closer Eric Gagne was entering the game, and the Dodgers had a lead going into the 9th inning.
oh how I miss those days, and our real life closer. steroids or not, fans, teammates, and opponents knew how dominating he was. indeed when Gagne entered the game, it was all but over.
now this has a different meaning. it just means that the Dodgers collection of loser relief pitcher's have blown another game, led by their Alpha Bum Matty Guerrier. I did not see the game, last night, but got the update from stac, that we had lost, and that Guerrier had blew away another game.

when Matty Guerrier, or any of the other losers, who come in and walk the world, or blow away 6 run leads in the blink of an eye, the game really is over. just not in the way we want it to be over.
im sorry but throwing 87 MPH meatballs to Joey Votto just doesnt cut it.

lets get to the pitching matchups tonight, as the Dodgers and Reds play game two of the three game series. the reds will have Kickin' Cueto on the mound, as he will counter Clayton Kershaw. Cueto is 3-2 on the year, and has pitched well.
Kershaw is developing a very annoying habit, of breezing through the first five or six innings, and then he seems to tire by the 6th or 7th. hes done this his last couple starts since his complete game shutout of Florida. im hoping Donnie tries to keep his pitch count down today, in order to strecth him out a little more, and save some wear and tear on his arm.

before we go, I would like to send a message to Don Mattingly. one of the most annoying things he has been doing in games, more annoying, then all the bunting, or the use of Matty Guerrier, is his constant use of the catchers as pinch-hitters late in games. (Big Rod, Fatty).

 as we all know by now, and already knew well before the season, Big Rod and Navarro are awful. when I read Stac's losscap I thought that Donnie had used up his bench, and had no choice but to use Big Rod as a pinch hitter, as he hit right in front of Navarro last night in the 9th inning. I was horrified to learn, that I was wrong, and that Donnie had Thames, and Oeljten on the bench and both had not been used. I know Thames has been pretty bad this year, but come on, Big Rod and Navarro are just excrutiatingly bad. and so to Donnie, in regards to these illogical in game decisions, I say..........

Go Blue!!!

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