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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Offense useless again in 2-1 loss to Giants

Dodgers 1 4 1
Gaints    2 7 0

Another day another pathetic showing by the Dodgers Offense, as the Dodgers lost the second of the three game series to the Giants 2-1.
Billingsley was unable to pitch a shutout and as predicted, got zero support from the offense and the bullpen. So of coarse Bills has no heart right? and hes scared of the Giants, because of a lack of V-energy when looking into his eyes you see how scared he is.....oh brother

it was a typical game a scoreless tie between Billingsley and Cain until the 7th inning.

however Bills did pitch out of a couple of jams throughout the game.

in the first inning, with two on and two outs, Furcal made a diving stop of Juan uribe's grounder into teh hole, to prevent a run from scoring and loading the bases. but Bills struck out Sandoval to end the inning.

Bills was helped out by two more good defensive plays, a sliding catch by ethier down the right field line in the 4th, and a nice catch on the warning track by Gibbons in the 6th.

but in the 7th the Giants scored the first run of the game, and really thats all you need to beat the Dodgers.
with 1 out ishikawa Pinch-hitting for Cain, doubled, and then advanced to third on a wild pitch.
then Cubs reject and close friend of Ryan Theriot fisted a broken bat RBI single over the head of his good buddy Theriot.

Bills went 7 innings allowing only 1 run on 6 hists, walking two and striking out 7

Cain went 7 innings also only allowing only 3 hits with no walks and 5 strikeouts.

The Giants added another run in the 8th inning thanks to the horrendous Dodger bullpen.
Torre once again dipping into the Dredges of a terrible bullpen, Brought Sherrill in to pitch the 8th.
Sherrill as usual couldnt retire either of the two batters he faced.
Huff slammed a Sherrill Meatball for a double, and then Posey was walked intentionally. Jansen was brought in and got uribe on a flyout, but then the Shoddy Defense couldnt come up with a big play. I know I know shocking right?
after a wild pitch advanced runners to second and third, Sandoval's grounder to second scored Huff as Theriot's throw was too late to throw him out.

up 2-0 the Giants brought in Closer Brian Wilson to pitch the 9th. with two outs and the bases empty, Ethier hit a home run, but it was too little too late. Gibbons struck out for the final out, as Wilson picked up his 43rd save.

the Offense is pathetic, and changes need to be made in the offseason to ensure that this doesnt happen again next year. The offense could only muster 1 run on 4 hits. with Ethier's home run being the only extra base hit. as the offense drew zero walks.

SO Ned its time to break out the wallet and sign some hitters. but good hitters please and not washed up retreads.
Im not going to comment on the NL west race tonight, because I dont care anymore. the Dodgers are out of it, and we are trying desperatly to make sure the Giants DONT win the division or make the playoffs.

and fine we lost tonight, and the stupid Giants fans continue to wear those stupid hats and cheer on their mediocre franchise. but remember two things Giants fans.....

1.regardless of the outcome of tomorrows game remember we can still screw you buy losing all three games to SD and all six remaining games against COL. what? do you really think were going to beat those teams? Ha!

2. most important. always remember Giants fans, you have never won a world series in San Francisco, and never will. it wont happen EVER. weve won 6 world series, and 5 championships in LA, youve won zero in frisco. ZERO. sure we might suck this year, but you will never ever win a world series and will be playing golf in October right along with us.

Lilly vs. Sanchez tomorrow Night. until next time Dodger fans.........

on a side note there are stupid rumors floating around that Ethier is interested in signing with the Red Sox in order to join his buddy Pedroia once he is a free agent in 2012. Dont worry these are just rumors and not true, Ethier has already said he is not interested in Joining the red Sox. and theres no way the Dodgers would trade him, unless of coarse he starts hitting really really well, then hell be gone, because we cant have any "good hitters" mucking up the works at the ravine. cause with Ned and Joe its all retreads all the time!

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