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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is It April 1, 2011 Yet?

LA Dodgers @ San Francisco Giants
7:05 PM PT
Game 3

Ted Lilly

Jonathan Sanchez

Furcal 6
Theriot 4
Blake 5
Kemp 8
Loney 3
Mitchell 7
Johnson 9
Barajas 2
Lilly 1

Let me first address this sickening trade rumor regarding Ethier wanting to go to Boston. Ethier, as you may well know, is my favorite current player. If Ned Colletti actually trades Ethier away, I will a) lose a lot of hope in the future of this team b)scream. Ethier's family is in Arizona, and he has a house in LA, so I highly doubt he would want to play in Boston. Ethier commented on the rumors and said,"It's obviously hearsay," he said. "Especially at this point, it doesn't even make sense to comment on something like this."
He also will not be a free agent until 2012. Let's drop this stomach churning thought and assume he will be back in blue next season.

More Ethier rumors were addressed in a LA Times article in which Don Mattingly "wondered" if Ethier had been bothered by leg problems in particular a sore knee. Once again, more secretive injuries like Padilla's bulging neck disc and Furcal's "he's not going on the DL" back injury which then put him on the DL. Another reason why we need a clean sweep of this coaching staff along with Torre.

Although Ethier scored the Dodgers lone run last night off of a 2 out 9th inning homer, he is out of the lineup with Reed Johnson replacing him in right field. Russell Mitchell gets the start in left field.

It will be another battle of the southpaws today as Ted Lilly faces off with Jonathan Sanchez. Sanchez defeated the Dodgers Sept. 5th pitching seven shutout innings. Last time out against the Giants on Sept. 4th, Lilly gave up 2 runs in 7 innings in a no-decision. The Giants are up 9-8 in the season series with the Dodgers before tonight's final showdown between these two rivals. Go Blue:)

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