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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dodgers release bad news bears lineup as they crash Rockies season like a john Denver Flight

Dodgers Lineup

Carlos Monasterios 3-5 4.09 vs. Jhoulys Chacin 9-10 3.26

Kuroda looks on in disgust as he accidentally gets a glimpse of the Dodgers bullpen and the Meatball men who relieve him

oh im leaving on a jet plane, dont know when Ill be back again! Im not talking about the Dodgers leaving on getaway day, im talking about the Rockies Season!  Zing!!!! Im in rare form today!. I know what your saying, you cant talk about John Denver like that! I can and did, ok ok sorry, but hey anyone that has had to watch the Dodger bullpen the entire season is allowed to vent every once in a while right?

speaking of the collection of meatball hurlers that make up the Dodger bullpen (Kuo and Jansen excluded) thats what we will be seeing today, rest assured.
Joe Torre is a poor exuse for a manager, but he did make one wise decision, shelfing Clayton Kershaw for the rest of the year. after the Dodgers beat the Rockies last night 9-7, coupled with the Giants and Braves both winning, resulted in the Rockies being eliminated from the postseason. and they have the Dodgers to thank. after all it was last sunday's come from behind victory at Dodger stadium that started the Rockies free fall from the mountain tops. losing there next 4 in a row and 5 out of 6.
so with the game being meaningless for both teams, there is no reason to risk our best pitcher getting hurt, so Monasterios gets one last start, to further prove that he sucks as a starter.

I have already said before how much Monasterios sucks as a starter, and how he is much better as a relief pitcher, and the numbers back that up, but ok well see once again.

Torre decides to go with the bad news bears lineup again. several regulars are benched for no reason after having great games last night.
Furcal who had like 5 triples and a zillion base hits last night, sits so Hu can make another start at short.
blake hits 2 homeruns and is benched for Russ Mitchell at third base. no ethier also, he sits as Reed johnson again plays in right field, and Trent Oeljten gets the start in left. and of coarse Ryan Theriot just has to start every goddamm game doesnt he?

on the birght side this will be one of Torre's final games as manager, as Ausmus will manage on friday, Russell Martin manages saturday's game, with Torre managing the finale on sunday. although I cant understand why Mattingly cant manage those last few games, but I do know why Torre wont be there, hell take off the whole weekend to go hang out with his hollywood buddies and spend most of the day at the race track. fucking retard, goodbye Joe, dont let the door hit you on the way out!

and so we will see another Monasterios start. dont expect him to get out of the 2nd inning today. and prepare yourself to see the entire Dodger bumpen. oh yes we will see everyone today. Meatballer after meatballer, after meatballer! Cargo and Mullet Man will be feasting off of those meatballs!
On top of old smokey....all covered in cheese, poor jonathon lost his meatball when Cargo hit it in the bleachers! he looked in his locker and under his gut, then Mullet man hit it right up his but!
sigh its a long season.....Go Blue!

Update-Kershaw will start friday night, and it looks like Kuroda will not make another start this year. Torre is a moron. enough said.

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