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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dodgers shut out in Minnesota, Dont ya know

Dodgers  0 7 0
Twins     1 6 0
LP-De La Rosa-3-3

The Dodgers were shutout, as they lose another series, this one to the twins in minnesota, losing 1-0.
the offense failed today, but in large part due to Don Mattingly's stupid lineup decisions.
he plays his worst hitters at the top of the lineup, while more productive hitters are either relegated to bottom, or benched completly.

im sorry I just dont like Mattingly. ive never been a big fan of his, and I beleive he should be fired, along with the rest of these lousy players.

I was encouraged by a very good pitching performence from Rubby De La Rosa, he had much better command of his fastball, and only walked 2 batters. DLR went 7 innings, allowng only 1 run off 6 hits while recording 4 Ks

but the Dodgers couldnt hit off of Baker, who pitched 7.2 scoreless innings. whole striking out 9 Dodgers.

Rubby De La Rosa pitched very well today, but took a loss as the Dodger bats went cold.

the Twins score the only run of the game, int he first inning, after that nothing. the first batter Rever leads off with a triple into the gap. he scores on Nishioka's groundout. 1-0 Minnesota.

Revere scores the only run of the game, a predictable first inning run in the Dodgers 1-0 loss to teh Twins

Loney and Thames single in the top of the second, but Uribe and Navarro fly out and they get nothing.

DLR almost had a meltdown int he second, but was able to get out of it. former Dodger Jim Thome, singles. Valencia grounds into a force out at second, which was close to being a double play. Hughes singles, and another former dodger Jason Repko flies out. two outs, and .189 hitting Tollbert at the plate. youve got to get guys like this out. but DLR walks him to load the bases. however he retires Revere on a foul out. nice job kid!

Gordon leads off the third with a single, is sacrificed to second on a close play at first, but gwynn was out by a step. Gordon steals third, but with 1 out, Blake fouls out, Ethier strikes out. once again, the Dodgers dont get shit.

move to the top of the 6th. its still 1-0 twins, DLR had set down 9 straight twins, until Revere's single in the 5th.
with two outs, Kemp hits a long double, off of Rever's glove. Kemp steals third, but Loney grounds out. the big goose egg.

DLR gets through the 7th, in his last inning, allowing a sngle and a stolen base to Revere and thats it.

in the 8th inning, after striking out Gwynn, Baker walks Blake, and then is removed for a reliever. gardenhire brings in Lefty Perkins to pitch to Dre and Kemp, and he strikes them both out. having solid relief pitching late in games, is pretty nice isnt it?

in the bottom of the 8th, Elbert is brought in to get Mauer out, but fails, walking him on four pitches. Donnie brings the hook, and calls in Hawksworth. after walking cuddyer, Hawk retires the next three hitters, Thome and Valencia strike out, and Hughes pops out to end the frame. color me impressed Hawksworth.

Matt Capps comes into close out the 9th, and after loney and Uribe pathetically fly out, (with Uribe swinging at a pitch that was a mile off of the plate-his avg now at .205) Oeltjen pinch hits for Thames and gets a hit. next up, is the much hated Dioner Navarro. of coarse, hes always up in the 9th inning. he uselessly grounds out to end the game.

another loss. im not as upset about this as you might think. sure Im greatly annoyed, but each loss will lead us closer and closer to the firing of Don Mattingly, and the release of several of the lousy players. it has to get worse before it gets better.
I wont blame Mattingly 100% for all the failures, but hes just not a great manager, and like I said Im not a big fan. the bizzare lineup decisions, playing lousy hitters instead of clearly superior options. putting the lousy hitters at the top of the lineup, while better hitters (carroll, Miles) are wasted in the 6-8 spots. he might be better than Torre, but he is timid, inexperienced, and doesnt inspire any confidence in me. sorry Donnie's gotta go, and rightly should be fired for this disaster of a season.

the Dodgers will fly back to Socal, for a three game series in Anaheim against the Angels. Hiroki Kuroda will take the mound for the Dodgers, and we could be one more game closer to the firing of Don Mattingly. and yes I think Ned Colletti should be fired as well. friday nights game is at 710. well see you then Dodger fans, Go Blue!

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