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Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bison Led Dodger Team Faces Philly For the First Time

Dodgers @ Phillies
4:05 pm
Game 1

Matt Kemp, the Bison, Leads the Dodgers with 16 Homeruns

So I was gone a couple days and Matt Kemp decides to hit like 30 homeruns or something? Chad Billingsley is hitting over .300 and hit one out of the yard? The Dodgers out slug the Reds, and they take another series? Seems like I missed a little while I was dodging cable cars and seeing nauseating Giants billboards this weekend. The Bryan Stow incident has been a big news story down here in L.A., but I didn't realize that it's even bigger in S.F. There was a front page article in the S.F. paper on Sunday, and I overheard quite a few residents chatting about it. Usually I am proud to wear my Dodgers cap anywhere and everywhere. I used to live in NorCal where I frequently was the only Dodger fan in a bar full of Giants and A's fans. Well, I was more discreet this visit. I didn't feel like stirring the pot if you know what I mean. Scott still updated me while the games were on since I was totally isolated from television or radio coverage. Missing three games seems like a month of being out of the loop. Injuries, Bison slams, and wins oh my!

Thankfully I'll be back to the comfort of my couch today as I watch the Dodgers take on Philadelphia for the first time this season at Citizen Bank Park. Cliff Lee (4-5, 3.94) will go up against rival lefty Ted Lilly (4-4, 4.22) in the series opener. Lilly is 1-4 with a 5.91 ERA vs. Philly in his career. Cliff Lee has already walked 19 batters this season when he only walked 18 all of last season. His last start was pretty bad when he lost to the Nationals and gave up 6 runs including 2 homeruns. The Phillies are a first place team in the NL East. They are 35-24. Remember, we will have to deal with Big Nose & Rat Face. Werthless is not with the team anymore, and now plays for the Nationals. But they will have to contend with the Dodgers and their prized center fielder and MVP mentionable, Matt Kemp. Kemp is on fire, and he's the first Dodger since Shawn Green in 2001 to have 15 homeruns in 1/3 of a season (he currently has 16).


Carroll 6
Miles 4
Thames 7
Kemp 8
Uribe 5
Blake 3
Sands 9
Barajas 2
Lilly 1

We have some major news coming in this afternoon. First of all, the Dodgers have activated Uribe, Hawksworth, and Thames from the DL. Uribe is in the lineup and playing third base tonight, hitting behind Bison in the lineup. Thames is in left field and hitting third. To make room, the Dodgers optioned Ely and Ivan De Jesus back to AAA and designated Jay Gibbons and Juan Castro for assignment! Bye bye Yoda! Kinda sad about Jay Gibbons, but he has had some eye issues this year. In another surprising roster twist is that we will see Dee Gordon in a Dodgers uniform! It looks like he will be wearing number 9. They have purchased his contract and called him up as well probably in preparation to be next in line as our starting shortstop. Scott gave me the hard news that Hit Machine was hurt again this weekend and placed on the DL again. As much as I like him, he is like a piece of fragile glass, and he really hasn't been healthy in quite awhile. Luckily, Jamey Carroll has done a remarkable job stepping up and essentially being our starting shortstop the past couple of years. It also looks like Ethier is getting a day off today, and Jerry Sands who gets to stay on the team despite all the moves, will be starting in right field.
Dee Gordon Dee Gordon #70 of the Los Angeles Dodgers poses for a photo on photo day at Camelback Ranch on February 25, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona.
Dee Gordon Was Hitting .315 with 22 Stolen Bases in AAA

We have been saying that the Dodgers should get rid of their aging, frail or otherwise useless players and instead use some youth. Looks like they have made some good moves to get rid of some of the uselessness and do just that. Strap yourselves in Dodgers fans, things are getting very interesting! Go Blue:)

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