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Sunday, September 12, 2010

the monasterios effect

Dodgers lineup


Monasterios 3-5 4.02 vs figueroa 5-2 3.03

So the Dodgers fresh off of their two game winning streak, looking to take three out of four, in the final game at the juice box.
first off all dont expect them to ya know win today. not because of the lineup. dont get me wrong here the lineup is ugly, I mean when the last three spots of the lineup are Hu, Ausmus, Pitcher, lets just say you wont be scoring many runs lol. but its not the lineup that will beat them today, its the monasterios effect. Monasterios gets another spot start today filling in for Padilla once again who has reinjured hi neck. now its not the whole thing of starting monasterios, Im fine with that, even though hes much better as a relief pitcher that he is a starter.
Its the whole stupid Torre limiting strategy, that Monasterios can only make 75 pitches.
yeah so expect him to get yanked around the 4th inning. then of coarse you know what that means....basically a whole game of seeing the bullpen....ugggghhhh glug. dont let yesterdays performance fool you into thinking the bullpen is good. remember since Kuo and Jansen pitched yesterday, dont expect to see them again today, especially on a getaway day. that means we will be seeing the dredges of the bullpen, you know the worst relief pitchers pitchers in the National League....Sherrill, Belisario, Dotel....glug makes me want to puke. Torre must be loving it though, cause he gets to do what He loves to do best,  using his entire bullpen, and sending out inferior relief pitcher after inferior relief pitcher. let batting practice commence!!!

on a great note, this will be the last game outside the NL west, and the last game we will be forced to listen to the two idiots on prime ticket. its Vinny the rest of the way!
and speaking of the rest of the way, Stacie and I will be here with you the rest of the way as well! lets play ball!

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