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Sunday, September 26, 2010

final game in the desert

Dodgers lineup


Chad Billingsley 11-11 3.70 vs. Joe Saunders 3-6 4.46

The Dodgers look to win their 7th of 9 games in the Arizona desert this year, in the final game of the three game series. The Dodgers are 75-80.

Im still sad over the news that john Lindsey fractured his hand in yesterday's game. at least he made it to the big club once. I hope he recovers and returns next season.

I am not impressed with the way Ely has pitched since being called back up. I did hear that he was having problems getting AAA hitters out, so I guess this is no suprise. the really suprising thing is his 6 walks yesterday, although one was intentional, still its far different than the control pitcher he was earlier in the year going 89 straight batters without a walk. He might not be ready for the bigs just yet. Still I have more confidence in him than with Monasterios, or lord help me Charlie Haeger. Im not making exuses for Ely's Poor performances, but these types of players are always made to languish with the Dodgers, and they have to figure things out on their own. the Dodgers staff might have to oh I dont know coach Ely to regain his command. you know develop the young player! just sayin......

Joe Torre's lineup decisions make no sense. but then again they never did. at least these games are meaningless, hes already screwed up a ton of games this year.
after the little league lineup hes posted the last couple of games predictably failed, we see more of the regulars back in today's lineup. However ethier sits for no reason, and reed johnson plays in RF. Mitchell gets a start in LF, Big Rod behind the plate, and Furcal returns (thank god) batiing leadoff playing short.

Billingsley looks for his 12th win of the season. He will counter Joe Saunders. after the game the Dodgers will fly to COL, for the last three road games, then the Dodgers come back home, for the last three against AZ.
Go Blue!

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